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  1. from: [email protected] Just received an email that looks like it's a forum activity alert, but it leads to a fake malicious Cubecart site if clicked
  2. Sadly we are still experiencong problems with this plugin, and have had to mothball the site until this is fixed. Numerous problems.
  3. I can't seem to remember where these are set?
  4. This needs urgent attention. Had to mothball a Cubecart site because of this.
  5. Yes, Have had to switch to previous website.
  6. Can anyone help? So many orders are n ot completeing and are stuck at Pending.
  7. After the update, we're still having some users eexperience problems:
  8. Thanks, had no idea it had been updated so recently.
  9. re: PayPal Commerce Platform 1.2.15 One example, any suggestions?
  10. I'm wondering if there is any way of stopping this from happening? It seems to be happening a lot.
  11. Some orders come up twice from the same customer - one is Pending, the other is Processing. Any suggestions?
  12. Thanks, it would be good to fix this, but at the moment the site has a huge sale on so I can't enable debug mode etc. We're also confused about zones etc. Is there a guide for setting these up correctly?
  13. Just been asked to rectify this: The site is using only "All In One Shipping" and I do not see any weight limits specified. Could there be a setting elsewhere I am not aware of? There are no weights specified per product, either.
  14. I've just been asked: Thanks.
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