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  1. Same problem. The only time I get emails is if the customer pays with Paypal or if I change the pending to completed. Jamie I cannot offer any suggestions, but I have the same problem with my demo install. It is disappointing there's has been no solutions suggested, despite this being experienced by a number of users. Geoff
  2. Firstly I'm no expert but the problem seems to lie in the spreadsheet headings...I've had the same trouble and noticed that if the values in a particular heading are incorrect ( in my case in my "master id" column I used < /winter 2011 > instead of a number ) all those products didn't show up. So after I deleted that column everything worked fine and all the products ended up in the default category /imported products. However......now I've noticed there is some repetition of the same products when I use my 'product options mod". But they do not show in the general produst listing. Hope that helps.... Geoff
  3. a product option can be text or numbers.....or add it in description....
  4. Has anyone installed the eVolve Payment Gateway from Commonwealth Bank Australia? Will this be offered in CC as an alternate gateway? Geoff
  5. you won't see new catagories until you add prodcut to them..ie categories without procuct dont show. From view categories you can move or reorder you category list Regards Geoff
  6. again Rob thank you for your prompt reply...my aplogies for slow response Geoff thanks degsey for your reply..and yes I do search, and will continue to, for info on all topics I'm stuck on. Sorry for slow reponse Geoff
  7. How come there doesn't seem to be even the most basic user guide for cubecart? Or is there one and I'm just not looking in the right place? I mean for someone like me, who find using the forum challenging, headings like "Enable Script/Bot Flood Control?" could certainly use at least the most basic explanation. Geoff
  8. Hey thanks Robsta...now I can stop looking..now how do I mark this as "resolved"?
  9. I need to add some info in catalog>view catagories>sale.....but the "sale" catagory is not displayed in catagories list.....should it be? Can I make it appear in the list? Please help
  10. I would like my total sales to round to the nearest .05 cents...is there a mod for this or something I should do myself
  11. Hey thanks for that...but believe me (and absolutely no disrespect intended) I've tried all the, what I would consider, obvious ways or methods first. Only then did I start on what, for me, are the far more advanced methods..I thnk I'll just buy a mod to do it for me..but there's no doubt someone with knowledge could do something like this easily.....there's something I'm missing and can't put my finger on it
  12. This slide show I created in dreamweaver.. I'm assuming that because the slideshow works ok here http://users.tpg.com.au/clothez/ that the files are ok. I created a folder "video" in the kita blue folder. I've loaded the files to the skins/kitablue/video folder. I loaded the "index.html", and an images folder, containing the images used in the slideshow and the slide.swf , into the "video" folder. So in the site doc I hit the flash button and in the URL field SHOULD I USE http://www.piccolinaonlinestore.com/skins/kitablue/video or http://www.piccolinaonlinestore.com/skins/...video/slide.swf or http://www.piccolinaonlinestore.com/skins/...mages/slide.swf or some other url? The only other thing I add in the flash dialog box is the size to match the actual size I created. In dw the image file urls are relative to document index.html any comments would still be appreciated....as I can't get it to work Geoff
  13. CC seems to have the Sale (Or "sales items") category as a default category. Is this correct? And it doesn't show a product count as other categories. Is this correct? I'd like to edit the site doc for the sale items as with other categories. Is this possible. thanks in advance for any comments or assistance. Geoff
  14. Is it possible to save work done in the FCK editor as a template? Thanks in advance
  15. Can anyone tell me how to get back to the cubcart auto install script ie 5. Running the installation script. I think I've made some errors in the msql names or passwords .
  16. Can anyone tell me how to get back to the cubcart auto install script ie 5. Running the installation script. I think I've made some errors in the msql names or passwords .
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