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  1. Hi, I've updated cubecart to latest version 6.2.6 and PHP version to 7.3 , since than experiencing issue with google adwords tracker : Google_Adwords/hooks/class.gui.javascripts.php:37 - Function create_function() is deprecated Can anyone help me with this, is not recording my conversions for my adwords campaigns. Thanks
  2. HI, The issue with an error on database is that i have prefix on tables, and in cubecart class code is writen to join 2 tables, so i had to manualy add prefix to the cubecart class.
  3. Hi, I've done the check you have asked for and this is result code, this code comes up every time when i add item to basket : ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined 3f0e7.js_foot.foundation_20180425101121.js:1:5512 ReferenceError: $ is not defined www.superledlights.co.uk:9:1 Not sure what it means, any suggestion ? Thanks
  4. Hi, That's what I thought, but my main issue is that 6.2.0 foundation skin has problem with basket not redirecting ( empty link), it seems there is java script problem but not sure where, even with an error i get on database i get orders through ok.
  5. Hi, I've seen someone had same issue with updated to latest version, I followed instructions via FTP to update, when i add item to basket and try to click on it i get: /# instead of redirecting link. Currently i'm using faundation skin from 6.1.15 which seems to work but there is system error msg : File: [cubecart.class.php] Line: [1280] "SELECT `I`.`product_id`, `C`.`cat_name` FROM `CubeCart_category_index` AS `I` INNER JOIN `CubeCart_category` AS `C` ON `I`.`cat_id` = `C`.`cat_id` WHERE `I`.`product_id` IN (218) AND `primary` = 1 ;" - Table 'xxxxx.CubeCart_category_index' doesn't exist I guess it might be due to faundation skin used from previous version.
  6. Hi, yes i've done exactly the same thing a while back, this option seems to work best. Thanks for your update it should help others too.
  7. Hi, For some reason this queries don't work anymore : For 1st one to run i get error message Duplicate column name 'time' (ALTER TABLE `shop1_CubeCart_order_summary` ADD `time` DATE NULL;) than for 2nd part it says table does not exist, not sure what that could be, any idea ?
  8. See noone had time to look into it, I spent some time on it and so far menaged to remove it for unregistered users but still having trouble with users who wants to register tried to edit content.addressbook.php with no luck maybe somebody can point me to right direction. Here is so far what i've done : order.class.php - removed 271 'state' => getStateFormat($order_summary['state']), 284 'state' => getStateFormat($order_summary['state_d']), content checkout.confirm.php - removed 21 {$DATA.state}, 39 {$address.state} 53 {$BILLING.state}, 69 {$DELIVERY.state}, 147 hidden 202 hidden content.address.php - removed 29 {$address.state},<br/> cubecart.class.php removed 963 'state_id' => $_POST['billing']['state'], 'state' => getStateFormat($_POST['billing']['state'], 'id', 'name'), 'state_abbrev' => getStateFormat($_POST['billing']['state'], 'id', 'abbrev'), 1000'state_id' => $_POST['delivery']['state'], 'state' => getStateFormat($_POST['delivery']['state'], 'id', 'name'), 'state_abbrev' => getStateFormat($_POST['delivery']['state'], 'id', 'abbrev'), Main issue is when customer has no state updated in his paypal account for express checkout it jumps to address book asking to ad it which delays whole and easy quick checkout.
  9. Hi, I've been trying to remove state/county from checkout form page, up until now all i had to do is change cubecart/validate.js file for state from true to false and it has been working fine, but when i change it now i get stuck on checkout page. When i hit the checkout button for few seconds it will redirect me to next page and jumps back. Also tried to hide it from checkout.confirm.php file but get same result. It would be really helpfull to resolve this, choosing from dropdown list makes customers not friendly experience at checkout. I'm using foundtation skin and also lookup address,county in UK is no longer required. Any advise will be appreciated.
  10. strange not sure than what it could be is not just me having trouble to checkout is customers also as a guest not registered customer. PS: i'm always logged out from admin when testing + always in different browsers too to see result. will have to give it a go and play arround. thanks anyway
  11. yes, i thought the same, it worked for me when i forced make a payment button on mobile and pc, I use livechat where i can monitor traffic and just this moring had arround 10 orders where they've been stucked on make a payment page. than i tried it in incognito page my self (chrome) and could not checkout. so there must be still something causing an issue. have removed coupon and my orders are getting through just fine. PS: were you able to update to 6.1.1 via admin page ? as i tried it on 2 sites i have and when i got to update page in admin 6.1.1 disappeared so I did manual update via FTP.
  12. Hi, tested new version 6.1.1 where coupon code should be fixed, but i'm still getting same problem customers cannot checkout using paypal or sagepay, it just reloads make a payment page. doeas anyone has same problem ? tried to revert code as dirty butter suggested to 6.0.12 and still same error.
  13. HI, Great it works just a treat. Is there any chance I only pull out 'Order Complete' orders instead of all of them pending, cancelled etc. Many thanks for your help, made my life much easier.
  14. Hi, Thanks for update, not sure where to update above, is there any chance you can update it to my query above so I see where " FROM_UNIXTIME" goes same for date range. Not very good at databases
  15. I need a little help with final touch on mysql query, I managed to get report as i need but I'm unable to work out how to add date range for the report, tried so many varieties and still no luck, any help would be really appreciated. Here is so far what I've done : SELECT order_date, shop1_CubeCart_order_inventory.cart_order_id AS 'Order ID', first_name AS 'Name', last_name AS 'Surname', email, shop1_CubeCart_order_inventory.name AS 'Product Name', quantity, price, discount, shipping FROM shop1_CubeCart_order_summary INNER JOIN shop1_CubeCart_order_inventory ON shop1_CubeCart_order_inventory.cart_order_id = shop1_CubeCart_order_summary.cart_order_id; Also tried by order ID as it is actually a date and time when order was placed but with same error.
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