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  1. Hi all. Was working through some server side long overdue updates and run into this issue. Per usual READ BSMITHERS replies, he is nearly always spot on. Did the three point check, altered the perms on the cache directory and bam, no more issue.
  2. Success! To answer your question, 43125 records. Okay so I added the following command and value to my.cnf sort_buffer_size=201326592 That was the test value which corrected the issue. While the site is not super high demand to crunch ram resources I am going to tweak and optimize a bit to find the "sweet spot" of working at a minimum value. Thanks again bsmither!
  3. Yep we have full access to the server so that shouldnt be an issue. Appreciate your help as always. I will let you know how I make out.
  4. Hi and ty bsmither! Always a pleasure. Yeah I am sorry, I know better about the CC version, thought I did include it. Version 6.2.2 I checked order_summary and yes it has an index. order_date Index int UNSIGNED No 0
  5. Hi all, been awhile since I needed help so you all are doing great! Hit a snag today. I had to push our MYSQL frome v5.x to current 8.x. Everything went smooth and Cubecart seems overall happy with it (actual response times improved). Hit one issue, when we go to check orders on the admin side we are getting "No orders found" This extends to customers looking up their history on the client side. I checked logs and we are getting File: [orders.index.inc.php] Line: [772] "SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS CubeCart_order_summary.*, CubeCart_customer.type, CONCAT(CubeCart_order_summary.last_name, CubeCart_order_summary.first_name) AS `customer`, CubeCart_order_summary.status FROM `CubeCart_order_summary` LEFT JOIN `CubeCart_customer` ON CubeCart_order_summary.customer_id = CubeCart_customer.customer_id ORDER BY `order_date` DESC LIMIT 20 OFFSET 0;" - Out of sort memory, consider increasing server sort buffer size There are some others but its all variations on the above paradigm and same error message. Now I did confirm that database is fine so this is a between the database and the GUI. I am going through everything but as this is time sensitive I wanted to reach out and see if anyone can point me in a direction. I am currently trying to run down how to up the "sort memory" once I figure out how that is done exactly (first time I ran into that).
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