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  1. Looks like bad logic

    if (extension_loaded('mcrypt') && function_exists('mcrypt_module_open')) {}

    $GLOBALS['main']->setACPWarning('Mcrypt library missing from server required to encrypt credit card data!');

    Should be

    if (extension_loaded('mcrypt') && function_exists('mcrypt_module_open')) {}


    $GLOBALS['main']->setACPWarning('Mcrypt library missing from server required to encrypt credit card data!');


    Exactly so! 'else' disapeared somewhere LOL


    Wel done. Fixed in Git...

  2. I can see a "Master Category ID" option but no option to import sub category IDs.


    Master category can be even a sub category. Master category means the main product category as product can be assigned to multiple categories but not using import tool


    And is there a way to set the Google category ID in the spreadsheet before importing?

    No option at this time but product import tool can be tweaked easily in adminsourcesproducts.import.inc.php

    				'brand'				=> $lang['catalogue']['product_brand'],
    				'gtin'				=> $lang['catalogue']['product_gtin'],
    				'man'				=> $lang['catalogue']['product_mpn'],
    				'brand'				=> $lang['catalogue']['product_brand'],
    				'gtin'				=> $lang['catalogue']['product_gtin'],
    				'man'				=> $lang['catalogue']['product_mpn'],
    				'google_category'		=> 'Google Category Name',
  3. Please take a look at my post of 21 December 2013 - 12:41 PM. 

    Is there enough detail there? It is only a test site at this stage, so you can make any alterations you wish. I won't touch it for the next couple of days.

    We need to see files content and database probably thus webhost control panel access required. Please do use support area to open a sales ticket https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit


    Thank you.

  4. Well, I was thinking I had done this successfully with categories, so I checked. I AM able to hide a category - as a test I was able to hide the Clearance category on plushcatalog. But, unlike a hidden document, I could NOT use the actual url for the clearance category to access it. So there is a difference between a hidden category, which is in effect disabled, and a hidden document, which is still accessible.


    Documents have an extra field in the table called doc_url_openin that controls the hidden feature. It would seem logical that this is a bug in CC, as why otherwise hide a category when you have done the same thing as disable it?

    Hidden category status is set to 0 - disabled. No other way to hide a category. When category is disabled it can't be accessed nor any product from such a category purchased.


    Documents have the hide link feature category does not at this time. When a document is disabled it can't be even viewed this acts as the same as disabled category. However document link can be hidden using "Show link to document in storefront?" setting but document must be enabled to access its content via direct URL. Custom doc URL even doc_url_openin as you already mentioned has nothing common to hide doc link.


    Well there is a category table column using name 'hide' but used almost nowhere apart from  searchCatalogue() method of catalogue class but seems as an early v5 development result only. May be a new feature as the same as document has to hide link to a category from Shop By Category box. This however also removes such a category subcategories from list.

  5. I already added one line of code to filemanager.class.php file line 574 is new below. As you can see even relative path to the image URL is added using CK Editor Image button browsing the image folder. Next release included.

    				$file['select_button']	= (bool)$select_button;
    				if ($select_button) $file['master_filepath'] = $GLOBALS['rootRel'].$file['master_filepath']; // Fix the image path added to the FCK editor area
    				$list_files[$key]	= $file;
  6. hi Al & Milos


    Can you post more details of the problem and solution - I assume the fix will be in 5.2.5 but without knowing how long before that is released, many will want to implement a solution immediately.


    We have had quite a few requests to set the admin session expiration time to higher than 60 minutes but maybe these can be set via the store settings so store owners can decide for themselves ?






    As you can find In CC524 classes/session.class.php line below


    //$this->_session_timeout = (ADMIN_CP) ? 3600 * 24 : 3600 * 1;


    Just uncomment for one day admin session. Code is there to remind me to add this from admin area configurable. Please note it does not work on server admin disabled session time extension.

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