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  1. I’ll let you know how it goes on my end. So, yes, instead of empty, it was posting 0, making it impossible to add to cart. As you stated, I can manually type a 1 in that field, if I choose, but it’s just another step that interferes with a routine. I appreciate your help, as we all do!
  2. Having an issue with this also, where the minimum_quantity column is not being autofilled at 1, but rather, is taking the 0 for being left blank. This is for all new items added to the store as of the last update. I have since gone back and edited phpmyadmin for those columns to behave correctly, but I'd rather it be automatic, rather than something I have to manually do!
  3. Got it all fixed, including the highlighted database errors. Thanks to this forum, or I'd have to switch carts. Special thanks to @bsmither, @Dirty Butter and @havenswift-hosting. You folks are most helpful, and we're highly grateful for you!
  4. Yep. Already thought of this. The backup for my hosting happened on 11/12, and there have been hundreds of categories and products added/removed since then, and no backup within cubecart. Oh well. Tedious lesson learned. I really appreciate your help, as always. After I get these cats reassigned, I will need to revisit this, as I'm having the same KEY/PRIMARY database errors that led me to this thread.
  5. That is correct. What happened is, that I was trying to fix an error that was listed here, went to the Structured column under Cubecart_category, and hit DROP. It was a mistake. I didn't catch it before it was gone. And, now, it appears I'm going to have to manually reassign all of these categories. If there's another way, that'd be awesome! Reggie Jackson should be under the following Category Tree: All Baseball Cards --> Last Names - J --> Jackson, Reggie
  6. I have no clue what I'm doing. When I drop in the code into the SQL section of Cubecart, it tells me that 1 line was affected, but it makes no changes that I can see to the database table. This thing has literally unassociated every category from it's parent category. This happened under the structure tab in phpMyAdmin
  7. I accidentally dropped the index CubeCart_category.cat_parent_id Of course I didn't back the db up before. Please help :-<
  8. Fixed it instantly, once I made the change. Thanks again!
  9. Storefront has been loading fairly quickly, unless I make a wholesale change, but it returns to quick loading soon after I clear the cache. Had a couple of orders, and one from a repeat customer, and they reported a pleasant experience. It’d probably be easier for me to just send you the admin login info I created for my hosting company. They are doing some tests on their end as well. I’ll do that in the morning. Thanks, as always!
  10. Hey There, So, my store has been upgraded several times...going all the way back to version 3, actually. Last week, something happened, and suddenly the admin side of my store slowed to a snail's pace. What tips can be given to improve this, or, better yet, can a reputable member take a peek and help me improve this? Thanks in advance!
  11. Ironically, this just got corrected by my host. For some reason, my admin side of my site is super slow now. Takes 5 minutes to upload one product. This just started last week.
  12. Hey Noodleman,

       I've seen you help another user with really slow loading times on the admin side of their website. Is there any way I can get you to look at mine, and see if there's a way to speed things up? (over a minute for most loads).



  13. Hey There...for some reason, Cubecart's site won't let me message you. Is there a way to add a background image to the skin, and is there any way to have the products in list view by default? Thanks, Matt
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