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  1. Cubecart Site Frontpage integration

    I understand linking back and forth between the subdomains for CC and WP. Custom CC skins are unfortunately beyond my capabilities. However, you mentioned possibly a full width layout which is exactly what I am hoping for. When do you expect that to be released? And I will look into the plugins you mentioned. Thanks! I hate the idea of leaving CC to go to something like woocommerce and a WP site simply because of skinning capabilities! Do you have a demo of the retail therapy skin? The listing for it doesn't have a demo link or anything. Also, the plugins you mentioned, their demo links aren't working.
  2. I love Cubecart and have used it for many years. I am in the process of starting up a new business/site but I am hoping to have more site integration. I am looking for the best CMS or HTML design that will integrate nicely with Cubecart. Is Wordpress the best thing to use for this? I do not intend on modifying the site much at all, but need something that is easy to modify if necessary. Here is an example of what I am trying to accomplish.... I like how everything is there on the frontpage. I do not know what cart they're using, or whether or not it's wordpress etc. Is Cubecart capable of this? I have tried everything under the sun and I can't get my cart to look like this.
  3. Converting non-SSL to SSL site with active store

    hosting company has me on a shared server, not sure how that would work. Is there a method I can use to force https in the htaccess? Is that the setting in the store settings to enable SSL?
  4. I have not upgraded my current store to the latest version of 6.1.7 yet because I had a lot of CSRF errors even though the site is not currently on an SSL url. I now have access to upgrade to SSL for the site. My question is whether or not there is anything I should be aware of before enabling SSL on my site? Will this cause any issues in my store that I need to be aware of? I am not sure I can undo my SSL upgrade once it is done. However, I do not want to be without the latest and greatest cubecart versions! Any advice will be helpful!
  5. I did a manual upgrade, my Admin upgrade now button does not work. Hasn't worked for a long time. I do have previous version backup of CC and database. As well as a manual download of all the store files. I download them before every upgrade just in case. Cleared cache, tried multiple browsers and even computers, CSRF error on all. Cleared cache, reset java, no change.
  6. Can you point me in the direction of restoring an old version then? Thanks
  7. Upgraded to 6.1.7 and now I am getting a CSRF error after attempting to login to the admin control panel. My site is not set up for HTTPS and has never been setup that way. HELP!
  8. Trying to upgrade via the Upgrade Now button in the admin takes me to a blank page. When re-entering the admin section, nothing has happened. Tired of having to do the manual upgrades lately. This has been going on for a while now. Any reason as to why this would not be working? Thanks!
  9. Upgrading goes to blank screen

    Did follow your instructions. Had removed the old standard admin folder and admin.php file before doing the manual install. But... remember the manual install had to be done because the automated upgrade process didn't work either. May be related?
  10. Upgrading goes to blank screen

    Everything went smoothly so far. Guess I will need to get used to the admin login link changing every time it's upgraded! Other than that, everything seems to be working. Thanks everyone!
  11. Upgrading goes to blank screen

    One last thing, I noticed that when I upgraded a while back and CC created a new admin folder and .php file that there is still a standard admin folder and admin.php file. Can these be removed?
  12. Upgrading goes to blank screen

    Can I just reupload the exiting file?
  13. Upgrading goes to blank screen

    I am currently downloading everything as a hard backup at the moment via FTP. I will try the manual upload, but for the record there is nothing in the error logs regarding the failure of the upgrade. With the new admin security, do I need to tell the system where to find the admin folder, or edit any includes files?
  14. Trying to upgrade to the latest version (6.1.5) from the previous version of v6.1.4. When I go to "Upgrade Now" and click on it, the page starts its thinking and then results in a blank screen. If I hit the back button or go back to the main store admin link, nothing has changed. In the past if this has happened, it would take me to the install upgrade screen. However, this is no longer the case. I am unable to automate the upgrade process. I do not want to continue if this is a potential problem/issue in the making. Can't risk it regardless of having file and database backups. Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated!
  15. Backup/Upgrade - Turn Off Site

    Just a quick suggestion. It's always recommended to close the site or "turn off" the site before upgrading and backing up. This should not only be in the 'Settings' menu as it is, but should be a menu item within the 'Maintenance' area as well, or an option to automatically do it for you when backing up. It's a pain to have to navigate to the site settings (IF I remember) to turn the site off when doing maintenance, and then having to navigate back to the maintenance section.