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  1. MJPMalc

    Find Address?

    I have this code in content.checkout.confirm.php <div class="small-12 large-8 columns"><label for="addr_line1" class="show-for-medium-up">{$LANG.address.line1}</label><input type="text" name="billing[line1]" id="addr_line1" value="{$BILLING.line1}" placeholder="{if $ADDRESS_LOOKUP}{$LANG.address.address_lookup}{else}{$LANG.address.line1} {$LANG.form.required}{/if}" autocomplete="off" autocorrect="off" class="address_lookup"></div> </div> {if $ADDRESS_LOOKUP} <p id="lookup_fail"><a href="#">{$LANG.address.address_not_found}</a></p> {/if} <div{if $ADDRESS_LOOKUP} class="hide"{/if} id="address_form"> is there somewhere to switch on? because when registering on store it does not show?