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  1. Thank you so much!!  I love straight forward answers.. You rock!

    Checked out the links.. my only question on that .. what file do I add those to.. This is what I am still learning with CC... 

    And to define "fortune" thinking 30 bucks is out of my range for a side bar.. I can live with the other, but it just seems like dead empty space on the template.

    Anyway, thanks again!

  2. I have been reading for 2 days.. can't find the answer.. soo

    I was a zen cart user, but switched because CC is a bit easier..for most things.

    Search Bar too big??  where can I edit it

    And just need to know what size should I make my images for the scrolling banner.. 

    And finally, is there a way to have a vertical category  section without paying a fortune?

    Please and thank you!

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