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  1. We are getting into the weeds with this analysis. The original post said there was an orange banner. That is absolutely nothing to worry about. Let's wait for CC656.
  2. MySQL (and by extension, MariaDB) can have more than one index, of various types, applied against a specified column, as long as they are named differently. For example, I just ADDed a KEY index to CubeCart_filemanager, 'md5hash' column, but named the KEY index "Index6" (being the sixth index applied). Following the program flow of maintenance.index.inc.php, near lines 987-1003, the loop will find the 'Non_unique'=='0' on 'md5hash' first, but then will find else 'KEY' on 'md5hash' on a subsequent iteration of the loop. So, the listing of tables will flag CubeCart_filemanager as having KEY (not named "md5hash") but expecting UNIQUE KEY -- even though there is, in fact, a UNIQUE KEY on 'md5hash'. Maybe this database needs to be looked at using an external database utility to discover what indexes are actually on CubeCart_filemanager.
  3. For 2 above, make this edit: In element.product.call_to_action.php From: <div class="text-muted"><small>{$LANG.catalogue.min_purchase_quantity|replace:'%s':$PRODUCT.minimum_quantity}</small></div> {/if} {if $PRODUCT.maximum_quantity gte $PRODUCT.minimum_quantity} <div class="text-muted"><small>{$LANG.catalogue.max_purchase_quantity|replace:'%s':$PRODUCT.maximum_quantity}</small></div> To: <div class="text-muted"><small>{sprintf($LANG.catalogue.min_purchase_quantity,$PRODUCT.minimum_quantity)}</small></div> {/if} {if $PRODUCT.maximum_quantity gte $PRODUCT.minimum_quantity} <div class="text-muted"><small>{sprintf($LANG.catalogue.max_purchase_quantity,$PRODUCT.maximum_quantity}</small></div>
  4. "the real issue is every time you press the add button to add a new row, the product is added to the basket as if you wanted to purchase" The <button> tag, by default, will "act" the same as a <input type="submit"> tag - specifically if it is inside a <form> block - which it is when part of the product description. Try <button type="button"> which makes it do nothing (the onClick() will make it do something). Note: there are syntax errors: placeholder="1"size="4" :: there should be a space between the attributes <tc style="width:20%">Grand Total</tc> :: do you mean <td> tags?
  5. Probably not, unless you installed CC655 somewhere (other than actually upgrading CubeCart to CC655), then editing the includes/global.inc.php file to point to the existing database. If you did, in fact, run the CC655 setup (upgrade) script, CubeCart would have seen the current database schema was at CC653, which would have caused the execution of all the SQL statements in /setup/db/upgrade/6.5.4.sql and 6.5.5.sql. Depending on the above, please determine if the SQL statements in these two files need to be sent to the database.
  6. Indeed. I wonder if that is the case with Claudia - the upgrade at CC654 failed to execute that statement in the SQL upgrade file because the database found duplicate MD5 hashes? (I need to remind myself what sort of error reporting is shown after an upgrade for errors triggered during an upgrade.)
  7. In admin, Maintenance, Query Database (Advanced) tab, in the Query Box, enter: ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_filemanager` ADD UNIQUE(`md5hash`); #EOQ Then click the Go button. There will be no response shown. Let us also take a look at admin, Maintenance, Upgrade tab. What is the highest version shown (should be the top-most line of the History table)?
  8. It is strange that Cubecart_filemanager.md5hash (of your installed database) has no index currently assigned to it. The upgrade sequence against the database added a UNIQUE index to this column at the CC654 version.
  9. CubeCart's admin, Maintenance has a hard-coded list of what CubeCart expects the database structure (its "schema") to look like. That hard-coded list has Cubecart_filemanager.md5hash having a UNIQUE KEY index. So, to quiet the orange warning, the database table CubeCart_filemanager should have a matching UNIQUE KEY index applied against the 'md5hash' column. Applying any other kind of index will not quiet the orange warning.
