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  1. Can anyone help with this please? Fatal error: No such file or directory in /home/fabpress/public_html/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 38
  2. How would I go about saetting up the "OOP Archive" section? Here's a link: https://www.mondo-macabro.com/
  3. Now I'm more confused Will this hide OOP items from the main search, yet still allow them to be displayed in the "archive" section of our site?
  4. Ws wondering if anybody had found a way of hiding out of stock/sold out products, except in a separate "archive" section?
  5. Hopefully there would be a way of adding "Your search produced XXX results"
  6. I think I'll just ask the webmaster to change items manually wjen they go OOP.
  7. Thanks, looks like an interesting solution. Would it be simple to modify?
  8. This would be useful - when a limited edition disc/movie is put on the store, it would be useful if it could be assigned an automatic category change when sold out, and moved to the "Out of Print" category. Possible?
  9. Also, some of the "Specification" info would be better suited here, too. Is this possible? Currently the area is very empty as we have no need for additional options.
  10. Thanks for your help with this - I'm sure it is possible, somehow... It must be possible to generate a valid search query via the advanced search form: /search.html It has an "in stock" option. But I can't find the best way to list all items. The asterisk doesn't work. Perhaps the advanced search form needs expanding to allow more search terms, for example a wild card and "category".
  11. I need to list out of stock / out of print items in a different menu, so I will need a custom search term for this.
  12. This seems like a good option - but can I modify the link to list only in-stock items from all categories?
  13. If I add all theese categories as a sub category of "Store", they are no longer displayed as main menu items and instead are "Store" sub-menu items. Is there a way around this?
  14. The only way I can get this to work (simply) is to add a new top category called "Store", and then add each product menu item as a sub-category of "Store". Unless there's any other way of doing this since I was last here? Here are the menu items/categories I have so far. https://www.mondo-macabro.com/
  15. It seems to have changed since I copied and used it. It appears to be working with this newer version.
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