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  1. Thanks for the suggestion but it didn't make any difference.
  2. Every time, we made some changes to our custom skin around the same time but It does the same with foundation.
  3. Has anyone else had issues with 3d Secure on Paypal payments pro / website payments pro? It could be a coincidence hence asking if anyone else has had an issue, I upgraded from 6.1.10 to 6.1.12 yesterday and now 3d secure just throws an empty box up
  4. I'm looking to get a design transformed into a skin, is this possible?
  5. My concern with this is that every previous upgrade has resulted in more bugs occuring on our store, not to mention that we have literally thousands of code changes on our cart and upgrading isn't so simple. "Pretty sure" isn't convincing enough for me as we literally lost thousands of pounds worth of orders when Express Checkout was previously turned on. Is anyone here using the latest version of CubeCart still suffering from this issue? There is no fix, they have no intention of fixing it and mostly tell people they are the only person having that problem... The last I info I got from Al was that the gateway needed to be rewritten, to my knowlage this hasn't been done. I doubt this will ever be resolved, I wont be upgrading to CC5 due to the crappy support on a flaw in the most common of payment gateways. Craig
  6. Has anyone had any luck with this yet? It's over a year now since the first post on this, people have opened tickets and still no fix for it and unless I am mistaken there has not been any work done towards fixing this now for a long time. I know my ticket was put on hold months ago and I was told the payment gateway module needed to be re-writen as it was starting to look like it was session related and trying to fix the existing module wasn't working. So far I have a payment gateway that does not work, a tax system that cannot work for EU customers who are VAT registered and there is no way you can use cube cart to work out International shipping correctly as it cannot work with volumetric weight! Those are a lot of limiting factors when running an online store internationally, they are fundemantal features and not niceties. Currently I have to process manually all international orders to VAT registered companies, anything international over 2kg as royal mail small packet ends there and then you need the volumetric weight, I am loosing out on reduced paypal costs as I have to use IPN so I dont get the discount and I have to put card payments through paypal manually as I can't switch on paypal payments pro. What the hell is happening!?
  7. Unfortunately I have to agree, I go VAT registered next month and have EU customers who are VAT registered as well as private individuals who are not. As it stands cube cart 4 just doesn't work if you are VAT registered. I just don't get how the developers thought the present setup is acceptable, are you supposed to tell the customers they need a 17.5% refund if they are VAT registered in the EU ?!?!!? You may as well tell them not to use the store and do it all manually which defeats the object.. I could be wrong but I've not seen anything in CC5 that seems to resolve this either? I've been a cubecart customer for a number of years but I'm starting to think I need to jump ship even though it means a massive amount of work.
  8. Good, the more people that submit a ticket the better as it may be fixed sooner or later, although it seems this has been going on for over a year for some people As yet there is no fix :(
  9. The bug fix I'm using is one that Al was testing on my site, so far payments are mostly going through ok but I have seen some other issues that I have seen other people report on the forums. I'm not sure if the changes made to my gateway will be released as the last time we spoke Al was still not happy and said the gateway needed writing again from scratch.
  10. So far the new bug fix is working for me, I have had a small number of transactions but all have gone through OK so far.
  11. Did that, which made a worse problem: The addresses don't pass through now. I reported the bug here: http://bugs.cubecart.com/view.php?id=1843 Wish I'd noticed this before a number of transactions had come through. I have to revert back to the old version now and its problems. I new bug fix has been performed by Al on my site which under tests has solved the problem of the customer/address info not being passed over, however I'm waiting for an international customer to try and make a purchase as my inital problem was with international customers only, customer details not showing up was never a problem for me as the transaction never got that far. I will keep you guys posted, if anyone has any other information or fixes can they post it here please!
  12. ordyne


    Guys, Log into your paypal account, goto Account Instant Payment Notification and change the URL to: http://www.your-store/index.php Make sure you change the "your-store" part tho!
  13. ordyne


    I now have the same problem the day after updating to the lates cc4 version.
  14. Hi Ian, I can check your theory out if needed? I have an international customer who may help me.. He has make test transactions that have failed and taken screen shots as he goes but I haven't checked to weather he was logged in prior to adding items to the cart etc.. I hadn't kept an eye on this thread as it was dead a long time with no responce, since then I have opened a support ticked and upgraded cube cart as requested, since then numerous changed as been made to the module but as yet my problem is still there. I'm happy to work with anyone here to try and get this resolved as its a big problem for me. Regards, Craig
  15. I believe I am one of the people testing the new versions of this gateway, a bug for express checkout has been fixed but unfortunately international customers still cannot pay on my store, they are still being reverted back to the homepage.
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