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  1. Abbyjo40, making threats of that nature will have no effect and only serves to annoy. If you were serious and not all wind, you would not be posting those kind of threats on a public forum as it will undoubtedly hurt your case legally.


    Al and Dirty Butter are perfectly correct, you need to provide details. A screenshot is not sufficient. You need to submit a support ticket with the details required for CubeCart support to investigate.


    Do those you've images you've added, and the generated image thumbnails, physically exist on the server? Are the images 'missing' from admin and/or the front end pages? have you checked the permissions on the images directories and images are not the problem?


    None of this puts the customer at risk. Ecommerce is at a stage where most people have access to creating a store. Sometimes there are issues, in which case you WILL need to hire someone to do some work. To use the car analogy that Al used, when you change your car type after a puncher and the tyre falls off afterwards, you DON'T threaten the car manufacturer (which is what you've done).... and you can't be sure the cause of the wheel falling off is user error or a faulty wheel.... and taking a photo of the wheel on the ground is what you've done in taking a screenshot of the missing images.


    I noticed you've not mentioned threatening the hosting company with legal action for not allowing installed software to delete files from the server file system? Or are you technically knowledgable enough to know without a doubt it's not a hosting server issue not allowing images to be deleted?


    What I'm saying is, get the facts first and provide as much information as possible about the problem.

  2. If you're having problems with software load on a server with CubeCart, you will have no chance with Magento! CubeCart does not have a high load on the server. My guess it's the hosting packages you are chosing, you get what you pay for. Can you tell us what hosting package you are using?

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