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  1. This issue is escalating. Seven days a week they come and sign-up to the mailing list. If not deleted often this could really get out of control.
  2. We get about 10 bogus eMail's a day. They seem harmless, but are strictly formula with 12345 as address and basically no information. They are all very formatted with two cap initials at the end of each name (as below). They are adding up to be several hundred. Who are these people?
  3. I have Estelle's "All In One" Shipping Module for CC4. She apparently no longer answers eMail. I've asked if it is compatible with CC5 before upgrading, or is it even necessary in CC5? I really like its function.
  4. Version 4.4.4 shipping is being added on MP3 music downloads??
  5. Sometime in December (after installing 4.3.3) dupate credit card sales are being rejected, so they remain pending in basket or get cancelled. I did not notice as PayPal sales were going through. I checked the AuthorizeNet modification for re-direct, but it appears to be correct. At this point we are loosing sales. HELP??
  6. Is it possible to set up a digital download for an entire album (10+ songs) as opposed to a single MP3 song file? Specifically an album purchase or a folder containing multiple MP3 music files. ron
  7. I updated to 4.3.1, CA sales tax show on invoice, but is not added in and is not actually charged (using Authorize.Net, no setting changes).
  8. I updated to 4.3.1, now Coupon doesn't work. Yes, I "Apply Code" and get an error no certificate exists.
  9. RonHitch


    After installing the latest Cubecart update, the Coupon no longer works. I add, say "TEST" and make sure the date is set through the current month, and it simply will not discount. I'm trying a 0.99 cent mp3 download that worked before..??
  10. Has anyone written a third party Homepage Product Shuffle mod? Static Homepage gets old quickly.
  11. Hi.. In v.4.0, how does one change the front page in all the different languages. They now open to the default greeting. And I'm not sure I'm qualified to rewrite our copy for the different languages, though perhaps babblefish.com would translate adequately? Opinion - anyone? http://forums.cubecart.com/style_emoticons...ault/stuart.gif
  12. RonHitch


    Sucessfully installed 4.2 but Search does not work.. it draws this Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/hitchco2/public_html/includes/content/viewCat.inc.php on line 406
  13. Hi, Did this "Remove Check-Out button" mod and it works, leaving Alternate Checkout modules - Google Checkout and Paypal. Gone however is the Print Order Form also. Anyway to keep that in play?
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