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UPS 150lb Weight Issue


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Hi All,

using CC v 4.2.3 - I'm having trouble with any shipments over 150lbs.

I found a fix for CC3 here: http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?showtopic=37256

Basically the UPS module assumes you are using only one package to ship your orders. UPS limits their packages to a max weight of 150lbs.

My customer is used to splitting up their orders to multiple packages(they sell some really heavy items) Is there a way to manipulate CC4 to indicate to UPS we are using multiple packages.


Higher Images Support Team

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bump - looking for the same type of thing.

150lbs is an awfully low limit. I think it would be more appropriate for UPS to calculate multiple 70lb packages all the way up.

for instance 210lb order should be able to be calculated at three 70lbs boxes. We have many products which get billed at 70lbs due to their oversize shape.. it only takes 3 of these products in a logged in basket to throw the customer the stupid 150lb Error 10001.

A another huge issue is that once the customer has received this UPS error..they can NEVER SEE their basket contents again. They have to log out to clear the cart - and then rebuild the entire order from scratch..

We customized the Error 10001 to state our toll free number and to have the customer call to complete the order. Unfortuntely when they see this and call - they can no longer see what was even in their basket to complete the order via phone call.

this UPS error 10001 needs reworked asap in my opinion.

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Guest Charms27


I sell tires, and I need it to calculate shipping on multiple individual items instead of combining all the weights and calculating it on one big item.

Ordering one tire at a time works fine for me but not for 4, the shipping is way too low for 4 tires because of this.

Hopefully somebody can come up with a fix for this as I am really anxious to get my online store up and running.

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