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  1. Sorry, I actually did not see that in my first response. Technically speaking yes, legally speaking who knows. However, job-speaking when those above my pay grade say they want something, I have to atleast make the effort. You know how it goes
  2. First and foremost, thanks yet again BSmithers! You are the best! Next, agreed. It is a quagmire, and not one I am looking forward in trying to mess with. Though I will look into what you mentioned, that may well solve this as its a distinct exception not a rule. I wish the US Fed level would just mandate all online sales are origin based on tax. Its the most logic solution. Anyway, Ill update the thread on how I make out. Thanks again!
  3. Hello CC, Okay this is about the topic that is fun for everyone: Tax. Let me sketch out the basics in how the US handles taxing online sale. You have 2 categories with one have 2 subsets in regard to online taxing. Origin based tax (where the order is shipped from governs the taxing) Destination based tax (where the order is shipped to governs the taxing) Billing address dictates tax Shipping address dictates tax I am sure some of you already know this and I would imagine they are encountered elsewhere. As the US has 50 states contro
  4. Actually, indirectly related question for anyone, is there a reason why BOGO hasnt been implemented in the out of the box Cubecart or through an extension by a third party. Its so commonly used it is surprising and I wondered if there was a technical road block or a pathological hatred of BOGO
  5. Thank you for the fast responses! The work around is actually quite clever, thanks again! I should have been more clear though, we at a bogo done with a code. So we send out a blast with a BOGO sale, customer comes grabs up the BOGO items but it shows regular price in the cart. The application of the code triggers the discount. Need that to track uses and success of the promotion vs accidentally stumbling up the sale.
  6. Hey all, this is a feature we been looking at for awhile. After doing some scouring I see a few people have brought it up but nothing seems to have come of it. So I figured I would reach out and see what you all have come across. I havent seen any from the developers I usually go to but are there extensions that do BOGO? If so, where/who? Has anyone scripted something on their own? Is there a way to simulate BOGO with standard features of Cubecart? I am just throwing a wide net hoping to catch a tidbit that will help. Thanks all!
  7. BINGO! So here is what happened so others that run into this issue will know what to do. 1) The "Allow delivery to non-invoice address" box was unchecked. 2) Checking it caused the Delivery Address to reappear. Thanks for the help again bsmither and sorry for the brain fart moment. One of the staff must have unchecked it and I was so tunnel visioned on a glitch issue I missed the basic checks.
  8. Hello again all. Ran into an odd one and I am just trying to see if anyone has an idea what may cause this, what might fix it, or at least where this particular thing is located so I can narrow my focus to try and diagnose it. ISSUE: In the customer basket the Delivery Address dropdown is all of a sudden is missing. We 2 sites and the second is essentially a mirror of the first from about 1.5 years ago. This is fortunate because it allowed me to include the side by side picture. Also, if I copy and paste the missing HTML into the browser from site 2 into site 1 then it works fine
  9. Thanks for taking a look and yeah I am glad you said it was weird because it makes me feel a bit less nuts. Cookie domain is: .shoprainbowartglass.com That should be correct yes? Ill take a look at those other issues you found. Thanks
  10. Ha yes I should have included that from the start eh? https://www.shoprainbowartglass.com/
  11. Thanks Noodle for the fast reply. I see 2-3 errors: 1) index.html (1 or 2 times depending) 2) analytics.js (1 time) Think #2 is the culprit?
  12. If anyone has any ideas where to point me at what handles these or ideas would be appreciated. Kind of hit a wall on this one. This bug has been a problem for us since 6.1 but does appear to be getting worse. Synopsis: Basket and minibasket do not update automatically but do so when the update button is selected. Examples: If customer while in basket deletes a product it remains in basket until you hit update. Similarly if new products are added then they do not show up in basket until update is hit. Another symptom is if the cart is emptied when returning to the landing page t
  13. Hello again all, I am 99% sure this is a cookie issue client side but I am not sure what to do about it. Long story short lets say I put 10 widgets in my basket then go to the checkout page. I decide to reduce that to 5, do so and hit update button. When it refreshes the 10 is still there. The reason I am thinking its client side is that if I clear cookies the changes are reflected (the 10 now shows as a 5). Any ideas what I can do to address this?
  14. Okay thanks again BSmither you definitely got me on the right path. Damn was it a long and facedesking path. Going to post my exact methodology to get it to work across browser for other quasi-lay people like myself So after getting it to work it only worked on one browser, the rest did not take the changes. After some research and trial/error the following gets these changes on all browsers: Note: This is specifically related to placeholders. Edit /public_html/skins/YOURSKIN_NAME/css/cubecart.default.css and insert the following. Anything inbetween the curly brackets { ..
  15. Dammit! Thank you Bsmither... always a pleasure. Interestingly I had come across another post where you were discussing the cubecart.default.css and had JUST started messing with it when this updated.
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