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Recommend a person, and recieve ££ once order completed by them?

Guest Sharpshot

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Guest Sharpshot


Is there a mod for a recommend a friend.

I.e. the person who recommends gets £5 for doing that providing the recommended person spends over say £50.

There would need to be a refferal code automatically given to each customer, so the recommended person, can use the other customers refferal code.

Been looking at other mods, gonna have a day updating my site with the free mods i like.

Then I might take alook at some of the ones that cost.

Seems to be lots of cool stuff at good prices.

Thanks Guys

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What you're looking for is akin to an affiliate system, like iDevAffiliate or Post Affiliate Pro. There may also be a mod available to run a "points system" where customers can refer new customers for points or credits for future purchases.

What the posters above are trying to tell you is that mods are not discussed on this forum, but are discussed on the forums they pointed you to. Post your request there and you'll be able to get a more detailed response.

It's about the rules of this forum - we're not allowed to direct you to a specific mod, but only allowed to point you to the other sites.

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