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  1. Interesting. I’ve had other types of intrusions, but not this. Been on CC for at least 10 years. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. I think this is the bulk of the ones that are repeating. Thanks for looking! File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [2094] "SELECT I.* FROM CubeCart_inventory AS I LEFT JOIN (SELECT product_id, MAX(price) as price, MAX(sale_price) as sale_price FROM CubeCart_pricing_group WHERE group_id = 0 GROUP BY product_id) as G ON G.product_id = I.product_id WHERE I.product_id IN (SELECT product_id FROM `CubeCart_category_index` as CI INNER JOIN CubeCart_category as C where CI.cat_id = C.cat_id AND C.status = 1) AND I.status = 1 AND ((I.stock_level > 0 AND I.use_stock_level = 1) OR I.use_stock_level = 0) AND (I.name RLIKE '[[:<:]]jEGY/**/ORDER/**/BY/**/6415--/**/NTLs[[:>:]]' OR I.description RLIKE '[[:<:]]jEGY/**/ORDER/**/BY/**/6415--/**/NTLs[[:>:]]' OR I.product_code RLIKE '[[:<:]]jEGY/**/ORDER/**/BY/**/6415--/**/NTLs[[:>:]]') ORDER BY `name` ASC LIMIT 500 OFFSET 0 " - Got error 'repetition-operator operand invalid' from regexp File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [1974] "SELECT `id` FROM `CubeCart_manufacturers` WHERE `name` LIKE '%jEGY'/**/ORDER/**/BY/**/5459--/**/DtDf%' ;" - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''' at line 1 File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [1974] "SELECT `id` FROM `CubeCart_manufacturers` WHERE `name` LIKE '%jEGY')/**/AND/**/3482=DBMS_PIPE.RECEIVE_MESSAGE(CHR(77)||CHR(85)||CHR(110)||CHR(102),15)/**/AND/**/('UlZF'='UlZF%' ;" - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')/**/AND/**/3482=DBMS_PIPE.RECEIVE_MESSAGE(CHR(77)||CHR(85)||CHR(110)||CHR(102),' at line 1 File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [1974] "SELECT `id` FROM `CubeCart_manufacturers` WHERE `name` LIKE '%jEGY'/**/AND/**/3482=DBMS_PIPE.RECEIVE_MESSAGE(CHR(77)||CHR(85)||CHR(110)||CHR(102),15)/**/AND/**/'JbFw'='JbFw%' ;" - execute command denied to user 'ballcard'@'localhost' for routine 'DBMS_PIPE.RECEIVE_MESSAGE' File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [1974] "SELECT `id` FROM `CubeCart_manufacturers` WHERE `name` LIKE '%jEGY'/**/WAITFOR/**/DELAY/**/'0:0:15'/**/AND/**/'xFcc'='xFcc%' ;" - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'WAITFOR/**/DELAY/**/'0:0:15'/**/AND/**/'xFcc'='xFcc%'' at line 1
  3. Title says it all. Attached is my error log. Threw it up in comparison tool, and it was the same as the freshly downloaded version. My orders have screeched to a halt. Not sure if this is a cause, or if it is coincidental.
  4. Added the 3 lines to classes/catalogue.class.php, resaved all my categories, cleared cache, and it did not resolve the problem that I am having. The good news is that I do have a direct fix in just restoring 6.4.7, and it completely fixes the issue for me. Thanks for the timely response. Hoping that I can figure this out. I'm going to stop messing with it, for now, and see what other info can be gleaned from what I've shared. Ok...so, I just disabled the "Hide out of stock products," and it reverted back to working properly. So, this is the issue. It doesn't answer the database error that has popped up, which is still there, but it is a temporary fix for the links being broken. I usually delete all out of stock items promptly, so it's not too big of an issue, but would be nice to work properly.
  5. Hello All, I have replicated this issue twice. The first time, I thought it was something I did, but now that I've gone through the upgrade process again, I can confirm that it was the upgrade process that broke something. Here is what is happening. When I click on my main categories, some of them are either broken links, or link to other categories. Even though the URLs are correct in Admin, and in the address bar, what is being returned is either a page not found, or a different page altogether. This is not throwing any errors in the error log, that I can see, but there is a database error, and it is as follows: ballcard_ccrt01.CubeCart_extension_info 10 InnoDB utf8_unicode_ci 32 kB - CubeCart_extension_info.seller_id has a key type KEY but expecting key. What could have caused this? How can it be fixed (short of reverting to 6.4.7)? Thank you all in advance. Matt Ballcardz.com (the problem can be experienced by clicking the first four links in Shop by Category, but is not exclusive to those links.
  6. I’ll let you know how it goes on my end. So, yes, instead of empty, it was posting 0, making it impossible to add to cart. As you stated, I can manually type a 1 in that field, if I choose, but it’s just another step that interferes with a routine. I appreciate your help, as we all do!
  7. Having an issue with this also, where the minimum_quantity column is not being autofilled at 1, but rather, is taking the 0 for being left blank. This is for all new items added to the store as of the last update. I have since gone back and edited phpmyadmin for those columns to behave correctly, but I'd rather it be automatic, rather than something I have to manually do!
  8. Got it all fixed, including the highlighted database errors. Thanks to this forum, or I'd have to switch carts. Special thanks to @bsmither, @Dirty Butter and @havenswift-hosting. You folks are most helpful, and we're highly grateful for you!
  9. Yep. Already thought of this. The backup for my hosting happened on 11/12, and there have been hundreds of categories and products added/removed since then, and no backup within cubecart. Oh well. Tedious lesson learned. I really appreciate your help, as always. After I get these cats reassigned, I will need to revisit this, as I'm having the same KEY/PRIMARY database errors that led me to this thread.
  10. That is correct. What happened is, that I was trying to fix an error that was listed here, went to the Structured column under Cubecart_category, and hit DROP. It was a mistake. I didn't catch it before it was gone. And, now, it appears I'm going to have to manually reassign all of these categories. If there's another way, that'd be awesome! Reggie Jackson should be under the following Category Tree: All Baseball Cards --> Last Names - J --> Jackson, Reggie
  11. I have no clue what I'm doing. When I drop in the code into the SQL section of Cubecart, it tells me that 1 line was affected, but it makes no changes that I can see to the database table. This thing has literally unassociated every category from it's parent category. This happened under the structure tab in phpMyAdmin
  12. I accidentally dropped the index CubeCart_category.cat_parent_id Of course I didn't back the db up before. Please help :-<
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