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  1. Hey, I can't offer any guarantees as i don't have access to the plugin and the developers demo site has been suspended (not sure if hes still active with cubecart). Looking at the plugin info and screenshots the only compatibility issues i predict is layout issues on the customer side. Providing the template side of things for the plugin are not encrypted this can be overcome by converting it over to bootstrap layout and adding any additional styling no problem.
  2. Hey, By default the google analytics js is conditional to cookies been accepted so if you don't use the cookies notice or haven't accepted cookies then the code won't run. If you want to run google analytics regardless of if cookies have been accepted then you'll need to remove the conditional statement by skins > amzin > templates > element.google_analytics.php and remove line 1 and 13 like noted below: {if isset($smarty.cookies.accept_cookies) && $smarty.cookies.accept_cookies=='true'} <<< REMOVE THIS LINE {literal} <script> (fun
  3. Thanks @bsmither for helping out while i catch some Joys of timezones.
  4. Hey @priceisrightsuperstore The store logo is styled by the following classes - .main-logo and .main-logo img in basix > css > style.css starting at line 220 which both have a css rule max-height of 60px. So you will need to modify both of those classes to get you desired look. The "Shop by Category" tab is 50px so the logo is already exceeding the size tab. Also, after making any changes remember you may need to clear your browser cache as well the site cache.
  5. You could use : {if $TOTAL_RESULTS} {$TOTAL_RESULTS} {else} 0 {/if}
  6. Hi, I have responded on the other post but just cover the additional stuff here, If you log into the extension marketplace, then visit the product page you should be able to download or get a install token. Lifetime updates are still active and not false advertising, many customers have updated without issue. There is a automated update option using install tokens, however this method is not recommended if a customer has modified their skin as it will extract the updated skin over the old skin which will/may cause the loss of modifications. Apologies for any confusio
  7. Hey sorry for the delay, When you get the update notification and click through, my understanding is that you will be taken to the product page, you may need to login into the extension marketplace and you will then have access to the download link and the install token link. Previously i advised that i had no control over the access to the updates as Cubecart verifies access to the downloads/install tokens and my understanding at the time was you has having issues with that aspect. If you have modified your skin, i do not recommend using the install tokens as these will overrid
  8. Hi @captinmax Sorry for the delay for the Latest Products the only solution would be to display the "From" prefix for all products shown in that area as theres no direct check that can be made from the template. To achieve that you would do the following: Open file skins > amzin > templates > content.homepage.php around line 67 find : <div class="product-price"> {if $product.ctrl_sale} <div class="price-group"> <span class="old-price">{$product.price}</span> <span class="current-price">{$product.sale_price}</span> </div
  9. ionCube is very hit and miss with end users due to the way it works and the different versions, compatibility, not always installed by default by hosts ect.. I've known developers in the past ditch it due "out of the box" compatibility issues especially with new website owners who arn't familiar with it but its a great tool for helping to protect developers work. Best advice that i would give if you want peace of mind is contact the developer before purchasing asking for hosting compatibility info then check with your hosting company to see if they meet those requirements. In the general
  10. Hey, Bingo! addTabControl() is what i was looking for thanks
  11. Afternoon, I am playing around with creating a plugin and have read the example guide but seem to have come stuck on creating tabs on the plugin page. Current structure is based on the Visitor Stat Example so you have the main settings page, then a new menu section and child link to a new page in the left-hand menu. Now when clicking the child link it loads the new page to list the content i want from the DB but theres no content in the tabs bar above the page content and not sure on how to create tabs as thats not covered in the guide. I know theres the admin.tabs hook but not
  12. Have you reached out to Al or has he reached out to you privately? If not either post on the plugin forum post (which I think he follows) or pop an email to [email protected] to bring this post to his attention. Its possible this post is been overlooked.
  13. Have you activated any plugins lately or are you using any plugins that came bundled with 3rd party skins? I had a user who had a Suggestive Search plugin which came bundled with an 3rd party skin which loads js from a php file which caused near enough the same issue as the combine function used in the footer is file only accepts css/js files although it did throw an error in the error log file for the plugin. When replying to posts you should see option to be notified of replies or click the follow link on post page.
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