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    Just a quick thought: please check the admin Store Settings, Stock tab, "Allow delivery to non-invoice address". If not checked, I would think that CubeCart would disallow the selection of delivery addresses and force the use of the Billing address as also the Delivery address.
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    Would removing the "Please select" option work for you? If so, then in the admin template products.index.php, near line 248, delete: <option value="">{$LANG.common.please_select} &hellip;</option> Note: the "Please select" option is only available on the 'normal' customer group -- named "Retail Pricing". After having made other customer groups, and selecting any of those other groups to set prices, there is no "Please select" and as such, defaults to displaying, and therefore choosing when submitting, the first option in the list.
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    As bsmither has said, there is a (relatively basic) xml sitemap generation function built into CubeCart. This is better than nothing but has to be run manually (which most store owners forget to do thereby presenting very old sitemap files to crawlers). The software that I mentioned has considerably more features, creates better sitemap files including separate image, video, news sitemap files if relevant ; can be scheduled to run automatically via cron say once per week ; and also has a lot of other features such as reporting broken links anywhere within your site - something which Google and other crawlers really dont like. If you would like more details, please contact me via PM or better still directly via our website
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    It is a feature of CubeCart. In admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab, Miscellaneous section, check the box for Rebuild Sitemap and click Save. If PHP has a ZipArchive extension installed (and this is a normal requirement for CubeCart), CubeCart will create a zipped version of the XML file. CubeCart will then immediately notify Google that this file exists.
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    I am not sure about the above. But, in admin, Store Settings, Features tab, Misc. section, check the box for "Hide prices until logged in". This also effectively inhibits adding items to the shopping basket, and deters visitors from checking out.
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    The errors are probably relating to the use of quotes within quotes. In PHP, creating a string by enclosing the characters in quotes means that the other type of quote (aka apostrophe) won't cause a problem. Same that with using an apostrophe to start and stop strings means that the other type of quote (aka double-quote) won't cause a problem. So, knowing that your content you want to add will be inside double-quotes, make sure to use apostrophes in the content itself. Incidentally, if you really, really need to use the same type of quote within a string that starts and stops with that type of quote, then put a backslash in front of it.
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    When assigning options to a product, in the top table listing those options, there is a column to include these specific options into a Matrix Table. Once those options have had that checkbox checked and changes saved, there will now appear a lower Options Matrix Table. It is in this table that unique identifiers and stocks levels can be specified.
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    It would have been a pain that otherwise a "set this price Y based on an equation using that price X" would have solved.
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    See if in admin, Store Settings, Features tab, "Disable Shipping Groups" will get you what you want. When checked, "All in One Shipping" option group name is not displayed.
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    The All in One Shipping module should do this. On the General tab, check the "Sub-Total based" rates. Save. Create a shipping zone based on what zip codes you are willing to deliver to. Then create shipping rates where the Names are such as: M-F:7AM-9AM, and Sat:9AM-2PM. Set the Sub-Total limit to start at where you offer free shipping/delivery.
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    Please make this edit: In the module's file /skin/admin/index.tpl, near line 57, find: {$MODULE_ZONES} <div class="form_control"> <input type="submit" name="save" value="{$LANG.common.save}" /> </div> </form> Change to: {$MODULE_ZONES} <div class="form_control"> <input type="submit" name="save" value="{$LANG.common.save}" /> </div> <input type="hidden" name="token" value="{$SESSION_TOKEN}" /> </form>
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    The difference seems to be that the NoChex screen removed the actual listing of the item in the order. Regardless, I advise a consult with a NoChex customer rep.
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    Also, include the contents of the tables CubeCart_shipping_rates and CubeCart_shipping_zones.
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    CubeCart will use the 'master' definitions.xml file if there isn't an overriding key phrase in any of the actual assigned language files. When assigning, there is the default language that is chosen in Store Settings. But that default can be overridden by choosing which language the logged-in admin wants to personally use, and also which language was being used when a customer registered. An admin can choose which language to personally use by editing their admin profile in the administration's Administrators page. When CubeCart is initially being setup, the language the admin acquires is chosen at step one where there is a drop-down selector that says "Update" (the default language).
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    Please may l make the following suggestions: - We need a postage policy template as a spreadsheet - We need to be able to upload the completed template direct to the cart via cart admin control panel, in the same way as bulk inventory is loaded (my postage policy spreadsheet has 66 rows and 72 columns). - We need to be able to upload categories in the same way (l have over 100 categories). This would be good (more like, essential) for: - Transferring existing online marketplace inventory - Setting up multiple carts from different cart vendors (please don't try to lock-in, it's depressing, we already had enough of that from our existing online marketplaces that we're trying to break away from!) I don't want to mess around with PHPMyAdmin by the way - but will if l must. Would be nice to get the lowdown on that. Really though, guess what ... l want to buy, list, sell, post.

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