  10. I haven't experimented with this, so I do not know all the setup required, but a Promotional Code can be created with a Fixed Price value. At the bottom of the "New Promo Code" form is a GC Conversion option. Find an order made by the winner and use that order number (standard order format - not custom format) for the conversion field. Supposedly, the balance of the "coupon" will be retained for future purchases.
  11. Anything in the admin, Error Logs, System Error Log tab?
  12. So far, this is the best I could come up with: Using Smarty syntax to break apart the tag 'script': <pre> {'<scrip'}{'t>'} {'var x="Hello.";'} {'</scrip'}{'t>'} </pre> It's fugly as sin, and will require the admin to know about this trick, and to manage the quotes appropriately.
  13. I have been scouring the CKEditor code and, while I haven't found it just yet, I believe they decided in the recent releases that script tags will not be allowed at all - no matter what! But the visual result is confusing. See: https://securitylab.github.com/advisories/GHSL-2022-009_ckeditor4/
  14. There was a "Payment Test Gateway" available at the CubeCart MarketPlace. I will send you a PM with an address where you can get it.
  15. "Can i get the admin file from the update and reload it?" Yes. "When i do an update to the newest update do i need to go through all the past updates or can i just update the newest files?" The newest files.
  16. Try doing both of these two things: 1. Clear CubeCart's Cache: www.yoursite.com/index.php?debug-cache-clear=true 2. Delete browser cookies: try to delete only those cookies that pertain to your site.
  17. Using a programmer's text editor, edit the file /includes/global.inc.php. Find the lines that are currently something like: $glob['adminFile'] = 'admin_aBcDeF.php'; $glob['adminFolder'] = 'admin_tUvWxY'; And change to: $glob['adminFile'] = 'admin.php'; $glob['adminFolder'] = 'admin'; Save. Then, you must actually change the admin script file name and the admin folder name to match.
  18. In admin, Email Templates, click the "Email Templates" tab (between "Email Contents" tab and "Import/Export" tab). Click the Edit icon for "Default Emails". As of CC648, the editor has switched to use ACE (as opposed to CKEditor). The ACE editor is a pure "Code" editor. So, on the "HTML Content" tab, find the HTML in the code that you want to edit. Do the same on the "Plain Text Content" tab. There is a Test button to see what the result will look like. (You might see some extraneous content below the editor window. I think you can ignore that for now.)
  19. Please let us know the exact version of CubeCart you are using. There have been issues in the past where Promo Codes that start with a digit(s) malfunction.
  20. Please try this: Create a new file named ini-custom.inc.php and have as its contents: <?php $glob['cid'] = true; Place it in CubeCart's main folder (same place where ini.inc.php is at). Since ini-custom.inc.php is not a file that comes with CubeCart (but will be used by CubeCart if found), this file will not be overwritten on an upgrade.
  21. Please examine the file /includes/ckeditor/config.js, and determine if this line appears exactly as follows: config.protectedSource = [/{\S*?.*?\S}/g]; If so, then this could be related to #3573, where a meta tag (well, possibly others) has been determined to be illegal. But I do think script tags are legal. If not, then review the Github issue #3427.
  22. There is this: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/related-products-manual-automated-recommendations From what I can tell, the list of suggested products will appear on the View Product page. (Be sure to get confirmation from the publisher that there is a version of this plugin compiled for the version of PHP you are running.)
  23. Would this be the image assigned to the actual category? And are you referring to the Foundation skin? If so, the space allotted for that image is 720px wide, to fit a re-sized image that would otherwise show at 800px. The question is then, is your source image big enough? (CubeCart's re-sizing of the source image does not make re-sized variants bigger.)
  24. Try $style = $GLOBALS['gui']->getStyle(); and $skin = $GLOBALS['gui']->getSkin(); returns the name of the folder of the skin. However, the results are for the session in PHP in which is relative to the visitor, whether that be you or a customer. Which is to say, if the customer has chosen to view the site in a skin different than the default, or different than the skin you choose to view the site, the results will be different. In the rare instance where there is more than one administration skin, $GLOBALS['config']->get('config','admin_skin') will have the folder name of the admin skin.
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