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I've just opened up a CC store and am going round in circles trying to get my currencies to do the correct thing. I've got myself in a bit of a mess with it.

I am a UK trader and want my store to be in GBP. I think I have done everything I should have done (i've listed it out below what I have done) but paypal is still doubling the amount once you try to make a payment, I haven't got a clue where I am going wrong and was hoping someone out there with a bit more experience than me will be able to let me know what i'm doing wrong and point me in the right direction.

what I have done...

1. Set default currency under local settings to GBP

2. Turned tax off

3. On currencies in CC admin I changed GBP from the preset 0.52 to 1.00

4. On currencies in CC admin I changed USD to 0.57704 instead of the preset 1.00.

5. I tried to delete usd off the currencies and all my products went to 00000 so I added it back

6. I have only got GBP enables in the currency CC admin

7. The only way I could load my products up so they showed the correct UK priice was putting the USD equivalent in , then it showed as correct GBP amount when I looked at my store. (eg. product costing £20, I multiplied this by 1.895 and when i added a product i had to enter 37.90 and then when I viewed my store it would show as £20)

The only thing is now I have had to change in the currency section the sign for USD to £ as I could not get rid of the $ sign, and the now look at the correct price when you do a dummy order, but as soon as you try to pay with paypal, the amount to pay nearly doubles!???

Please help as I'm sure there is a simple solution to this

many thanks

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Hi Ausy

Thanks for your reply, I've just tried that and I did a test product that was put in add product for £10, when I viewed in my store it showed 18.95 (used current xchange rate 1.895)

Also , after I've been trying to sort this out, I've noticed that the information box panel at the side of the homepage template is showing currency as USD.

What I then did was go to the currencies in the admin and changed the rate like this:

USD - British Pound - 1.000 - £ 2 enabled

its no longer doubling the figures at paypal, but it means that technically I haven't giot USD as a currency as I've had to change its details to that of GBP. Its really strange that even though I have defaulted everything to GBP, and originally disbaled USD in the currency chart that it still wasn't working.

I know its not right how it is now, as if I try and change in the currency admin the USD dollar line (that I have entered GBP details into albeit from the start ) when i try to change the actual words USD to GBP, when I look at my store as my customers would see it, all the prices change to ooooo?

Has this happened to anyone else, or does everyone who has a cube cart and trades in GBP set their admin up like this, it just seems so odd to me

It would be great to know if someone has experienced this before

many thanks

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