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    This will need to be explored by @Al Brookbanks.
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    Reallllllllllllllllly need to upgrade from version 3...
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    Shipping is a complex, rule based area with so many different solutions and each one totally different to every business. we built a module which lets you link specific products to specific shipping modules which can help with more complex scenarios. An example of this would be for a shop selling small items, and large bulky items. We setup two All In One modules, then linked their bulky items to one and small items to the other. They manage two totally separate shipping configurations for those "band" of products to get rates for each band, then the aggregated costs is provided to the customer for shipping charges. It works well, but as with all things there are pro's and cons plus it is entirely situational based on your requirements.
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    In CubeCart's database, using an external database management utility such as phpMyAdmin, view the CubeCart_seo_urls table.
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    Please fetch and install the By Weight shipping module. This module allows to specify the packaging weight separate from the total of the product weights. Also a separate handling cost for each zone. The zones are not as granular as the AIOS module. The shipping bands are expressed differently than AIOS: Colon-grouped, comma-separated: 0.25:29 <- weight up to and including .25 costs 29 0.5:38 <- weight above .25 up to and including .5 costs 38 1:49 <- weight above .5 up to and including 1 costs 49 10:58 <- weight above 1 up to and including 10 costs 58 30:89 <- weight above 10 up to and including 30 costs 89 is expressed as: 0.25:29,0.5:38,1:49,10:58,30:89 There may be other modules that would suffice.
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