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admin error after ssl install

Guest celtic tuning

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Guest celtic tuning

can anyone help I'm sure I've done something fairly stupid but have recently installed a fresh copy of Cubecart 3.0.16 and installed the ssl side my stor works fine it goes to and from the secure section however the admin side has come up with a load of errors. I have attached the screen dump to show what my admin section is doing.

the store address is www.celtictuning.co.uk/webstore/

and the secure address is https://celtictuning.ssl-01.com/webstore/

any help would be appreciated.

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Guest celtic tuning

any ideas anyone?

The file your looking for is config.php, to get your CC up and running again.

Check this thread


It'll repair CC ie. back to it's original condition.

Hope this helps,


thank you for your post, I had my store back to running admin by turning the ssl off. However, i need to have ssl turned on but always get the original error that means all of my links in the admin section don't work but the actual store does but doesn't help me when i need to run my store.

anyone know where it is going wrong?

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Guest celtic tuning

after trying numerous work arounds am still ahving this problem it has nothing to do permissions and can access the admin but when in there i have the error messages shown on the image originally posted.

anyone got any suggestions?????

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