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  1. Another popular open source cart that brought v4 out recently had also taken PayPal Std out (and a few other things), has found a considerable number of its members have now reverted back to using the earlier v3, which also has a separate branch on Github, where developers have now upgraded it so it will run on PHP 8. Say what you will, but people like to have choices. Interestingly enough, whilst using another cart solution last week and going out to PayPal using Std PayPal on PayPal live site, that also brought up the option to pay later? That certainly not something that has ever shown up on there before. I will contact PayPal myself, to ask why they asking people to agree to an undisclosed partnership 'agreement' when signing up to PayPal Commerce (on any platform), as that just not right. Absolutely no mention of rates, extra charges, changes to seller responsibilities or anything else. Not good.!
  2. The thing is though, PayPal instantly knows from the email address during the PayPal Commerce sign up process that a business account exists. It even states that and gives my business details. What is doesn't implicitly state though is what the 'partnership' with Cubecart (or other card vendor) is, what information is shared with that cart vendor and how that information is used. They are asking sellers to agree to something, without giving them details beforehand. I would politely suggest that is actually illegal. When I go onto PayPal Developer platform, they are now talking about cart vendors being on different tiers, silver, gold etc and that being tied into sales volumes. As many of those are open source and essentially free cart products, that raises concerns about where PayPal is actually accessing those significant figures from? We all have choices, but only offering one type of product solution, is akin to Henry Ford's 'any colour you want as long as it's black'. Take it or leave it. I do appreciate all the work that goes into developing open source solutions though and Cubecart is a fine product that deserves better recognition.
  3. Well one 'barrier' to using Commerce I've found since playing with it, is the requirement to put your customer service telephone number in the link up process. Mine has always been set at zeros for a number of years, which has been fine with standard and express PayPal for years. I run online businesses, so purely use contact forms and email. PayPal has to realise whilst businesses are online 24/7, they are not necessarily manned 24/7, which is why none of my sites have contact numbers either. From a data protection point of view, I would also have concerns about what data PayPal would be sharing with its software partners. There has never been any tie into the cart providers before Commerce came out. There no transparency put out there by PayPal, which is a concern for a lot of people. The biggest shopping cart software on the web, now has plugins developed by community developers that restores the hidden PayPal Standard gateway back into that software, so there obviously a significant demand there.
  4. PayPal's response to 'Std' being discontinued, was that "their PayPal Standard product is currently deployed on hundreds of thousands of sites worldwide, whose infrastructure means that PayPal Commerce could not be incorporated into those sites. Consequently there are no plans to discontinue the PayPal Standard product." I do understand where they coming from with that, as often come across sites with just three or four primary products. I have a full UK verified business PayPal account, so don't have restrictions with using commerce over std. I will have a look through the code myself to see if I can disable the mail function. Couldn't see anywhere in the admin section where I can close the entire email function off..
  5. Hi. Have been trying the PayPal Commerce utility on a couple of other makes of cart, purely to test its functionality, as I truly still prefer the simplicity of PayPal Std. One thing I have found when using Cubecart with Commerce in sandbox mode, is that it sending out order confirmation and 'thank you for your payment' emails to what is a non existent sandbox purchase email account. Obviously none of these are getting delivered, so it gives the impression my sites are sending out junk mail. The other two carts I've been playing with don't sent out acknowledgement emails when in sandbox box. I am guessing that is down to the fact that with Cubecart a condition has to be manually edited on a php file then uploaded back to the server, so the admin currently has no way of knowing not to send out the emails? Just wondering if this mail sending can be temporarily turned off in one of the php files somewhere, while I test in sandbox mode, as can't keep sending out undeliverable emails to the same address. Ideally a 'switch' in Cubecart for sandbox/live tied to email repression is a better long term option. Thanks...
  6. Sadly Al, I have also found a minor flaw in the Foundation skin too. There is no 'corner cross' to close the enlarged image. On a plus point, The Dillion skin works perfectly in every aspect.
  7. Have done that for you on Github now. Hopefully that can be sorted, as those skins are a big plus.
  8. Just tried it with earlier version 6.4.7 Al and the respective earlier version of Cburst (643). The same situation arises and the enlarge image only works with Foundation skin. I am currently using WampServer development running PHP 7.4.33
  9. Thanks for the reply Al. Think I have discovered a problem, which might explain why I am not getting the enlarge image option. I am using v 6.4.10 and am using the later Cburst skin (652). The enlarge image doesn't appear to function in that skin, nor the Amzin or Basix. On further investigation, it does however function with the Foundation skin. I did try to download the v6.4.9 version, but there an error in the download file (tried with independent downloads on two separate computers).
  10. I am now building a web site with Cubecart. Anticipated 60 to 120 products when full, so not a huge inventory. Was wondering if there was an ideal image size to use for upload, which will allow the click larger image facility? Obviously I don't want massive images stored, as that uses up my web space and increases bandwidth. Any sort of ballpark figure would be great, as every shop software works differently. Thanks...
  11. Thanks for the reply Al... One of the differences I guess is Cubecart and it's marketplace offerings are all digital products, where a buyer can just pay and instantly download from their own country. With physical products it a different scenario where you have a physical item travelling through a customs parcel facility, which they or that countries delivery services won't release if any fees are due. At one time you could import things into the UK and pay no VAT (or import duties) if it was below an £18 threshold. The same applied to exports also.
  12. Hi. I am based in the UK and run a couple of small businesses, selling purely on Etsy and eBay. I am not VAT registered. Now looking to develop my own Cubecart shop so it FINALLY gets to go online. I am seeking advice from UK based shop owners as to how you deal with the VAT element on international sales. Currently Etsy and eBay have systems in place to sort all this out so the customer isn't suddenly presented with a VAT bill on delivery to international customers. From my understanding, the VAT rules have changed in the last three years. Is there something that can be done within Cubecart (or outside) to stop international customers being given an additional VAT charge before they can get their items. I know the easy solution is to limit my sales purely to UK customers, but that defeats the object of having an international audience on the web. Not looking to become VAT registered, but would welcome any guidance from existing shop owners as to how you deal with this issue. Thanks..
  13. Thanks for your detailed reply @NiteFox. I think that in 2021 asking for a customers gender when buying a software download is somewhat inappropriate, as indeed asking for someone's date of birth. From a practical perspective, for those of us with Paypal business accounts, there is no way on earth we would compromise security by giving a third party confidential business data, especially with identity fraud being such an issue nowadays. In much the same way that people stay away from 'Login with Facebook' etc. Note to @Al Brookbanks: All you need from customers for digital downloads, is a name, email address and country in line with other digital delivery. I am sure your current setup is denying developers significant revenue, which in return is hindering future development of cubecart. What is ironic, is that cubecart is not used in this buying process, which seems odd when Abante and other cart vendors actually use their own products to sell 'add on' products? The way a business responds to feedback from its existing or potential customers, determines the integrity of that business. Cubecart is a great product, but I hate to see any business venture losing out on sales.
  14. I would have been interested in buying this skin, as was exactly what I was looking for. However when I came to purchase this item via the cubecart site, I am presented with a Paypal window that states that a range of personal information including my date of birth, plus many other items of irrelevant personal data would be made available to cubecart. Not quite sure what type of PayPal that is, as am only used to regular Paypal or Paypal Express, but needless to say I won't be allowing that level of intrusion into my privacy and I'm sure most other buyers wouldn't either. Perhaps this is something to be looked at, as it must cost developers a large amount of lost sales?
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