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  1. 20 hours ago, bsmither said:

    CubeCart has a fallback to shipping: if the Cart has no delivery info (of the customer/visitor), the store's actual address is used. That is, CubeCart will use "Andover UK" as the delivery address -- and request shipping charges from the likes of FedEx "from your store" - "to your store".

    So, allow us to ask, what do you have in admin, Store Settings, General tab, Store Country, State/County, Postal Code?

    Ah thanks for the pointer, it would seem that AIOSM doesn't like a phone number in the store address box !

    Seems to be working  OK now

  2. I'm trying to set up AIOSM


    I've tried using various combinations of settings but none seem to be working, I keep getting the following error;

    "The following errors were detected:

    • Unfortunately there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries."

    I'm using Foundation

    Site address https://testvalleymodels.co.uk

  3. 6 minutes ago, Bryan_TAO said:

    Hi Graham

    It's a fudge Graham, my client is happy to use three shipping methods:

    FREE To Collect

    FREE On Orders Over £30

    Standard Delivery Per Order £2.99

    the vast majority of the craft items she sells are small and easily posted.

    I hope this helps!


    Ah OK.

    My issue is more diffciult, I have items nearly a metre long and over 3kg, working out postage is a night mare !

  4. On 5/18/2019 at 7:27 PM, Bryan_TAO said:

    Thanks for your reply.

    I'm using sub-total based shipping and only in the UK so I have no zones set up.

    No text field exists on my screen other than "Method/description" in which I have entered "Postage & Packing"

    Any other thoughts?

    I'm interested to know how you use this for the UK, most couriers in the UK use size and weight for costing delivery, as far as I can find there is no flat rate for parcel delviery in the UK


  5. 14 hours ago, bsmither said:

    Just curious -- on forums that discuss hobbyist modelling, what solution(s) have they developed for these color conformance issues?

    None really.

    For an example;

    German field grey is a blue green colour .....supposedly !

    All of these uniforms are German Field Grey !

    It all depends on the time scale in WW2, the theatre ( Eastern Front, Western Front etc) and the manufacturer of the uniform.

    If you are a serious modeler who enters competitions, or exhibits in shows, the colours have to be right for the era, the model, and manufacturer some would say it is a veritable minefield. and that is just uniforms, when you start on the vehicles, it gets even more perplexing.

    Each of my paint racks has around 290 colours, I have three of them !

    On top of that there are weathering powers, pigments, varnishes, thinners and flow improvers in all approaching 1500 individual products !

    That is the size of my problem !


    German field grey.jpg

  6. 4 minutes ago, bsmither said:

    " what is more important to a modeler is the item code rather than the actual colour "

    And, unless the visitor to your site has a reference-grade color-calibrated computer monitor, what is seen color-wise on the screen isn't going to be reliably accurate -- merely "good enough".

    Are these "codes" standardized? (Like Pantene?)

    If so, perhaps create a text entry field option and instruct the buyer to enter the desired code.

    This is another conundrum, modelers work on the RAL colour match coding, but not all colours have a RAL number !

    There are colour match charts out there, but they vary a lot in reliability.

    As you say relying on a monitor to show "true" colour is somewhat foolish :)

  7. 1 hour ago, havenswift-hosting said:

    By separating them into 300 individual products, as well as being a huge amount more work, you are going to kill any chance of decent SEO plus how will your customers be able to differentiate between the different colours anyway.  At least if you group all of the blue colours together and all of the green colours together, then they will have a better chance.  Noodleman's Matrix Options plugin while not cheap is great and you could also consider using our Product Option Images plugin which you will find on this page and which allows you to allocate a different image for each option and then when that option is selected, the corresponding image is displayed


    Don't get me wrong I can see where you are coming from.

    My issue is that whilst a paint may be called "Sea Grey" it is a blue grey, what is more important to a modeler is the item code rather than the actual colour.

    If you look at the Games Workshop site, they list all their paints as individual products, I have those and two other brands to list !

    I'm not sure how that will affect SEO

    eg if my paints are listed seperately, and then searched for by code number, or name eg;

    "Vallejo 73.890 Russian Uniform Green" or any combination

    Surely that should take a customer directly to the correct item ?

  8. I can see your point.

    To be honest I am not sure of the best way to do it ! There are just so many different colours, and what one person thinks is a blue, another may see as a green !

    I think I am going to have to go down the individual product route, as painful as it may be !

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