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  1. bsmither, Thank you as always for the reply and apologies for the delay (other fires, weddings and all manner of "others"). Update: Oddly enough, I compared our cart.class.php to a stock install version and there was 0 variation. Something is suppressing the notice that happens when something is removed from your cart by the system but do not know if there is any crossover between that and this issue. I can say that the complaints about this issue have dropped to none being reported which makes me wonder if one of the previous changes needed to cycle out cookies client side or something for the fix to implement. This drop off has taken some of the pressure off me from those above my pay grade but I am not one to assume the best and there is a chance the customers either been getting very lucky or have simply given up. I am going to run some tests and update now that I am back in the saddle. I would be very interested to see what you came across there bs, do you have a github link to it? If its not handy, dont worry Ill dig it up when time allows. Anyway, thanks again!
  2. Issue: Customer baskets emptying upon product status or availability change. Attempted Fixes: Attempted all the fixes I been able to find in other posts including upping the max_input_vars and mem. Disabled all mods, no luck. Added Noodleman's Abandoned Cart plugin in the hopes it would at least catch these. No luck. Related Topics: Basket Randomly Emptying & saved_cart BLOB Recover Yes this is a revisit to half of that thread but now I think I have a culprit. I also elected to create a new thread to keep it focused to problem and resolution because sorting through a dynamic thread with a lot of posts to possibly find a fix to an issue is frustrating. Its why I like to end a thread you all helped me in with a post that has a step by step of how I implemented that help. Details: Customers are having their baskets empty. Some are happening within minutes and others are over days/weeks. It was random until I stumbled onto the following. Possible Cause: The only way I been able to reproduce this issue is to have items in a test basket then on the admin side uncheck a product(s) in the basket from either/both "Available for purchase" & "Status" Essentially, making them unavailable. Result: When the customer updates their instance by logging in or going to another page or to their basket it must run through the cart find the items now unavailable and remove them. However, it is then removing everything else in the basket as well. Key Details: We are using the default skin for cubecart with some custom tweaks done by several people before me. I have tested this problem against an "out of the box" instill of cubecart on a test server without issue. Help Needed: My belief at this point is that one of the tweaks accidentally deleted a close statement for how cubecart removes out of stock products from an existing cart. I just need a general idea of what file(s) (or table but I doubt its happening back there) are implicated in the remove items from cart when unavailable. The triggering statement (whatever code word is used) to let the system know to scan cart and remove x) would be awesome at helping nail down what and where.
  3. Okay disregard, I figured it out. The directory is now populating. I will let you know how we made out, thanks again! Ian, noted and removing now!
  4. Thanks Ian (another fan of your plugins btw) and Noodleman Ian, I tried looking for the php.ini in the impacted directories but there are none in any of the sites we have that use cubecart. However, I am seeing a ini-custom.inc.php which seems to be doing what I normally see a php.ini do. Example: upload_max_filesize = 12M post_max_size = 13M memory_limit = 15M Would your save path redirect work there? I can see no reason not to try a php.ini in the public directory so I am testing it but not getting any population in the sessions directory. <?php session_save_path('home/*directory*/sessions'); ?> Does the above seem right?
  5. Thanks for the fast response Noodleman (love several of your plugins btw) Not as far as I know but unfortunately I was not here for the initial building of this site. I can say there are no current modules like that in place and I am assuming the "cubecart_saved_cart" is stock to cubecart.
  6. Hello again all... Got another odd one in 2 parts. Let me start with the last first: Specs: Cubecart: Current as of today PHP v 5.6.37 Issues: Recovering a basket from a saved cart blob (database). DETAILS: A customer was building an order in their basket over the last couple days. Today they logged in to find their basket emptied. The order was not placed nor was the basket emptied. Oddly I can see the order in the cubecart_saved_cart table in the database which is contained in the blob file. I am 100% at a loss for how it can be here with the proper customer ID associated with it yet not show in their basket. Any ideas on how to get this to show or "restore" this to their basket? Random empty baskets (Directly related to #1) Background: Our customers tend to build orders over the course of days/weeks. They rely on the previous selections remaining in their basket to build their order over time. DETAILS: Over the last year we have the occasional customer complain their cart has emptied. It has spread over 10-15 customers with the occasional repeat. Baskets have been being built anywhere from the day before to a couple of weeks. The timeout and cookie kill has been set from 1 week to a month trying to diagnose this problem (all the noted empty occurrences have happened within these time frames) Anyone have something similar happening or any guesses as to what it might be? I have kind of run through my skill level of options and come up blank?
  7. Hi and thanks again Smither! Okay once I figured out there was a code snippet section, it was a snap (WAAAAAY overthought it originally). So for the quasi-noobs like me out there I am going to detail what I did with the details you provided. Hopefully it helps someone in the future ================================= To return the customer to the previous page after login do the following: Log into admin side On left sidebar go down to "Manage Hooks" Go to the "Code Snippet" tab Click "Add Snippet" Check enable Give a name you will recognize (EX: Login Return) Determine what order you want this to execute (I put 1) Under trigger dropdown find and left click class.cubecart.login Copy and paste this code into the php code box: <?php if ($GLOBALS['session']->has('back')) {$redir = $GLOBALS['session']->get('back');} Hit save and say THANK YOU SMITHER!
  8. Thanks smither... Yeah I tend to find the best answers for anything come from the community. Easier to dial in your issues to someone elses. Okay I have seen the article about creating a hook so I should be able to piece together the rudiments of it. Thanks. However, is there a template or post that has some of the coding that would do this? Just to give you a parameter, I am not a ground up coder. If I have something in front of me I can beat it up to make it do what I want with some custom stuff I added as well. I am not looking to get anyone to do this for me I swear :) I am just hoping there is a basic template you might now of. Did a quick search but if there is a template for it its getting lost in the "log in" portion of search term returns
  9. Hi all... cutting my teeth on cubecart but like it so far. When anyone logs into their account from the login page (site.com/index.php?_a=login) in on the customer/client side, they are redirected to the "Your Account" (site.com/index.php?_a=account) page. This has proven to be a problem because customers are complaining they wanted to return to the page they were just on or others that if they wanted to see their profile they would have gone to their profile. Long/Short of it: Where do I go to change where the customer/client are redirected after they logged in? Example, I log in and end up back at the landing page. Thanks for any help... I am sure I am missing something simple in the files but am seriously frustrated at this point.