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    As pointed out in the other thread about commerce plugin, I was a version behind. This might be the issue 1.3.16 - Corrected array name on phone variable form order retrieval.
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    Thanks - it's actually 1.3.16 now. Strange that Dashboard didn't point the update out.
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    Huh, same thing happens to me, my first thought was it might be the difference between a paypal card capture or paypal transaction but seems make no difference, weird.
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    When running the /setup/index.php script, CubeCart makes a test with this statement: extension_loaded('curl') The environment may have cURL installed, but does PHP see it? Create a phpinfo() script and look for the curl table.
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    If using the Foundation skin, using a programmer's text editor, open the template content.checkout.confirm.php. About 10 lines up from the bottom, find a <textarea> for "delivery_comments". Add into the tag resulting in: <textarea name="comments" id="delivery_comments" required placeholder="{$LANG.form.required}">{$VAL_CUSTOMER_COMMENTS}</textarea>
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    it's added in manage hooks, code snippets, but see your other thread for more details.
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    Hi, I gather the main aim of this thread is to ask whether the description field of the shipping service chosen when a customer's shipping rate is calculated by All In One Shipping could be customisable, or at least simplified. As it stands, the customer is presented with an invoice stating "All_In_One_Shipping:" and then the cost of the service they have chosen. It would be much better if it simply says “Shipping” instead of “All In One Shipping”, which is superfluous information, and potentially confusing to the customer.
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    @Al Brookbanks can the suggestions here and in https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1362 be added at least to AOIS (as probably the most widely used shipping plugin) - I also get a lot of requests for this Thanks Ian
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    Great thnx it worked

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