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  1. This looks like this could be really useful for things like links in Google Adwords in different countries etc...

    But can it be taken one step further and also add in a currency variable at the same time? (and if so what needs adding to Convicts example?)

    Thanks in advance :)

    Well custom coding is required because CubeCart does not allow to change language and currency at once. This could be a simple hack to add 2-7 lines of code to the language change code and enhance the URL with currency.

    I think this has been already done anyway best to discuss this in 3rd Party area forums at htt://cubecartforums.org

  2. Emails upon order payment are sent automatically. If the order is pure digital the order is to the COMPLETED changed automatically so the download link email is sent too. If this does not work for you it means PayPal standard IPN file is not run. You should investigate the reason why it is not run.

    Error to download a file means the path to file you set in product details page is WRONG. Please ensure the correct server path to file is entered.

    "Adding Downloadable Digital Products guide for cc3" is just different way how to use more downloadable links as far as I know.

  3. Negative. Are you using 4.x? If so, how are you making that work?


    The order completed email that is received by the admin has all the details included. Name, address, what they ordered etc.

    If you sell tangible products and order has one tangible products at least you have to change the order status in admin area manually to COMPLETED.

    If order has digital products only and payment is successful order status is to COMPLETED changed automatically.

    Only COMPLETED order status change produces FULL details email.

  4. I assume you did not turn the SSL to YES in CubeCart admin, did you?

    What are the differences in URL on result page you tried to login to admin side? I mean http: vs. https access.

    If you would like to browse your store with disabled SSL in CubeCart admin you must have the proper SSL settings in CubeCart admin set. Any wrong setting produces some mess like your one.

    There are some useful articles about SSL:



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