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  1. SSL

    Noodleman & ian, Thank you both for your advice. I will go through each item suggested (woorank and google) to see if things improve. Thanks again. Dave
  2. Hi noodleman, Thanks for the reply. Your suggestion does work OK so many thanks. Dave
  3. SSL

    Hi All, I have recently activated an SSL certificate for my site and changed Dashboard>settings>enablessl : to yes. I hope it is a coincidence but my online sales have since bombed. Is there something I should check? Thanks Dave
  4. Hi Ayz1, Thanks for the reply. This was the first thing I tried but it didn't work. Dave
  5. Hi All, Would apreciate some advice. I use Galaxy skin but code is the same in Foundation skin. in: templates - content.checkout.confirm line 206 - contains <input type="checkbox" name="register" id="show-reg" value="1" {$REGISTER_CHECKED}> This adds a checkbox option "I would like to create an account." (checked by default.) to the checkout page for unregistered users. Assuming this does not break something else I would like this checkbox to be unchecked by default. If I delete {$REGISTER_CHECKED} this does the trick but I am not sure if this is acceptable 'codewise' or may cause other problems? Thanks Dave
  6. Thanks to bsmither - It wasn't broken. Just delete session cookies and recaptcha appears. Dave
  7. Thank you both - problem solved. Dave
  8. Thanks Al for the reply. new Google recaptcha appears on the contact form and works but does not appear on product reviews which can be just submitted without validation. Dave
  9. HI All, I have suddenly started to get a lot of spam product reviews. I have new recaptcha activated and this works fine on the contact form but does not appear at all on the product review page. CC6.08 Galaxy skin (but still the same with foundation skin) Any advice would be appreciated. Dave
  10. Further update. After much fiddling with the settings things now seem to be working. Phew! My only concern at the moment is that 'pending' is not automatically updated to 'processing' when payment is authorised. (I am sure this happened in CC4) Dave
  11. Thank you both - replaced changed files and BINGO! Just need to get Barclays Module working. Thanks again. dAVE
  12. Disaster has struck. Have cocked up CC6 big time Admin still works fine but no web pages are visible. I installed a documents mod (have done this sort of thing loads of times) but suddenly lost web pages. Can I re-install CC6 with out affecting database entries or any of my uploaded images/product details? or should I first try to overwrite the files that were modded. Thanks Dave
  13. Update. Checkout info seems to reach Barclays OK. When the transaction is processed by Barclays the return from them goes to the checkout page again, which automatically submits the details again. Barclays then register an error because the same transaction number is submitted twice. The basket does not clear and the order status stays at pending whether the transaction is declined or accepted. I wonder about these module settings: Back Button redirection: Data and origin verification URL: Direct HTTP server-to-server request URL (Both): Has anyone else got a working arrangement that uses the new Barclays back office integration? Any help would be much appreciated. Dave
  14. Hi bsmithers, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am using the CC6 Barclays module together with the new epdq set up. (I only mentioned CC4 because that setup worked) Return URLs as suggested by module seem strange and epdq will not return to website except sometimes I have a flash view of the shopping cart "submit" page and then back to epdq. No entries in Admin>error log. Additional info: Clean CC6 install and new database. Skin = Galaxyx Thanks Dave
  15. Help would be appreciated. I am having problems with epdq on CC6. Previously worked fine on CC4. Whether payment is accepted or cancelled epdq will not return properly back to cubecart but just hangs with error message. The gateway page flashes on screen and imediately returns to epdq payment page (automatically re submits basket contents?) Also basket not emptied nor is order status updated. Apologies if posted twice. Dave