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  1. AddThis and social buttons

    Thanks for your help. I'm not sure I want to mess about with the code. It would be better if there were hooks in place to enable several positions on the product page.
  2. Since moving to Foundation, the AddThis links no longer display on the main product page. Instead, they're now tucked away under the Product -> "Specification" tab. Our social media shares have dwindled to zero because of this. Is there a way of placing them back on the main product pages, perhaps underneath the Add to Basket link?
  3. Header/Cover Image

    Thanks for the info. Would be really useful if this was part of CC, or if there was a plugin for this. It's a basic requirement for branding I'd have thought?
  4. Header/Cover Image

    Is there a simple way to add a full-width header background image, which sits behind the company logo?
  5. Skinny Skin?

    I guess you're right
  6. USA based payment gateways

    Thanks for the info, have passed it on to guy who is considering a new CubeCart site.
  7. Skinny Skin?

    I'd like to see if it would work selling DVDs and Blu-rays.
  8. Skinny Skin?

    Can you add a few more screenshots? Thanks, and good work
  9. USA based payment gateways

    Some of these gateways are very choosy about which DVDs or Blu-rays you can sell using their services. Many have problems with what they refer to as "adult movies" when they're not.
  10. Skinny Skin?

    Sounds interesting - is there a preview available? Are the colours easily customisable?
  11. Any recommendations?
  12. Foundation: Search Box too long

    Wow, those links are invisible in my browser, until I scroll over them.
  13. Foundation: Search Box too long

    If I update the site, will it be over-written? ps: If there was a "like" button for your posts, you'd have 1000s!
  14. How do I reduce the width? In fact, it would be much better if it wasn't there at all, at least until you click on the magnifying glass, then have it pop out. Is this possible to do? ps - how do I update my signature settings? I have searched to no avail.
  15. Browser Title

    Yes, document title.