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  1. Well it's been a long week. New ventures meant I needed a more suitable web shop solution than the manual input Wysiwyg web builder I have used for the last three years. I have had 'proper' shopping carts in the past, but the web has moved on a lot in recent times with far more people using mobile devices to access content nowadays. The Wysiwyg web builder meant I had to design different layouts for different screen sizes by hand, which was a total drag. I have lost count of how many shopping cart solutions I have looked at over the last couple of weeks, but found many that no longer ha
  2. Thanks for your detailed reply @NiteFox. I think that in 2021 asking for a customers gender when buying a software download is somewhat inappropriate, as indeed asking for someone's date of birth. From a practical perspective, for those of us with Paypal business accounts, there is no way on earth we would compromise security by giving a third party confidential business data, especially with identity fraud being such an issue nowadays. In much the same way that people stay away from 'Login with Facebook' etc. Note to @Al Brookbanks: All you need from customers for digital downlo
  3. I would have been interested in buying this skin, as was exactly what I was looking for. However when I came to purchase this item via the cubecart site, I am presented with a Paypal window that states that a range of personal information including my date of birth, plus many other items of irrelevant personal data would be made available to cubecart. Not quite sure what type of PayPal that is, as am only used to regular Paypal or Paypal Express, but needless to say I won't be allowing that level of intrusion into my privacy and I'm sure most other buyers wouldn't either. Perhaps this is so
  4. Thanks for your help with this 'bsmither', it is very much appreciated. Your fix has worked perfectly and I am all sorted as regards the phone input field now. Am finding CubeCart is ticking most of the boxes for me, so am happy to join the forum.
  5. Hi this is my first post so be nice. I am currently evaluating Cubecart to run my own sites with. I have managed to alter the phone field from being a required field by changing the cubecart.validate js script, so all good. The one thing I am struggling with though is removing the actual '(required)' dialogue from the Phone input box, so the customer knows that not a required field now. Any help/advice/suggestions would be great. I am using the latest version 6 with the standard foundation template. Thanks...
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