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Import product catalog from Excel (tab-delimited)


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Guest blairnichols

Yeah Degsey, I did the same. As long as you backup your database beforehand you aint got anything to worry about. Just use MySQL admin to backup. That said I have not had any problems with Sir Williams script. So have never had to restore from my backups.

I have now used it over 30 times with no problems at all.

Beachbum - download CC and sir williams script, Thats all you will need. If he brings out another module at a later date see if it is of use to you. But I promise that his latest module is very good, you wont be disapointed!!!

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Guest degsey69

Just a thought, instead of uploading the images, has anybody tried to link the images from the suppliers site so they show in products as an image, would speed the file upload up a bit :w00t::D :cry:

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You could include off-site images in your descriptions, but not in the cart itself. It would require rewriting several places in the base files. And quite frankly, if I was the supplier, I'd put all images in a password protected directory so that you HAD to download them and use YOUR bandwidth to serve them.

That said, my mod doesn't upload the images with the product data, just the filenames of the images. You can then bulk-upload them with FTP then run PHP Rocket's FREE thumbnail creation script (on CubeCart.org) to generate the thumbs. ;)


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