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  1. Fixed it instantly, once I made the change. Thanks again!
  2. Storefront has been loading fairly quickly, unless I make a wholesale change, but it returns to quick loading soon after I clear the cache. Had a couple of orders, and one from a repeat customer, and they reported a pleasant experience. It’d probably be easier for me to just send you the admin login info I created for my hosting company. They are doing some tests on their end as well. I’ll do that in the morning. Thanks, as always!
  3. Hey There, So, my store has been upgraded several times...going all the way back to version 3, actually. Last week, something happened, and suddenly the admin side of my store slowed to a snail's pace. What tips can be given to improve this, or, better yet, can a reputable member take a peek and help me improve this? Thanks in advance!
  4. Ironically, this just got corrected by my host. For some reason, my admin side of my site is super slow now. Takes 5 minutes to upload one product. This just started last week.
  5. Hey Noodleman,

       I've seen you help another user with really slow loading times on the admin side of their website. Is there any way I can get you to look at mine, and see if there's a way to speed things up? (over a minute for most loads).



  6. Hey There...for some reason, Cubecart's site won't let me message you. Is there a way to add a background image to the skin, and is there any way to have the products in list view by default? Thanks, Matt
  7. Changed to the apostrophes, that did something...but I'm not sure what. Haha.
  8. Hey There, I am still using the old school Kurouto skin, and I am having some sort of formatting issue. If I try to add a table to my product pages, it adds a copy of the rogue text to the upper left hand corner of my page. It only does it on the desktop skin, and not the mobile. Any ideas how I can correct this? Tried using Inspect on Chrome, but it didn't offer information that I could figure out. Thanks in advance. Picture of problem attached. Also, here is the direct link to the product in question: https://www.ballcardz.com/2018-topps-base-set-photo-variations-698-ronald-acun
  9. Hey BSmither, Good question. There are at least a few different functional PayPal modules, so that could work. But, I guess, in this case, the worst case scenario would be to allow for the PayPal micropayments account to be the only option, other than the print order form, on orders $12 or less, and everything else only be available starting at $12.01.
  10. Hope everyone is well. I know this is an old thread, but pertinent to something I'm looking to do. I am trying to setup a PayPal micropayments account, which charge lower effective rates for smaller purchases. So, this account would be an option for people whose order totals are $12 or less. For orders $12 or more, a different PayPal account is used. Is there any way to achieve this using a similar method as to what was prescribed here? Thanks!
  11. Any way to address this with the 6.2.8 version of the functions.inc.php file? The above fix worked for me until I upgraded. I know this is a work around, but I'm not in a position to change hosts yet, and they are unwilling to correct the way the IPs pass through.
  12. Not having any luck with this either. Had things under control through all of CC5, but now, it just won't do it. Frustrating. Also have hundreds of categories and sub_categories
  13. Hosting saying the problem isn't on their end, and to contact CubeCart support, as it's a 3rd party software. This is funny to me, as I did a brand new install of the 6.2.4, and am having the same issue. I'll keep you all posted. @Al Brookbanks, have any insight on anything that could be causing this?
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