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  1. Hi, I am trying to revive an old store, I currently cant remember the unique admin url - but I have ftp access, can I determi it from that?
  2. getting the old white screen again: any ideas? https://wonderland-fancy-dress.com/store/
  3. ah ok, using the g7data pump mod doesnt have this as an export, only featured products so ill have to export from the db to change and import again in bulk
  4. been a while since i have refreshed our cubecart stores, how do i reset the latest products to relfect those added last - it doesnt seem to be doing it automatically
  5. Does the stripe module redirect back to the confirmation page correctly?
  6. Hi, I can go to the menu to create one and save it, it says it is created, but then nothing shows under the codes?
  7. this must affect google shopping submissions though? as the product page is not visable when you enter it manually either
  8. Braintree refused us too, I'm not sure what their requirements are, we are a limited company having been trading for 7 years.
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