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  1. Hey, Bingo! addTabControl() is what i was looking for thanks
  2. Afternoon, I am playing around with creating a plugin and have read the example guide but seem to have come stuck on creating tabs on the plugin page. Current structure is based on the Visitor Stat Example so you have the main settings page, then a new menu section and child link to a new page in the left-hand menu. Now when clicking the child link it loads the new page to list the content i want from the DB but theres no content in the tabs bar above the page content and not sure on how to create tabs as thats not covered in the guide. I know theres the admin.tabs hook but not 100% if/how i should be utilising that hook. So was wondering if anyone can shed some light on this? Cheers
  3. Have you reached out to Al or has he reached out to you privately? If not either post on the plugin forum post (which I think he follows) or pop an email to [email protected] to bring this post to his attention. Its possible this post is been overlooked.
  4. Have you activated any plugins lately or are you using any plugins that came bundled with 3rd party skins? I had a user who had a Suggestive Search plugin which came bundled with an 3rd party skin which loads js from a php file which caused near enough the same issue as the combine function used in the footer is file only accepts css/js files although it did throw an error in the error log file for the plugin. When replying to posts you should see option to be notified of replies or click the follow link on post page.
  5. Cheers, converted it to bootstrap modal. Obviously using bootstrap i expect some compatibility issues with extensions that output foundation content in the frontend but luckily anyone who faces those can get support from me if the extension developer will not assist. Might tackle foundation next..
  6. Hey, I've noticed the following bit of js in the foundation skin (2.cubecart.js) but can't seem to pin point what it's actually for. Clearly it's for something during the gateway process when checking out.. So wondered if anyone here knew what it's actually for?? Cheers if($('.gateway_wrapper .colorbox').length) { var colorbox = $('.colorbox'); var href = colorbox.attr('href'); var title = colorbox.attr('title'); colorbox.attr('href', '#').attr('data-reveal-id', 'colorbox'); $('.colorbox').after( $('<div>').attr('id', 'colorbox').addClass('reveal-modal').addClass('tiny').attr('data-reveal','').attr('aria-labelledby',title).attr('aria-hidden','true').attr('role', 'dialog').html('<h3>'+title+'</h3><img src="'+href+'"><a class="close-reveal-modal">&#215;</a>') ); $(".gateway_wrapper .colorbox").click(function() { $('#colorbox').foundation('reveal', 'open'); }); }
  7. Hi All, I've been working on my next release and thought i'd give you a preview ad chance to give any feedback on it before its released. Like my previous skin it is a front-end skin based on Bootstrap (Me and Foundation just don't get along at the moment, i'm sure we'll be friends one day haha) and mobile friendly. It also comes with 4 default colour styles. Anyways, you can view the online demo at >> Amzin Demo << and you can use the skin changer in the bottom left corner (after accepting cookie notice) to check out the different default colour schemes. Quick Screenshot
  8. Hey, Apologies for the issue you have encountered. I can confirm updates remain free for anyone who purchases my skin and that you should still be able to access them as always. Personally i have no control over the update access so if you can bare with me i will reach out to CubeCart support to see whats happened and try to get that resolved for future updates. In the meantime if you send me a private message (or email [email protected] ) with your email that you used when purchasing, which version of cubecart you're using and the version of Basix you're using (you should find it in basix > docs > changelog.txt) and i'll sort you out
  9. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. Based on my findings, the root of the issue comes down to cubecarts cache and human error. Basix was developed following the default structure of CubeCarts default skin which appears to have caused the issue to be inherited by Basix so please accept my apologies and i will clarify the issue with CubeCarts team. I have just updated the product in the marketplace now so you should be able to re-install/update the skin or you manually fix the issue by doing the following: access your sites files via your hosting account or preferred method and do the following: In file skins > Basix > templates > main.php and skins > Basix > templates > main.checkout.php find the following line {include file='templates/element.css.php'} Now, add the following below the above line {if !empty($SKIN_SUBSET)} <link rel="stylesheet" href="{$ROOT_PATH}skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/css/cubecart.{$SKIN_SUBSET}.css"> {/if} Now open file skins > Basix > templates > element.css.php and remove the following lines {if !empty($SKIN_SUBSET)} {$css_input[] = 'skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/css/cubecart.{$SKIN_SUBSET}.css'} {/if} and now save and clear cubecarts cache. Any problems let me know and again please accept my apologies for the delay and issue.
  10. Keep safe all. I agree with Al , especially here in the UK. Isolation is the best defence at the moment, unpleasant and worrying times for many and the economy but we will bounce back from this. All the best to you all and your loved ones.
  11. Hi, Thanks for purchasing and apologies for the delay in responding, seems no email notification was sent. You mention "clearing cache" is that CubeCarts cache or your browser cache? Clearing your browser cache will reset the colour scheme to whatever colour scheme is set via the admin settings. If your site is online, if you send me a private message on here with the link and i'll check it out to see if i can dig a little deeper to see whats going on. Cheers,
  12. Evening All, I'm currently working on a Admin Skin with the possibility of making it available via CubeCarts marketplace but theres no info (that i can find) covering packaging it. Unlike a front-end skin there doesn't seem to be a config file involved so is it just the case of providing manual installation instructions? Cheers, NiteFox :)
  13. Bug Report It has come to light that the Contact form on the Contact Us page is not submitting when Google reCaptcha V2 - Invisible is active. The issue appears to only affect the contact us page and only when the invisible option for Google reCaptcha V2. It's safe to assume the issue affects all purchases of Basix prior to today (21st May 2019) The issue has been fixed for the main package in the cubecart marketplace so will NOT affect any new purchases. To manually fix the issue please see the solution below: Solution File :: skins > basix > templates > content.contact.php Find the following on approx line 60 <input type="submit" class="btn btn-success g-recaptcha" id="contact_submit" value="{$LANG.documents.send_message}"> Replace it with <input type="submit" class="btn btn-success g-recaptcha" id="contact_submit" data-form-id="contact_form" value="{$LANG.documents.send_message}"> And that is all. Sorry for any inconvenience, Chris.
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