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  1. I found that if I deleted admin_123ABC file/folder it all works apart from newsletters? the link it goes to is --- https://www.mjpcomputerservices.co.uk/shop/admin.php?_g=customers&node=email but it shows just a plain white page? Also when I uploaded the setup folder and run it, my store is up-to date message shows
  2. It's the latest version, I think it's a bit of a mess so I am going to reinstall and then restore from backup..
  3. Hello everyone, On my Admin login page I have a problem that the links do not seem to work when doing a backup, Upgrade or anything else? https://www.mjpcomputerservices.co.uk/shop/?_g=maintenance&node=index#upgrade ---- this is what shows when you hover on the buttons in Admin https://www.mjpcomputerservices.co.uk/shop/admin.php?_g=maintenance&node=index#upgrade ---- I have noticed the wording in RED is missing, when I type the missing part into the address it will work!!! if I just click on say the backup button it takes me to my stores home page?
  4. Thank you for the feedback, I think I will leave it on and take away payment options, that way Google still sees it. Thank you
  5. Hi all, I am going on holiday for 2 weeks and just need to find out what would happen if I put the store in offline mode, in that time will the google search/ranking change in that time ?
  6. No that did not work, it is the latest update of the cart, it just does nothing, if you try and navigate to another page it says "Are you sure you want to leave" All working fine now, I unsubscribed customers and then added back and now it seems to work fine!!
  7. Hello, Sending a newsletter after upgrade to latest version. Create newsletter and save, click plane icon to send, stuck on sending page! left for 2-3 hours but no letter sent !!! Dashboard Customers Newsletters Sending… Sending… Cancel Send
  8. Hi all, Is there or have I missed something an option in Admin? I would like a RENEW button on the product page for digital software yearly renewal options, e.g 1-Button at the moment is QTY and Add to Basket 2-I would like that button to have the option to be able changeable (in Admin) to change it to read RENEW and (in Admin) the price can be changed and is lower for the customer (ONLY when the customer is logged in) than the normal price. Is this possible and/or can Cubecart code be changed to add this in..
  9. I have 3 Admin!! 1 admin 1 admin3kyypp 1 adminradbud what one shall I delete? OK all sorted now, updated shop files and folders and working fine...Thanks
  10. Type it the same as below..cubecart.default.css .nav-boxes { margin-top: 1.5rem; } .nav-boxes { margin-bottom: 1.5rem; }
  11. Thanks that worked, one thing is I have not got in the extra tab??
  12. Did you find out the problem? I have this on my site with just the 2 buttons ?
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