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  1. I have searched forum and cannot find a solution, apologies if I have missed the answer.

    My international shipping zones 2 & 3 are not working. Only zone 1 is calculating correctly. So customers overseas, in zones 2 & 3 are charged local prices (zone 1 prices), converted into their currency.

    Thanks for any help.

    Here`s what I have;

    Configuration Settings

    Status: Enabled Disabled

    Zone 1 Countries:AU

    (List comma separated ISO codes) AU

    Zone 1 Handling Fee: 0.00

    Zone 1 Shiping 1st Class Rates:0.500:5.95.1:9.95,2:9.95,3:9.95

    (Comma Separated)

    Zone 1 Shiping 2nd Class Rates:

    (Comma Separated)

    Zone 2 Countries: NZ

    Zone 2 Handling Fee:0.00

    Zone 2 Shiping 1st Class Rates:0.500:12.00.1:24.00,2:24.00,3:24.00

    (Comma Separated)

    Zone 2 Shiping 2nd Class Rates:

    (Comma Separated)

    Zone 3 Countries: GBR,USA,CAN,CHN,EURO

    Zone 3 Handling Fee: 0.00

    Zone 3 Shiping 1st Class Rates: 0.500:18.00.1:36.00,2:36.00,3:36.00

    (Comma Separated)

  2. After upgrading homepage i get the change file permission message. I have searched forum archives suggesting changing permission on language/en/home.inc.php to 755 (from 644), have done that. Also home.inc.php.bak.

    My homepage is still totally stretched with boxes underneath instead of at the side.

    Do I need to change something in layout.css?



  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply, I have been searching through every area of public_html (for 3 days)for the words `install directory` and cannot locate them.I have not deleted them im sure.

    One more question if I purchase the install from cc does this mean I would have to start from scratch as my site is complete and ready with all cats, prods & images but just cannot install.

  4. Previously had a seemingly unsolvable problem with image upload. So uninstalled cc and started from scratch, without backing up as I had nothing to back up. Now my site is ready, at the stage of delete install

    directory but I cannot locate the install directory file in file manager to put my site on www.

    Advice would be appreciated.Thankyou.

  5. Thanks, the folder now reads 777 still it says maximum is 2kb for uploads

    I was looking in language and I saw this

    "Error:you did not browse for an image to upload or file was too large for server.The default maximum upload limit is 2mb"

    could my server have it set to 2kb instead?what do you think

  6. Hi I really appreciate the replies. Arild I have tried that previously but tried again with no effect. CaseyC I attempted to change the settings in my control panel thumbs file but they are automatically reset to 777. I hope you wont give up on me!

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