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  1. I've just received an email from Stripe suggesting I "Migrate to the Payment Element". Is this possible with the current plugin? Migrate to the Payment Element
  2. I've just been told to upgrade to the new, more intelligent Google Analytics experience. Will the new tag be implemented in a newer version of CubeCart?
  3. Can this be done via the Cubecart control panel? The server is in the wrong timezone, unfortunately.
  4. How do I roll back? Is there a set procedure I should follow?
  5. Still stuck on this - can anyone please help me to upgrade the database etc?
  6. It now says the database is out of date, but it won't let me continue the upgrade. error log:
  7. It seems to have worked
  8. My current php.ini file links to the ioncube loader. How do I add the commands required to disable the dangerous php functions? Will this work? zend_extension = /htdocs/ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin_7.2.so disable_functions = show_source, system, shell_exec, passthru, exec, phpinfo, popen, proc_open
  9. Another Mailing List question. What is the best way to prune email addresses? I note that some are linked to customers (with ip addresses), whilst others are not linked to a customer. Is there a best practice to work out the duds?
  10. Trying to import the csv file into Mailchimp, and I'm getting this: OK, added carriage returns and it now works. Is there an option to export mailing list subscribers who hav epreviously purchased?
  11. I'm trying to export a subscriber mailing list for import into MailChimp. However, I am unable to select "first name" as an additional export field. All I see is a black cross. Any suggestions?
  12. Is this within a MySQL table?
  13. Some users are receiving this notification when using their code to sign up: Error: The following errors were detected: The verification code was incorrect. Please try again. Any suggestions?
  14. Is there any way to stop bots sending me messages via the contact form, or however it is they are manging to send it? I currently have reCAPTCHA 2 (invisible) enabled. They are actually from Russia, and are spamming me with this:
  15. Do the other Paypal plugins work any better? PayPal Standard PayPal Powered by Braintree
  16. I have the complete request log message, but I'm not sure that includes what is causing the error?
  17. Even with the latest PayPal Commerce Platform 1.3.16 installed, I'm still seeing these Request Log errors. Error: cURL Error (22): The requested URL returned error: 400 Bad Request Response received (400 - Bad Request) I have no idea what it means, or what exactly is causing it. Anyone?
  18. Thanks - it's actually 1.3.16 now. Strange that Dashboard didn't point the update out.
  19. I'm seeing these sort of errors in the Request log: Error: cURL Error (22): The requested URL returned error: 400 Bad Request Response received (400 - Bad Request)
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