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  1. index.tpl between the <head> and </head> tages
  2. Alan, Articles are not a sales tool IMO. They are helpful in keeping folks on your site and also to keep them coming back for more information. Information of one kind or another is what people surf the web for. If you want conversions from your articles, you'll have to set them up in such a way as to encourage your readers to perform an action. Just reading an interesting article is fine if that's what the site is about but if you want to urge them to buy something as a result, then you'll have to write them in such a way as to make this happen either by using links or writing them in such a way as to create a need for your product then lead them to the 'Buy' button. How this is accomplished is site-specific and is what SEO is all about.
  3. Normally skins files do not have to be upgraded
  4. What a wonderful site you've put together. Nice job on the detail images in the pop-ups. The only thing I question is going on line with an incomplete store.
  5. Alan, I would strongly suggest that you get a Google Analytics account. Aside from being free, the information you will get is invaluable. Not only will you be able to see demographics, you will also be able to set up targeted goals and for an e-commerce site, this is very important because you can determine 'funnel' pages. What is your goal? For instance I run an SEO company and one of my clients is a private wine cellar, very localized. The goal of the site is to have prospective clients click through to a contact page, fill it out and submit it. The 'funnel pages' are all the other pages that they must go through (or better yet, that I WANT THEM TO GO THROUGH) on their way to the contact page. I can track this information, the exit pages, etc. I can then tweak my pages and links to 'force' visitors to do what I want them to do. This is very heady stuff but it works. This particular company had zero presence on the Internet and inside of 3 months they are ranked #3 for our targeted market and ROI is on the rise.
  6. roban

    My Store...

    Google images is a great resource
  7. Try this: Edit includes/content/viewCat.inc.php, around line 102. Change: if(($ucSearchTerm!=="AND") || ($ucSearchTerm!=="OR")){ To: if(($ucSearchTerm!=="AND") && ($ucSearchTerm!=="OR")){
  8. Alan, Thank you for that very insightful post. It is interesting how visitors interpret content isn't it? You are quite correct in noting that content by itself will not determine ROI but it is a way of increasing SERPS as long as the content is relevant to the site's intention, key phrases and description tags. Site conversions are based on several factors: the attractiveness of the product, visitors equating to target markets (are they there to buy what you have to sell) and ease of navigation and check out, to name just a few. Conversion rates have to do with factors such as: Discounts - why should I buy from you if I think that I can get it for less somewhere else? Targeted Content with anchor text - It's amazing how some web masters can fill a site with content that DOES NOT lead a potential buyer to a purchase but, in fact leads them away from it by diverting them from their primary purpose with words, words, words. How you track your results - If you are simply looking at a bottom line then you are only looking at 10% of the issue. Unless I missed it I don't recall seeing any Analytics code on your site. Who are you trying to please - A large percentage of sites are trying to please everyone who drops in. "Everyone is a potential customer". Not true. Who are your buyers? Where do they come from? How did they get to you? Where do they go on your site? What are the exit pages? How long are they spending? It goes on and on. The point is that research is within the top 5 tasks that you have on a daily basis. Without accurate feed back it is quite useless and if your main entry page is so diluted from trying to please everyone, your ROI will continue to fall.
  9. roban

    My Store...

    :) Well gary you're on your way to a very nice store. There are a couple of things that stand out and I mention them only to give you some food for thought. I would change the default blue sub-cat folder for some "fishy' type images. Your product images scream out to be enlarged in a pop-up window. There is a tutorial on how to do this by the late Ansuk. I think you'll find it at cubecart.org. Let's get some meta tags as well. There is a CC site called Desert Coral Aquatics that I did some SEO work on a while back. Google that site and take a look at some really nice design work. You'll pick up some great tips for your own site.
  10. The search is such an important function I would put it dead center under the categories tabs.
  11. I downloaded the file and this is what it contains: <br /> <b>Warning</b>: filesize(): Stat failed for /home/lov10001/public_html/downloads/01 Light Shines Out.mp3... (errno=2 - No such file or directory) in <b>/home/lov10001/public_html/download.php</b> on line <b>64</b><br /> <br /> <b>Warning</b>: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/lov10001/public_html/download.php:64) in <b>/home/lov10001/public_html/download.php</b> on line <b>64</b><br /> <br /> <b>Warning</b>: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/lov10001/public_html/download.php:64) in <b>/home/lov10001/public_html/download.php</b> on line <b>67</b><br /> <br /> <b>Warning</b>: readfile(/home/lov10001/public_html/downloads/01 Light Shines Out.mp3...): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in <b>/home/lov10001/public_html/download.php</b> on line <b>68</b><br /> The file does not exist.
  12. There are also loads of people who don't have the problem you are having. Including me. Perhaps it's not a Cube Cart issue at all, but an IE issue since Fire Fox doesn't have the problem. In any case unless I have access to your site and configuration details, alas there's nothing I can do.
  13. Your store is off line so no help possible
  14. You have your site protected so I can't access any image properties. So..no can help.
  15. Create the document and don't name it. It will not show but there will be an extra divider (|) on your document links. To get around this you can edit the file skins/your skin/styleTemplates/boxes/siteDocs.tpl <!-- BEGIN: sep --><span class="txtSiteDocs">|</span><!-- END: sep --> Remove the above line. When you create the document give it a name so you can access it to fetch the url, then go back and edit the document removing the name. Now you have the link but no link to it on your site.
  16. Is index.html a directory on your server?
  17. A url to your site would be extremely helpful
  18. Welcome to Cube Cart Max. Your post has been edited for external links so please read the forum rules. Answers to most of your questions can be found in the pinned posts at the beginning of each section or you can click on the links in my signature.
  19. There is a version of fckeditor 2 at cubecart.org
  20. Look in layout.css and see if you have a 'repeat: repeat x;' function in your header.
  21. Yep, Andi almost jumped through the monitor when I asked her if she would become a Moderator here. She was concerned about being 'up to the task' and I think we can all agree that she was quite an asset. No stranger to a good fight, she jumped in and took charge, defined the position and did a terrific job. We'll miss her alright. Damn!
  22. Yep it makes sense and you are in for a wild ride if you try to do this. Unless you are a coding and design genius you will be posting here for help until 2010 when you will most likely give up. Anything is possible and your biggest challenge will be getting Cube Cart to look like your html pages but if you're willing to compromise you can make a pretty good go of it. I did this at one time and was able to have my Cube Cart categories in my html site by linking to it, using 'Buy Now' buttons that linked to my product pages but the overall effect was so sketchy that I ended up just using the cart as my site. Good luck.
  23. And what method are you using to add the box? What code, what file are you putting it in? You know...information.
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