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  1. [13-Jun-2018 21:29:28 Europe/London] PHP Warning: file_exists() [<a href='http://docs.php.net/manual/en/function.file-exists.php'>function.file-exists.php</a>]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/opt/alt/php55/usr/share/php/Smarty_Undefined_Variable.php) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/malmanfl: /tmp:) in /home/malmanfl/public_html/store/cart4/classes/autoloader.class.php on line 92 Log is full of this, every few seconds.
  2. Getting- unable to handle request http-500 error when trying to access my admin. Stumped. The site is working and I can see i'm getting orders on paypal. Could this be anything simple, or do i have to wait till support opens again in the morning?
  3. Yeah, I really don't want to move because the stability and performance of the server is great, it would be a shame to go through the move again when this is probably an easy fix once it bug has been ID'd. If I didn't need excel then this would be a microsoft free house as well.
  4. Chrome, I'd rather pull my teeth out with a pair of rusty pliers than use IE Its hard to say if the response is being blocked? All I know is when a purchase is made via sagepay the customer IS sent back to my store but status is not set to processing and there is a message to the customer stating that the order is pending till confirmation of payment is made.
  5. Ive done the upgrade to 6, not fixed the sagepay problem and all the buttons in admin have gone, guessing the gif files have been blocked by the host? I'm wondering could this be something that is causing issues with sagepay?
  6. I'm on 5.2.13 at the moment, I'm reluctant to go to 6 at the minute because I'm using a third party skin and could do without the trouble of upgrading.
  7. OK so we've just done another test, customer now getting directed back to the site after card payment but there is a box saying the payment is pending till confirmation is recived. Still pending in admin.
  8. Just got this from the hosting co, could anyone shed some light on where the locations are?
  9. Only found out when we did a test purchase at request of the hosting company, yeah Its got to be with the server, as soon as we have it fixed I'll let you know what it was.
  10. Its not DNS or IP, checkout works, goes through but then comes up with a 503 overload error when sagepay sends the customer back to my site. Hosting co. are looking into it at the minute.
  11. That's missing, there are GET there with the encryption but no POSTs from sagepay so I guess that's the issue. Could it be blocked by the hosting co.?
  12. Yeah domain name is the same, dns was changed well over a week ago so would have thought the propagation is all done and dusted? Head scratcher?
  13. I've just moved to a new hosting company, my store and database have all transferred fine. However when a payment is made through sagepay the orders are staying pending despite the payment being made? I have moved host before and not had this problem, sure its something simple but cant for the life of me see what it is? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, no i mean the opposite so it is not checked by default and the user must choose to register. If that makes sense.
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