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  1. Hi, I've updated cubecart to latest version 6.2.6 and PHP version to 7.3 , since than experiencing issue with google adwords tracker : Google_Adwords/hooks/class.gui.javascripts.php:37 - Function create_function() is deprecated Can anyone help me with this, is not recording my conversions for my adwords campaigns. Thanks
  2. I always had problems with promo codes. Not sure if same error. I have been with cc from version 3 all i did is went up with upgrades till version 6. It might be some files and folders maybe which should not be there. If u can help i will do what u ask me for. Thanks
  3. Hi, No, I always had issues with promotional codes some orders are getting through ok but some fail, and that's the error message ofter you try checking out. I'm using sagepay and paypal payment methods. Thanks
  4. Hi Al, I've downloaded the latest version and using FTP updated the website, followed the on screen instructions for update all went through fine as before. Is there any way to fix it ?
  5. Hi, I have an issue with following error message in error log every time I try to checkout with promotional code: classes/user.class.php:250 - Call to a member function setError() on null Not sure what it means and how exactly this is effecting my store and how this can be solved. If anyone is able to advise please help. Thanks
  6. Hi, Have you had any chance to puting it together. Thanks
  7. Hi, Outcome is good but thought there will be little bit more about how it has been done, any help on this ?
  8. Hi, can you update me with forums link to : "we solved the means of adding one or more additional tabs to the existing Description and Specification tabs displayed on the Product page"
  9. Hi, Is not what I'm looking for to do each product I sell has different specification table, so what I'm looking is to get under specification snippet : SPECIFICATION: Dimensions 2.23M Function(s) Static (ON / OFF ) Use Indoor & Outdoor Lead Cable to 1st LED 0.23M Number of LED 20 Power Source 3 x AA Batteries (not included) Size 2M ( 10cm between each LED) LED Colour Warm White Cable Colour Silver LED Size 3mm Warranty 1 Year hope this helps to be more specific.
  10. Hi, I'm new to forum but been using cubecart for some time now, thinking to upgrade from V4 to V6 and currently developing new skin for V6, my question will be how can I add new fields for product specification instead of UPC, EAN codes I would need colour, dimension, length etc. Any suggestions will be very appreciated.
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