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  1. I had started a support ticket with (Robsta) yesterday Morning but haven't gotten a reply yet.
  2. For over 2 weeks now we have been trying to get a fix for this issue. Google is blocking our site stating possible malware infection and blocks the site. we installed a back up from 2 weeks ago and the issue cleared up. Google was contacted and the site was scanned and approved as clean. Unfortunately 3 days later it came back. Upon contacting our hosting provider to install back up again (but this time ctry and change all passwords) our host hosting provider states he no longer has the back up and it was used already. I don't understand how a back up gets used and deleted but either way its not available anymore. Our site is a heavily moded V4 site so upgrading to V5 is not something i want to take on right now. Is there a way to scan the site for the infection and remove it? familyfunpowersports.com
  3. I would like to use the standard buttons in the fckeditor to creat links to other pages within my website, but for the life of me cant get the links to work. Here is the url of one of the pages i'm having problems with. I have set the exact same link url to the picture of the (ATV parts picture) as I did the (ATV parts button) but only the picture link works. Am i missing somthing? http://familyfunpowersports.com/parts/cat_7.html
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