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  1. Sorry for the delay. One option would be to use the HTML <video> element in your category description. So you would upload a mp4/webm or ogg video to your site then when writing your description click the source button on the text editor and use something like <video> <source src="catvideo.mp4" type="video/mp4"> Your browser does not support the video tag. </video> Only issue is you'd have to play around with adding some other html and styling to try and get the layout right. Alternatively you could add a button and have the video load in a pop-up modal
  2. So does the video relate to the Category or are you trying to display a video for each product when viewing a category?
  3. Sure, where are you looking to add it?
  4. Hi, Without knowing anything about the images (size ect) you intend to use i can only give a vague example. Assuming the images you plan on using are all the same size/dimensions then you could do something like: 1) Upload the 4 images to your site (for the example below i've used square images and uploaded them to root > images > source ) 2) Admin > Documents > Select the document which is your homepage 3) Select the "Content" tab and then click the "Source" button on the text editor. 4) Add some html to display your image "buttons" - For the example
  5. Hi Lyd, If you edit the page/document via the admin panel "status" should be ticked and "Show link to document in storefront?" unticked. This should hide the link in the footer but leave the content accessible by the new nav link. If you are linking to a category, don't create a new page/document as stated in step 1. Simply just do step 2 and use the url for the category for the link. Thanks.
  6. Hi Lyd, It is possible to add to the area you mention, however anymore than 3 can cause a layout issue on screens between 768px and 991px (the joys of responsive websites ) you can free up a bit of space by removing the "register" link and just have a login link (theres a register link on the login page and register options during checkout so no biggy) To Add A Page 1) Create a page (Admin > Documents > Create Document) When you create the document a link should appear in the footer of your site. Make a note of the link. 2) Open basix > templates >
  7. I've just had a quick look and it seems he uses $('.vnb-sub-cbd').hide(); $('.has-sub-cbd').hover(function(){ $(this).children('.vnb-sub-cbd').fadeToggle(100); }); So the full menu is loaded including sub menus, then JS is hiding the sub menus but since he has a few sub menus the process of hiding them might be getting interrupted/mixed up or causing a "flicker effect" by a hover event if the mouse remains or is suddenly moved over a hover trigger.
  8. Hi, have you tried the instructions in the above post?
  9. Tables are just nasty when it comes to responsive design. Foundation has some options to try make them work such as stacking or making the table scrollable https://get.foundation/sites/docs/table.html (although i believe cubecart doesn't use the current version of Foundation so not 100% on what is available by default) Your font-size issue with the <p></p>elements is caused by #homeSec p styling in cubecart.default.css which targets all p elements within the #homeSec container. try using the following override table p elements styling table tr td p { color: #
  10. Hi @radman420 That slider is just a basic bxslider banner slider set in the document content for the homepage which you modify via your admin panel. Firstly create your banners and upload them to your site, for example (images > source > slide_001.png) Banners should be of equal size Then, go to your admin panel and in the left-hand menu go to File Manager > Documents Then, select the document for the homepage OR create a new document On the document content section click the "source" button in the left corner and create a slider box
  11. @bsmither Fab, thanks. So from a skin point of the plugin theres no need to hardcode the hidden element then?
  12. Afternoon When it comes to creating a custom form for a plugin page in the back-end and front-end are tokens automatically detected and checked? <input type="hidden" name="token" value="{$SESSION_TOKEN}" /> Cheers,
  13. Hmmm I'll have a play over the weekend. I used to think the lack of cubecart documentation as a downfall but on a positive note it gets you used to tracing stuff and seeing how it functions.
  14. Yeah I saw the type and id stuff when I was going through the seo class so figured it's more suited to deal with products rather than plugins. I might note it on github unless @Al Brookbanks has any insight into an existing way to accomplish it.
  15. Afternoon, While diving into the world of plugins, i was just wondering if there is a hook/function or method for plugins to use "pretty" urls on the customer facing side when loading a plugin created page So instead of "?_a=plugin&plugin=plugin_name" it'd be "plugin/plugin_name" or just "plugin_name" getting added to the store URL Cheers, Chris.
  16. Hi, Sorry to hear you're having issues downloading your purchase. If you go to https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/buyer/login and login, you should be redirected to your account where you manage your purchases. Or once you have logged in go to https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/skins/cburst-bootstrap-responsive-skin and you should be able to use the install token and download links. I will arrange a refund for the 2nd purchase for you. If you still have trouble let me know.
  17. Hey, Was just wondering if anyone else had noticed {$subcat.products_number} seems to output an incorrect / unexpected value? On a category page that has sub cats, i use {$subcat.products_number} next to each subcat title expecting it show the number of products for that subcat however the count seems wrong. Example : Womens T-shirt Category assigned as followed : Fashion (Main Cat) Fashion > Womens (Additional Cat) Fashion > Womens > T-shirts (Additional Cat) A single product with those 2 additional sub categories assigned makes the count sho
  18. Hi @LIBERTY, sorry to hear that and fully understand your concerns. According to CubeCarts privacy policy they only collect (name, gender, date of birth, billing address, orders and receipts, email address and IP address) in terms of personal identifying information (although additional info like locale, language and account status in relation to your PayPal account is listed when creating a buyers account) and i would agree that date of birth and gender are irrelevant. The data they use is pretty standard when using a login service like "Connect with PayPal", its similar to when yo
  19. Merry Christmas to you too, and all the best for 2021!
  20. Hey @radman Pretty sure i have gotten to the bottom of it. Due to a recent change with CubeCart the Sale Items / Gift Certificates links don't appear to work in the way that they used to which in turn affects the way that i used them in the template. So, as a solution if you like them above the search box i would suggest you hard code them. If this is a route you would like to take please find the instructions below: in skins > amzin > templates > main.php around lines 74 - 79 find {if $CTRL_CERTIFICATES && !$CATALOGUE_MODE} <li><a href="{$URL
  21. @radman bare with me, i'll pop @havenswift-hosting a message to get his take on it. If it is a caching issue he'll know more about it.
  22. @radman Sounds odd, and maybe a caching issue but that wouldn't explain why it works then doesn't when you move page. You use cloudflare don't you? Does cloudflare cache your site? if so are you able to clear/purge the cache?
  23. @radman If it's intermittent i wouldn't say it was a directly a skin issue as the skin is set to either show the links or hide the links based on the information CubeCart sends. If you clear your site cache does it correct it or hide the ones in the main menu?
  24. Hey @radman Managed to load your site. Is the remove item link working if you switch to the foundation skin? Seems odd its not working, as the link appears to be correctly formatted and nothing has been changed to that link so not sure why you're getting the 404 error page.
  25. For my skins (pretty sure its the same for Foundation) theres some JS that checks if the checkbox is checked, if it isn't then it will hide the password fields. {$REGISTER_CHECKED} is set to checked="checked" by default by CubeCart if the customer is not a logged in user when viewing that page. Although by removing {$REGISTER_CHECKED} i'm not 100% sure whether or not it could have a knock on affect in the event a customer checks the box, enters their passwords wanting to create an account but gets redirected back to that page due to whatever error, the page won't re-tick the box and
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