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  1. I used Bluehost. Cube Cart is also installable through Fantastico. PM me if you need further information.
  2. If you go to my SEO site (modesty and forum rules prevent me from posting the URL) there is information and links to SEO sites that I haunt.
  3. You'll find it in the installation instructions
  4. roban

    Links Page

    Create a new document and title it Links. When you edit the document do it in 'Source' code. Add the following: <iframe add your links here for example: <a href="http://www.site.com">link text</a> <br/> and so on width="100%"> </iframe>
  5. Words like lingerie, sleepwear, etc are not competitive. I would expect that you would not do well as these are too general and if you ranked at all it would probably be on page 10,000 and that's like not being ranked at all. You will have to be more specific like black Benghal lace lingerie. Get the idea?
  6. Go to your Authorize account and log in. Go to the Account tab/Transaction Response Settings. There you will find the settings you need. If you have not contacted Authorize support, do so to find out what these settings should be for your account. There is a transaction key that has to be generated and copied to your Cube Cart gateway configuration as well as your Authorize Merchant ID.
  7. .searchBtn -- The "GO" button for your search box. .searchBox -- box that you write in for search .textbox-- The number that shows up in the quantity box from the view cart page .submit -- The "Join Now" button for mailing list, and the "Add" button for adding product codes to shopping cart. li.bullet-- little bullets that show up for the catagories li.bulletLrg -- bullet for "tell a friend" li.num -- numbers for products in sale and popular products .txtSession -- text for "Search for" "Welcome Guest" and brackets .txtCopy-- text in info box "products 2, catagories 1, prices: US dollars" .txtSiteDocs-- text "subscribe to our mailing list" and "Email" a.txtSession, a.txtSiteDocs-- "Login" and "Register" a.txtSession:hover, a.txtSiteDocs:hover-- mouse over for "Login" and "Register" a.txtButton-- "add to basket" button on product pages, and "buy" and "More" butttons on Catagory pages a.txtButton:hover-- rollover for "add to basket" button on product pages, and "buy" and "More" butttons on Catagory pages .txtOldPrice-- This is the price which by default appears with a line struck through when the item is on sale. .txtSale-- Price that shows on Catagory Page and product page .txtOutOfStock-- Text that tells a product is out of stock. .txtSiteDocs, a.txtSiteDocs -- links at bottom of page"about us, contact us . . ." a.txtSiteDocs:hover-- rollover for links at bottom of page"about us, contact us . . ." a.txtDefault-- text for categories box "Homepage, sale items", text for products names in Popular Products box and Sale Items box a.txtDefault:hover, a.txtLink:hover, a.txtLocation:hover -- rollover text for categories box "Homepage, sale items", text for products names in Popular Products box and Sale Items box .txtContentTitle-- Main Titles like "Welcome to Cube Cart" and Catagory Titles .txtBoxSave-- color of the text in the Sale box that says how much they save .tblList-- main area on catagory pages where the list of products is .tdListTitle-- text inside the main area "Image Description Price" .tdEven-- background color for the first product listed then every other one .tdOdd-- background color for the second product listed then every other one .txtCartPrice-- text for dollar amounts that show up in cart box on homepage- per item, items in cart and total prices- .txtCart -- Text "items in cart" and "Total" in cart box on homepage .cartTotal-- included dashed line that appears in cart box on homepage a.txtCartProduct:active, a.txtCartProduct:link, a.txtCartProduct:visited-- text for Products in cart box on home page a.txtCartProduct:hover-- roll over for text for Products in cart box on home page a.txtviewCart:active, a.txtviewCart:link, a.txtviewCart:visited -- text for "veiw basket" button in cart box on homepage a.txtviewCart:hover -- roll over for text for "veiw basket" button in cart box on homepage .cartProgress -- text inside cart that progresses as you go through check out "Cart--- Address--- Payment --- Complete" .txtcartProgressCurrent -- this is the text color that shows up for the page that you are on in the progression of the cart, for example when you are on the address page, address is this color and the rest are the color you specified for .cartProgress .quickBuy-- Inside cart txt that asks " Want to add more items? Enter the Product Code:" .tdcartTitle -- txt Inside Cart at the top "Qty, Product, Code, Stock, Price, Line Price" .tdcartEven-- background color for second product inside cart and every other one .tdcartOdd -- background color for the first product inside cart and every other one .tdCartSubTotal-- includes line above subtotal a.txtCheckout-- text and box for "continue" button on cart pages a.txtUpdate -- text and box for "update cart" button on cart pages .txtStockWarn-- text for when an item is out of stock .txtError -- text for when someone messes up while filling out information during cart process .txtCopyright, a.txtCopyright -- text for Copywrite info at bottom of page a.txtCopyright:hover-- roll over for Copywrite info at bottom of page .dropDown-- width of drop downs Layout.CSS for Classic Skin body -- entire window attributes #pageSurround-- large floating window inside window #topHeader-- top section of page surround .boxTitleLeft, .boxTitleRight -- top area of boxes in left and right columns where title appears .boxContentLeft, .boxContentRight-- main area of boxes in left and right columns .colLeft -- left column attributes or positioning .colMid -- middle large column attributes or positioning .colRight-- right column attributes or positioning .boxContent-- middle columns box (where to change colors, background, borders, and some text) .colLeftCheckout -- check out pages positioning for left column .colMainCheckout -- checkout pages positioning for main column .siteDocs -- positioning and attributes for box at bottom that contains "About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions" .pagination -- main large box on catagory pages .regSep-- the "need to register?" box in checkout
