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  1. I do have phpMyAdmin. I can't seem to locate cc_inventory table however.
  2. That worked! Thanks so very much One other question. Is there a way to globally change all products to collect sales tax? Or do I need to manually go in and change each product? Thanks again.
  3. I am not having success setting up Sales Tax setting for Washington State in US. I set up a tax rule that should add 7.8% to the product (but not shipping). It doesn't add anything to customers purchasing in Washington. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. Updating Cubecart fixed it Thanks!
  5. OK got it. It worked!! Thanks guys! I really really appreciate it!
  6. I have 7 /includes/global.inc.php in the /includes folder. Which one do I pick?
  7. Thanks guys, I will give it a try right now. I am not a advanced tech guy by any stretch of the imagination Originally Cubecart installed it for me.
  8. I upgraded my 5.0 Cubecart to the newest 5.2 version using Softaculous. I first had to import 5.0 and then did the update. I am now getting the following error Warning: require_once(/home/marvso/public_html/CubeCart_plain.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/marvso/public_html/controllers/controller.master.inc.php on line 35 Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/marvso/public_html/CubeCart_plain.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/marvso/public_html/controllers/controller.master.inc.php on line 35 Any ideas? Thanks
  9. When I go in and try and change the quantity or prices of my products, it doesn't change anything when I either "Save and Reload" or just "Save". The values stay the same. I tried clearing cache but still the same problem Any ideas? Thanks
  10. Not sure whats up but it takes a ridculously long time to change Quantity on items while doing inventory. Is there a mod available or is anyone else experiencing this same problem? It takes anywhere from one minute to three minutes to change the qty on one item. Frustrating.
  11. For some reason when people use paypal to pay for purchases, it automatically adds an additionan $4.95 to the order on top of my shipping cost settings in Cube Cart 5. Has anyone else experienced this and how do I fix it? Thanks!
  12. OK, let's start with the easiest. Did you enable your choice of logo by changing the red X to a green check? OK, let's start with the easiest. Did you enable your choice of logo by changing the red X to a green check? OK that worked but all of a sudden the logo was HUGE! I guess I need a smaller file huh ?
  13. I just upgraded to CubeCart 5. On my website at www.marvsmusic.com it show "your logo" at the top of the page. I went into general settings and found where I can add my logo. I did that and cleared cache but it still doesn't show up. How do I fix it? Thanks
  14. Aww thanks so much! Marv Problem resolved! thanks all for your help! Great forum we have here! Marv
  15. I believe I am using the one that comes with cube cart. I dont think its a mod.
  16. My contact page quit working on my website at www.marvsmusic.com When you go to this page and customers fill it out and hit send, I never get any message or email from it. Is there some setting that I need to check? My email address is [email protected] and its set as such in my general settings. Any help would be much appreciated! Its hard to say how many customers sent me messages this way and I never got them. Thanks! Marv Sobolesky www.marvsmusic.com
  17. I believe so. For some reason I have 2 databases . I am unclear as to how all of that works. I have one database entitles cc4 and the other one is ccrt1. I am not sure which is which. I believe Cubecart support left the old database on my server so I dont know if I can safely delete one of them or not. How do I tell? Thanks Marv Sobolesky www.marvsmusic.com
  18. Hello, I was forced to move my website from my old host to a new hosting company. In the transition it seems like my store lost about the last 3 months of orders and also my SSL does not seem to be working correctly. Is this normal during a move? i luckily still have access to my files on my old host as well as a backup. What do I need to change to get the SSL working again? Thanks! Marv Sobolesky www.marvsmusic.com
  19. My store and administration page show that I have : Number of Products: 1,034 Number of Customers: 821 In reality I have 1098 products and 1099 customers. I already tried the clear cache and rebuild and recount items but it doesnt change anything. This seems really strange to me. Any ideas? Marv Sobolesky www.marvsmusic.com
  20. It would be great if they could do the same thing with a drop down menu for items. Its a pain in the #&# adding items and then having to manually go in and find the item and reduce the inventory level. Hopefully someone writes a mod for this or its fixed in a future update. Marv Sobolesky
  21. I had this very problem. I contacted Cube Cart Support and the fixed it literally within 5 minutes. Not sure what they did but they fixed it...worth the $$ Marv Sobolesky
  22. I had this same problem a few weeks back. I still had tech support from Cubecart and I contacted them about this problem. They had it fixed in short order and now its working great. I am not sure what they did but I do know its working now. I am using 4.2.2 Everytime I have had problems Cube Cart support has been excellent! Give them a try. Its worth the $$$ Marv Sobolesky www.marvsmusic.com
  23. Wow still not resolved. Cube Cart Support has been really great up to this point. I am starting to think this problem is not fixable... Marv Sobolesky www.marvsmusic.com
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