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Display products without an image?

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Hi Everyone,


I am a new user and am hoping somebody may point me in the right direction.


I have created a product category ‘free resources’ and would like all the products under this category to display without an image, price, opt to buy ect. All of my free resources are pdf documents. I’m hoping there is a way to add a link to these documents within the product description????


I am using the current version of cubecart and using the Nota skin.


Any help would be very much appreciated :)



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Hi, you could likely edit the templates; but frankly we had this issue last year and the "simple" fix was to just make a generic graphic for all the free items. If they are all PDFs, grab the generic PDF icon graphic and make an image of that with maybe a FREE circle graphic in corner (Google "PDF icon graphics" for other versions). Then use that "default" graphic for all your free PDFs ... much easier than "hacking" the skins for a conditional expression for the category, or having to suffer the default "NO IMAGE" graphic.


I can't share the image we did, unfortunately, as its proprietary to us (has our logo in corner); but you could whip something together to use for all the free items, and then it looks snazzier anyway.


Sorry if that isn't a perfect suggestion .... waiting for something to update here and killing some time being a smarty pants here ... maybe that all helped, maybe not.

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Hi, thanks for taking the time to share your suggestions. I like the idea of creating an default image using the PDF icon.


I have also found way to remove the sub category images and how to display FREE in place of $0.00. Sounds like this solution is as good as I'm going to get.


Thanks again :D

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