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  1. Can someone tell me what this field is used for? Thanks!
  2. A while back I did a trial installation of the advanced_reports extension. I decided not to use it but I presume I failed to remove it in the approved manner. Although it does not appear in my Available Extensions list it is still referenced in the database - in tables XXXCubeCart_config, XXXCubeCart_hooks and XXXCubeCart_modules. This is causing multiple PHP errors as the hookloader tries to load a non-existent hook. Can I simply delete the relevant entries from the database? Graham
  3. I think I can see an approach to solving this. Set up a category "Event Entry". Then for products in this category: Set up the product with a single option, "Entry Number" = 1. This works quite neatly as with just a single option available CC just lists the option without a select drop-down. Each time a purchase is made increase the Entry Number value by 1. I'm guessing I can do this via a hook. Would admin.order.index.post_process be the one? I am hoping it is fairly easy to access the product option and change the value. Is this feasible?
  4. Thanks but we are selling other things, including multiple events.
  5. Hi, I want to sell entries to a sporting event. Competitors will be numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 ... and I want to sell entries in that order. On payment each competitor will receive an email which includes their entry number. How can I do this? Many thanks Graham
  6. Just to be sure I have understood. With vanilla CubeCart, even with just one option group, all options in the group are shown in the drop-down list including those that are out of stock. Selecting an out-of stock item results in an error message. I don't understand your reference to "the plugin" and Google Charts. Is there a plugin I can use to solve my problem? Thanks for your help. Graham
  7. I am back on the original problem in this thread. I have a product with 10 options. There is exactly one item in stock for each option. When I buy an item the stock level shows as zero in the options matrix but the option still shows up in the option selection box when making a guest purchase. I am using Cubecart 6.2.8 I have "Hide out-of-stock" checked in Store Settings -> Stock Also have "Main stock level as matrix stock level summary" checked Stock level is correct in "Products -> [Product Name] -> General "Use Stock Level" is che
  8. Bsmither - you are truly a star! Instant response and a working solution emailed to me within 24 hours. I can't thank you enough. Graham
  9. I am selling tickets to an annual dinner for a sports club. Four options are implemented; guest name, starter, main and dessert. I want to be able to print a list showing guest names alongside their menu choices. This doesn't seem to be possible with the standard Cubecart 6.2.8 Sales Report. Is there a straightforward way to extend the sales report to include additional information? I did try installing the Dashboard Widgets and Advanced Reports extension but I get a white screen when I install it. Graham
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