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  1. Remove {MAIL_LIST} from index.tpl
  2. What resolution is your monitor?
  3. You can also do it via ftp. Regardless of how it was installed, the cart is in your public_html folder. If you want to do it through cpanel. Choose 'File Manager' and click on the folder icon of the directory you want to open it. In this case it would be 'language'. The next group of folders will be listed and you'll click on the 'en' folder to open it. You will see the file 'home.inc'. Click on it. In the upper right hand column you will see a list of options for that file and one of them is 'change permissions'.
  4. Pay Pal Pro would be the way to go. It covers credit cards and transactions are done while the customer is at the store. I use Authorize and am thoroughly happy with it.
  5. A CC install does not look like that. You probably have a mssing or extra <div> or </div> in your cart.tpl or something awry in layout.css. Can you post this part of layout.css please. #subCats { background-color: #EBEDFE; text-align: center; border: 1px solid #C9CEFC; margin: 0px; padding: 3px; float: left; width: 387px; } .subCat { text-align: center; padding: 8px; float: left; width: 110px; } You might also upload a default layout.css to see if the problem rectifies.
  6. You have several problems. Double entries in your <head> section and I'll bet your layout.css is a mess. Who designed this? I would go to the person that did it and have them straighten this out.
  7. That should be in the install/db/schema.inc
  8. Why can't you create a new product and add the button as an image to the description and link the button to your script.
  9. My guess is that you can add them in modules/gateway/your gateway/form.php
  10. There is a category description mod at cubecart.org
  11. To make the Featured Products random: includes/content/index.inc.php (line 49) Replace with: $latestProducts = $db->select("SELECT productId, image, price, name, sale_price FROM ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_inventory WHERE `showFeatured` = 1 ORDER BY RAND() DESC LIMIT ".$config['noLatestProds']);
  12. Go to cubecart.org and search for fckeditor then download the latest version and upload overwriting the old one
  13. Your settings seem to be correct. Where is this coming from: Server SECURE Root Directory: /big/dom/x3monkeysmusic/www this is not in admin, or I've never seen it there before.
  14. Delete the install directory and the upgrade.php if it exists. If you have to do a new install you might have to delete the tables in the database that were created with the first install. If you still have a problem PM me.
  15. I am not familiar with the mod and this post should be either made at cubecart.org or with the modder. However to add a box, the first line of the code is usually: <div class="boxTitleRight">Your head-line</div>
  16. This usually means you are using the wrong password. At what point are you receiving the error? What are you trying to do? If it is signing in to your admin control panel, try this: If you have managed to forget your admin password and for some reason you cannot get the "Reset Password" function to work please follow this process: 1. Access your database using a tool such as phpMyAdmin and browser the table CubeCart_admin_users. It should contain the list of administrator accounts to access the admin interface of your store. 2. We need to now create a file to show us what the md5 hash of the password you require should be. Using notepad make a file with content: <?php echo md5("password"); ?> 3. Replace password with your desired password. 4. Save this file as md5.php and upload it to your webserver. 5. Execute this in your browser and copy the output. 6. Edit the admin user with phpMyAdmin and paste this output into their password field. If done successfully then you should now be able to access the admin interface of your store.
  17. Try: http://www.your url/modules/gateway/Authorize/confirmed.php
  18. PM sent. Try upgrading to the latest fckeditor
  19. roban

    No Traffic

    Use the Overture Keyword Selector Tool (Google it) to see how many searches per day or month are being done for your key words. Then get suggestions for alternate key words. Get yourself a free Google Analytics account and paste the code into your index.tpl and cart.tpl so you can see 'who', 'where from' your visitors are and where they come from. Engage in an active reciprocal back links program with sites that are relevant to yours. Do a Google search for 'Organic SEO' and read, read, read.
  20. roban

    Logo Feedback

    Please read the forum rules regarding the use of personal links in your signature. Remove those that violate the rules or a moderator will do it for you. Thank you.
  21. roban

    Logo Feedback

    "more of a feel of the concept" What do you want to know. How we like the logo? It looks fine depending on your site's content and how well it furthers your mission.
  22. roban

    No Traffic

    How long has your site been on line? It takes a minimum of 3 months to see any improvement.
  23. The admin directory is being called twice as in: https://huskyzone.securelook.com/cart/admin...admin/index.php So your paths are wrong somewhere. How do you have ssl set up in your admin control panel?
  24. $glob['storeURL'] = 'https://huskyzone.securelook.com/cart'; should be $glob['storeURL'] = 'http://huskyzone.securelook.com/cart'; Since https only comes in to play at checkout and when entering the admin cp
  25. Try looking in language/en/lang.inc
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