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  1. Yes but it has to be done with the "Maintenance" >> "Query Database" tool. Once you know the tax ID number run this query. In this case I assume it is the number 1. 

    UPDATE `CubeCart_inventory` SET `tax_type` = 1;

    You could also do this with a tool such as phpMyAdmin.


    Thank you! That worked like a charm. Is it also possible to change the default tax type to always be 1?

  2. I use Swedish as language and when I use the letters Ã¥ (å), ä (ä) and ö (ö) in the product and category names they get replaced with a hyphen (-) in the URLs. I want them to be replaced with the letters "a" and "o" instead. How do I fix this?


    I use latest version of CubeCart.

  3. A customer ordered three products costing $5+10+5. Total: $20. I then removed one of the ordered products from the shop, since it's now out of stock. When doing that the total cost for the three products went down to $15. The cost for the product I removed was no longer counted, but still in the order summary. Of course I still want the cost to be as it was before I removed the product from the shop.

    Anyone who know why this happen and how to fix it?



    Latest CubeCart version is being used.

  4. I need to export about 20 orders from a v3 site to a v5 site. How can I do that? I have tried to export cc_CubeCart_order_sum from phpmyadmin and rename it everywhere to cc_CubeCart_order_summary and import it to the new site, but that don't work.


    If it's possible to do this either in the store admin or in phpmyadmin it would be great.

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