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  1. Has anyone managed to set this up yet with US Zone 3 from the UK? Does anyone have any example of how to set this plugin up with Royal Mail?
  2. Will this plugin be updated to include the new USA World Zone 3 option which starts in June? https://www.royalmail.com/sites/royalmail.com/files/2020-05/royal-mail-our-prices-valid-from-1-july-2020.pdf
  3. from: [email protected] Just received an email that looks like it's a forum activity alert, but it leads to a fake malicious Cubecart site if clicked
  4. Sadly we are still experiencong problems with this plugin, and have had to mothball the site until this is fixed. Numerous problems.
  5. I can't seem to remember where these are set?
  6. This needs urgent attention. Had to mothball a Cubecart site because of this.
  7. Yes, Have had to switch to previous website.
  8. Can anyone help? So many orders are n ot completeing and are stuck at Pending.
  9. After the update, we're still having some users eexperience problems:
  10. Thanks, had no idea it had been updated so recently.
  11. re: PayPal Commerce Platform 1.2.15 One example, any suggestions?
  12. I'm wondering if there is any way of stopping this from happening? It seems to be happening a lot.
  13. Some orders come up twice from the same customer - one is Pending, the other is Processing. Any suggestions?
  14. Thanks, it would be good to fix this, but at the moment the site has a huge sale on so I can't enable debug mode etc. We're also confused about zones etc. Is there a guide for setting these up correctly?
  15. Just been asked to rectify this: The site is using only "All In One Shipping" and I do not see any weight limits specified. Could there be a setting elsewhere I am not aware of? There are no weights specified per product, either.
  16. I've just been asked: Thanks.
  17. If an order is cancelled, does the stock level for the items concerned revert back to the previous stock levels? Or does this need to be done manually?
  18. Thanks, good idea. What would you suggest we input? I'll try 3600 (1 hour).
  19. I guess it's potential customers changing their minds at the last minute, as they go through to Paypal? Is there a way of stopping orders getting stuck at pending? Can all pending orders be automatically removed? It's very annoying as we are seeing so many. Previously he was using another dedicated selling site, and says this never happened.
  20. People are having problems subscribing to the newsletter. It seems some just can't get it to say they are subscribed when they have signed up. Some are not receiving the confirm emails,and it isn't going intop their spam folders. Can anyone offer any help with this?
  21. Can anyone help with this? Thanks.
  22. Can anybody confirm if we're OK for this with the Stripe plugin, and others? https://stripe.com/docs/strong-customer-authentication
  23. New site build: Is it safe to use the default Cubecart mailing list without being labelled a spammer?
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