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  1. I currently have a Cubecart v3 store mainly due to the fact the freight modules we currently use are not compatible with v6.

    I would like to upgrade to v6 and find another way to quote freight prices. We mainly use Australia Post, TNT and Mainfreight delivery services, we can't just use Australia Post as some of our products are quite large and heavy.

    TNT have an RTT system that allows us to get a live freight price, and Australia Post has a freight calculator. What I am looking for is an easier way to calculate freight in my store regardless of the service I use.

    I have seen sellers on eBay offering a freight calculator that seems to instantly generate a freight price after entering your postcode, it turns out that they have an array in their code that contains freight prices for each postcode and the listing just does a simple lookup. The array must be automatically generated, it would take forever to input values for each postcode. Has anyone heard of the program that does this ? 

    I don't know anything about the "All in one" shipping mod, if someone has experience developing an easy to use freight calculation system in Cubecart v6, I would very much appreciate any help or information.

    Best Regards,

  2. Hi,


    While testing the order status update page for an issue with the shipping date I noticed that if I put text into the "Comments to customer" field and clicked "Save Order Status" the text dissapears. Interestingly if I tick the "Inform customer" checkbox the text does appear in the email to the customer but is not shown on the order after saving.


    I am using Cubecart V3.


    Best Regards,


  3. Hi,


    Sorry I haven't replied sooner, I have been off work for a few days.

    I added the ini_set parameter as bsmither suggested and then removed the time offset, the date at the top of the page is still the correct date, but now the Ship Today comes up with the correct date :D ... very happy.

    Thank you both for your responses, very much appreciated.


    Best Regards,


  4. Hi,


    I'm hoping someone has seen this issue before. I have googled for a solution to this problem without any success, I found someone had asked the same question in 2007 but nobody replied.


    I am using Cubecart V3 and when I click on "Ship today" in the order screen it comes up with yesterdays date.


    The hosting server is located in Singapore but looking at the server info it seems the time zone default is the USA (specifically UTC -6:00). I am in Australia and our time zone is UTC +11:00 (currently in daylight savings)


    I set the Time offset to +61200 (17 hours in seconds as that's the difference between the two zones) and now it shows the correct date in the top right corner of the admin page. But when I click on the "Ship today" option on the order screen it still comes up with yesterday's date and I have to correct it each time.


    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.




  5. Hi,


    I hope I am posting in the right area, I have only just joined so I'm sorry if I have made a mistake. The description says technical questions for V5. This relates to V3.


    I setup CubeCart and created logical ProductCode's for my inventory, now the accountant wants me to change all the ProductCodes to match the codes in her Quickbooks to make it easier for reconcilliation.


    I can go into phpMyAdmin and run an SQL update to change the codes, but I am concerned if this is going to cause problems. I can see that the key for the table seems to be productID. So I am hoping it's not going to cause major issues.


    I changed one product to see what would happen. The update worked ok and I can still access the product and it's options. But looking at past orders for this product I can see it still has the old ProductCode listed.


    Should I just run another update on the order table to update the productCode's ?


    Any advice would be really appreciated.


    Thanks in advance,


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