  8. That is a response from the gateway. Do you have authorize and capture configured at Authorize. Net?
  9. This is your content as a spider sees it: Search for: Welcome Guest [Login | Register] About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Returns & Exchanges | Shipping | Size Chart Shop by Category Homepage Chemises Pegnoirs Babydolls Long Gowns Plus Cami Sets Bustiers & Corsets Teddies Mini Dresses Hosiery Sale Items Featured Product Sweet Tease Sheer Painted Babydoll Shopping Basket Your basket is empty. 0Items in cart: $0.00Total: View Basket Mailing List Subscribe to our mailing list below: Email: Welcome to Bellsbowsandwhistles.com! Every woman's boutique ... No matter what her size.Sizes range from small to 6X. Take a look and be prepared at bedtime! We offer sexy, curvy, glamorous lingerie. Lingerie is one of the most romantic gifts a man can give the woman he loves. Lingerie is also something a woman can pamper herself with! Every woman deserves to feel loved and beautiful! Shopping at Bellsbowsandwhistles.com is easy, secure, and discreet and you can shop in the comfort and privacy of your own home! Open 24 hours a day!!! Take a look around and have fun! Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to bookmark our site and return again and again! Latest Products Exotic Satin Bodice Gown $38.99 Strapless Corset $37.99 Bedazzling Red Corset Style Babydoll $42.99 Cherry Cami Set $34.99 Hotter than Fire! Long Gown $29.99 Feather Stripper Robe $36.99 Powered by CubeCart™Copyright Devellion Limited 2006. All rights reserved. These are your meta tags: description: Every woman's boutique ... no matter her size. A safe and discreet way to shop for sexy lingerie. Regular and plus sizes! keywords: lingerie, women's lingerie, lingerie clothing, plus size lingerie, sleepwear, plus size, intimate apparel, plus lingerie, baby doll, sexy lingerie, hot lingerie, bridal lingerie, see through lingerie, BBW I am in the SEO business so I won't go into a critique. Decide for yourself the relationship between your description, keywords and site content. You should also do some key word research to find out if yours are competitive and reasonable.
  10. Most SE's don't read robot text anymore and there's evidence to suggest that Meta tags aren't given much consideration anymore as well. Body content is more important. You can use the meta content in admin without any problems.
  11. You seem to be missing some tags. I'm not sure but I think it's a </div> after your topHeader code and it's making your nav bar drop on top of your Latest Products. You'll have to play around with your index.tpl since you've made some changes.
  12. You can certainly create new style and layout.css files and call them in your pages.
  13. I believe that was the Order_Status_box Mod. I have it.
  14. Perhaps a path problem in your includes/globals.inc file specifically: $glob['rootDir'] = ''; Can you post the contents please.
  15. I believe there is a setting for this in admin control panel/general settings
  16. fck_constants.js is in your admin/includes/rte/editor/_source/globals directory so it does exist. I am not sure what you mean by 'map'. Can you try a different ftp client?
  17. I find it hard to believe that Authorize.Net is clueless. I use the gateway and have found them to be full of clues, especially about something as basic as a transaction key. Go to your Authorize.Net account profile at their site and click on the Account tab. Next click on Settings on the left hand column and scroll down to Security Settings. Click on API Login ID and Transaction Key. Scroll down to Create New Transaction Key. Make sure you put a check mark in the Disable Old Transaction Key(s) box. Create your new Transaction key and enter it in your gateway in your Cube Cart admin control panel..
  18. I assume you set permissions correctly? Who is your host?
  19. I'm getting a directory listing. Upload your admin directory again. You've missed something
  20. $glob['rootDir'] = ''; needs a path entered. Try this: $glob['rootDir'] = '/home/www'; Or call your host for the correct path Also you have an extra / in $glob['storeURL'] = 'http:///mypage.com';
  21. why not try /hermes/web05/b2987/pow.aex/htdocs/store as your path
  22. Steve please post the contents of your includes/global.inc file. Your paths need tweaking.
  23. Continue to hesitate. This is not a good idea as this has been identified as spyware in some circles.
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