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  1. Not enough memory to create thumbnail

    I'm getting this same error, but it's saying from thumbs.db instead of the index.htm. Before I deleted the index.htm, it was giving me both errors.
  2. Additional Field Similar to Cubecart

    That mod looks like it would do exactly what I want it to do. I'm still playing with Brian's edits in a cloned store. Not having any trouble, just haven't had time to mess with it. If that doesn't appear to be a solution, this might. Thanks for sharing! This worked perfectly, by the way. Thanks!
  3. Additional Field Similar to Cubecart

    Great stuff, bsandall! Haven't tested it yet, but I'm sure it'll be fine. Still having a problem with my pictures auto-assigning to products after I did the 6.1.3 upgrade, but I'm sure that's something I didn't do right.
  4. Additional Field Similar to Cubecart

    All cool stuff, and I really appreciate the help. Trying to implement Brian's Custom Search edits, but I have run into an annoyance, at least on the admin side of things, that's different since upgrading to v6.1.3. Basically, any category that I created, and used a custom seo url for, is now showing up in my add a product pages, where you would select a category, differently than they ever have before, making finding the categories difficult. Well, I was able to track this back to the database and see that all of these new cats were assigned a custom tag of 1, and when I made all of them 0 again, everything was back to normal. Every time I add a new category, I have to go clear this 1 designation for it to look correct and be in the right order. I have included a couple of pictures to demonstrate what I'm talking about. Does anyone know of a way I can stop the new categories from gaining this 1 designation? Also, if I forgo using the Custom URL and then update it later, the update causes the 1 to be designated. Thanks!
  5. Additional Field Similar to Cubecart

    I would love for it to be both. What I'm saying is that ideally, I'd love for it to also be clickable, where all items for that team would aggregate, but that seems like some extreme coding.
  6. Additional Field Similar to Cubecart

    Since I don't foresee this being a clickable, aggregate linking mechanism, I could just add the 2nd/3rd team to the same field, i.e. Chicago Cubs - Atlanta Braves
  7. Additional Field Similar to Cubecart

    Ahh...good point. I'll edit there as well. I actually don't use UPC codes because baseball cards aren't sold individually at the retail store level. Of course I would, Brian! Just let me know!
  8. Additional Field Similar to Cubecart

    It worked fine as far as that side of things. Here is a screenshot after I changed the definitions.xml to reflect the new term.
  9. Additional Field Similar to Cubecart

    That's awesome! Thanks for testing it before I had the chance to! Maybe @bsmither can chime in for some ideas for that?
  10. Additional Field Similar to Cubecart

    Yes....Does the "It works in my mind" reason become a sound theory? Kurouto and 6.1.12
  11. Additional Field Similar to Cubecart

    Let's say, for arguments sake, that I just wanted to duplicate the Product Code field and then change the name of that; is that possible? Practical?
  12. Additional Field Similar to Cubecart

    I didn't think of that. I'll have to try and see if it works the way I need it to. Thanks for the suggestion. ***Only issue that I run into with that is with products that have more than one team featured.
  13. Additional Field Similar to Cubecart

    I did try that, but they do not show up on my product pages. Is there a way to make those codes display there. Renaming one of those, and having it show up would be the easier route, I think. Good suggestion! I'd rather not do it relative to another category. I've though of that, and I didn't like the process all that much (multiple categories for every item). As far as number of teams, it would literally be ALL professional sports teams, so probably > 120.
  14. Additional Field Similar to Cubecart

    Hey Brian, Basically what I am trying to do is to have a field in my admin, when I'm adding a product, similar to the product code box, where I can input a team name, and it show up underneath the product code on the storefront side on the product pages, like this: Product Code: 89UDKGJ1RC Team Name: Seattle Mariners Also, it'd be nice if either the team name was a hyperlink to an aggregate page of every item under that team name, or searchable so that I could make one myself.
  15. Hey All, I have a baseball card site,, and I'd like to add a searchable field in the admin, similar to the Product Code field, that I could enter a team name into, and it would show up in the product description right below the product code text. Anyone know what I need to do to accomplish this? Is there a 3rd party solution? I have searched as hard as I could before asking. Thanks in advance!