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  1. Sales setup

    Thanks, but it didnt like that Error Static analysis: 5 errors were found during analysis. Unexpected token. (near "`price`" at position 36) Unexpected beginning of statement. (near "`price`" at position 36) Unexpected beginning of statement. (near "`product_id`" at position 45) A new statement was found, but no delimiter between it and the previous one. (near "UPDATE" at position 119) This type of clause was previously parsed. (near "UPDATE" at position 178) SQL query: INSERT `CubeCart_pricing_quantity` (`price`, `product_id`) SELECT `price`, `product_id` FROM `CubeCart_inventory` UPDATE `CubeCart_pricing_quantity` SET `quantity` = 2 UPDATE `CubeCart_pricing_quantity` SET `price` = `price` * 0.95 MySQL said: #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'UPDATE `CubeCart_pricing_quantity` SET `quantity` = 2 UPDATE `CubeCart_pric' at line 4
  2. Sales setup

    is there a way to set all products to be discounted by 5% when purchasing one or more? I know it can be done manually - but we have over 5000 skus.
  3. Hi, this must be a popular request - is there a set of instructions? I cant find any
  4. {$}

    Hi, How do I edit the path for {$} ours sends the link to the customer with like this which is a dead end
  5. payment confirmation template

    Ah, this may be as I have smart goals set in GA, not my own one.
  6. payment confirmation template

    anyone else set this up? I have conversion tracking working in analytics, but it is not being imported properly into adwords (I have followed the steps and imported the transaction goals) for each store I have two analytics numbers, one the starts UA-XXXXXXX and another numerical code for a store view, I have always used the UA-XXXXXX code in cubecart?
  7. Hi, which is the file for payment confirmation? im looking to add adwords transaction specific conversion tracking
  8. Blank products

    we have our own vps, if you have advised on it before could you check the integration?
  9. Blank products

    so perhaps some automated cache clear would help?
  10. Blank products

    V 6.1.8.
  11. Blank products

    Hi, somehow customers are able to add blank products to the shipping basket for example 1 x Police Helmet. Hard Plastic (Hats) - Male - One Size - BH031 ($2.68) $2.68 1 x Glitter Black Toppers, Plastic (Hats) - Unisex - One Size - BH084 ($1.47) $1.47 1 x - ($0.00) $0.00 1 x - ($0.00) $0.00 Subtotal:$4.15 Total Discount :$0.00 Shipping:$8.55 Total Tax:$0.00 Total:$12.70 any ideas how? Looking at the db they have a product id of "0"
  12. certain images not recognised

    using chrome instead of firefox allows it to load sometimes. I cant load the update image folder at any time though as its too large, is there a way to paginate it?
  13. certain images not recognised

    the store log does not have an error
  14. certain images not recognised

    i use a symlink folder so images are shared across all websites, i cant view the filemanager - > images from any of them, there are alot of images in the folder
  15. certain images not recognised

    thanks for the quick reply, is that filemanger> images? I get a blank screen - i guess a php memory issue is there a way to do this with mysql?