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  1. It's strange that nobody else is seeing the AddThis buttons either, the AddThis stats have been dormant for quite some time now.
  2. I see: share => "Share" $SHARE Origin: "Smarty object" Value Array (2) 0 => "<script src="//connect.facebook.net/en-GB/all.js#xfbml=1"></script><fb:like ..." 1 => null I guess I could add the AddThis code directly to this same template? ps: reply from AddThis:
  3. The AddThis code isn't actually even apearing in the page code anymore either, even though the plugin is enabled.
  4. I'm seeing a lot of these: A cookie associated with a cross-site resource at https://accounts.google.com/ was set without the `SameSite` attribute. A future release of Chrome will only deliver cookies with cross-site requests if they are set with `SameSite=None` and `Secure`. You can review cookies in developer tools under Application>Storage>Cookies and see more details at https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/5088147346030592 and https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/5633521622188032.
  5. I've sent a support request to AddThis. Will keep you posted.
  6. It seems to be more than this - nobody has clicked any share buttons in a very long time.
  7. I've only just noticed. Any suggestions? https://www.nucleusfilms.com
  8. I'd suggest a skin that supports reCAPTCHA .
  9. Go to: Store Settings -> Features tab
  10. Do you have reCAPTCHA enabled?
  11. Just found this referenced at mcafee:
  12. Is this a bug, or an exploit of some sort? Should I close my store until we know for sure?
  13. I'm getting a lot of spam emails via the site's email address. This is worrying.
  14. Checked and same result. "controller.index- snippetS0Dhe" is indeed the cause. Do I need to re-enable this snippet? What does it actually do?
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