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  1. Just a thought - that way, we could list upcoming items for which we do not have the full details, and adding to cart before we have set a price. This would then allow the product images to fit within the template grid, without having to resert to using a document set-up.
  2. Open external link in frame?

    Thanks for the link - do I just add this to the link in question? Or is this just for a pop-up?
  3. We have a link set up on the navigation bar which takes you to an external site. Would it be possible to open this link in a frame, thus keeping the customer on our website? Example: (link = Digital)
  4. Adding a SSL logo?

    This would be a nice addition to the basic Cubecart settings.
  5. Adding a SSL logo?

    Is there a setting somewhere to enable adding an SSL logo?
  6. SSL Certificate

    Thanks Al. Can you help with this one?
  7. SSL Certificate

    I've now changed our site to SSL, but when activated the browser shows an alert indicating that parts of the site (images etc) are not secure. How do I fix this? Thanks.
  8. It looks pretty good, I like it. And I'm using an old Firefox brower on an old Mac OS.
  9. Updating to Invisible reCAPTCHA

    Very strange. Perhaps it's a caching issue?
  10. Copyright Text

    I took out all font descriptions in the layout file and it looks much better now. Incidentally, that copyright text looks to be in a bit of a strange location. Can it be moved elsewhere? It would be much better at the bottom, where the "eCommerce by CubeCart" text appears.
  11. Adding product images to documents

    I was looking at this myself, but I didn't know where to begin...
  12. Copyright Text

    What is the default font and size used inFoundation? I'd like to match my own copyright text to match the rest of the site. I've tried looking via Console in Chrome, but I keep seeing this: modernizr.min.js:8 Failed to decode downloaded font: modernizr.min.js:9 Failed to decode downloaded font: modernizr.min.js:9 Failed to decode downloaded font: modernizr.min.js:8 Failed to decode downloaded font: 3(index):1Failed to decode downloaded font:
  13. Is there a way to add product images to a documents file so they scale in a responsive manner, as per the homepage's main template grid? I have two images added as "Coming Soon"to a document file I've named "Coming Soon" - yet when viewed on a portable device, they do not position well. Example:
  14. Secondary Images distorted

    Do I need to make all the images the same size?
  15. I'm finding the additional images are distorted when viewed. Is there a reason for this? Example page: