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My new site - feedback (good and bad) welcome

Guest niall101

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Guest niall101

Hi All,

If you have a few minutes please have a look at my first CC site at http://www.aroma.ie - an aromatherapy site in Ireland.

I have IE7 installed and the site looks OK but not sure about IE5/6 (I am still not able to get them all running on the same PC - any suggestions?).

I know there are a few extra divider lines in the footer bar but I will be removing them (they are appearing because of extra pages I added with info about aromatherapy that I did not want listed in the footer).

Thanks for taking the time to look at my site!


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We're off to a nice start and I'm sure you'll be tweaking some stuff as you go along.

I'd get rid of the grey session box background and you have the same image for all products. You'd be better served to show the image of the product you are selling. It makes the larger image pop up redundent as you show the same image all the time.

You throw the orange color in there I suppose to give the site some color but I would do that with shades of your main theme color. The orange and yellow are too striking IMO and take focus.

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