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  1. I saw one recently that offered an EXTREMELY simple arithmetic problem.. ie 1+ 2 = Is that too good to be true?
  2. CubeCart 5.2.6 Released "Hide ouf of stock products" fixed for stock at product option level If this means that a certain option will not be offered if the stock level is zero.....I cannot get this to function on the demo site. eg : I set up a product in three sizes, but stock only available in two sizes, yet was still offered all three size options. And selecting the size with no stock gives the same message as my current version. Should the size with no stock be hidden? the following errors were detected: Sorry but the chosen product option combination is out of stock. Is there a switch for this? Or have I misunderstood the "Hide ouf of stock products" fixed etc? Geoff
  3. Thanks again Brian for your help....I just didn't know which file it went in... Geoff
  4. I've just set up a google + page for my business and have the code, provided by Google, to add to my store, that will link + to my site. "By adding a short line of code to http://www.piccolina.com.au, you can make your Google+ page eligible to show up on the right hand side of the Google search page for relevant queries and make your Google+ page more discoverable. Learn more Ask your site's webmaster to add the following line of code to your site's homepage:" Would someone mind telling me EXACTLY where this code goes? Thank you in advance. Geoff
  5. I've already looked into this and it is proving VERY complex. I totally understand the requirement and will try my best to integrate this. ...thanks Al...most important is that you're working on these 3 issues... I think Cubecart is an exceptional product and incredible value for money. Geoff
  6. ....and in further relation to stock / production options... If you choose not to display empty categories, this relies on the number added to "stock Level" in the general tab for a product. So, regardless of the ACTUAL stock in the product options, if you forget to add a value (you can add any value at all) in "stock level", and the product is the only one in a category, that category WILL NOT display. And further...PLEASE can we have an option to NOT display unavailable (out of stock) options......... p l e a s e Geoff
  7. Cubecart rant day... Stock level for product options added to admin product list page in 5.2.5 So what I say. As can be seen on the screen shots from DEMO SITE: the general tab for the product shows 153 stock and the product listing shows zero. So it's meaningless anyway as far as I can figure. And further, IF the stock level in the product General Tab is zero, and that product is the only one assigned to a certain category, that category will be hidden, regardless of the amount of stock actually available in the product options matrix. And these two numbers never seem to have any relationship to each other anyway as far as I can tell... Please prove me wrong Geoff
  8. I've just tested V5.2.5 to see if there's any difference. But no. Unavailable options are still showing without options to hide them. As I often have two colours and 9 sizes in an item, but only one size left in an available colour, the customer could potentially have to click 9 times before they saw what was actually available. AND remember which options they had ALREADY clicked, so they weren't selected again! I really need to get this sorted if anyone can help. Geoff
  9. ....I said my answer was too simple...lololo...I should stick to what I know....which in regards to this stuff is very limited. Thanks Brian....but I'm surprised everyone doesn't want, more importantly, need exactly the same thing. I mean if I were a customer constantly selecting an option, THEN being told (after the fact) that it's not available, I'd soon get the s--ts and move on... Geoff
  10. ...having said that...it worked fine with the mod from Estelle for V4 by just selecting not to show out of stock options. And other websites (shopping carts ) all have this option. Please note: if size 2 is not available in colour red...I want red in the drop down list of colours....but not 2 in the drop down list of sizes. Are we talking about the same thing? But how do you show three or more options (dimensions to the grid)? how do you draw it you mean? sizes across the top with colours down the side. (But that can't be what you mean as it's too easy lolol) Thanks Brian. Geoff
  11. How do I not display (offer) a product option for which there is no stock. eg: size 2 in red is sold out yet the options for this are still offered on the product. It's ok if there's only one colour available in an item as I can disable (status) of that particular size....however if an items available in two colours I can't do that as the size may be available in the other colour. It's so frustrating when you're trying to select your options.... I've seen discussions on this but cannot find any conclusions. CC V 5.2.4 Thanks in advance Geoff
  12. I've just noticed that the tax value (Total Tax) is not shown on my invoices. "Total Tax" is shown as $0.00. And shouldn't it be displayed as GST, as that's what it's set to "Display As" in Tax Details ? My prices include tax, and all the totals are correct, including any discount if applied. However in Australia, one is supposed to show the value of the included tax on the invoice. My previous version 4 did show this amount. Have I set up something incorrectly? thank you in advance. Geoff
  13. ...and the common phrases won't allow me to leave the field blank. If I clear the field and save it reverts to the last thing in that field..
  14. ...thanks again Brian....but I actually edited a file called main.php in the skin template folder.... Is that acceptable practice? Thank you.. Geoff
  15. i found the files by trial and error.......bit scary but all good... If anyone's interested I essentially did what I asked . AND you can save a site doc without a title...you just need to "save" within the content tab...NOT the general tab. How do I mark this post as resolved?? geoff
  16. I''d like to edit the following two things in my Kurouto skin Firstly....Can someone please tell me where to find this line. I'd like to remove the "home" at top left of page <a href="http://piccolinaonlinestore.com">Home</a> When I find it can I just change to this? <a href="http://piccolinaonlinestore.com"></a> and second... <h1>Summer</h1> This is the heading for the homepage site doc. Ideally I'd not have a heading for the homepage site doc but CC won't let me save a document without a heading. But just removing the heading "Summer" works for me when I inspect element in Chrome .....is it possible to comment out this line when I find it? Is what I've done below correct? <!-- <h1>Summer</h1> --> And then, regardless of the heading used in the homepage site doc, it won't show. Thanks in advance.. Geoff
  17. ...thanks again Brian....I'm still waiting on a response from the host. I think I'll wait until they fix the required parking of jacquelinedimicco before I embark on the changes you've suggested...but many thanks so far.. Geoff
  18. I thought this was fixed by clearing the cache...but it's not. I've just tried clearing the cache again to see if it had any impact but no. The only time the site uses the piccolinaonlinestore.com domain is when I've navigated from a book mark. Clicking any other link, including the homepage link or banner, the site then uses the jacquelinedimicco.com domain which is parked and not redirected. Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Geoff
  19. Thanks Brian....you've solved ANOTHER problem for me ....funny though..I thought I'd actually tried that. Have a wonderful NY and thank you again for your past help. regards Geoff
  20. My CC store is showing one of my parked domains as the URL for the store. My store is piccolinaonlinestore.com but it's showing as jacquelinedimicco.com which is a parked domain on my hosting account. I spoke to my hosting service and they claim it's an issue with my CC store. Can anyone shed some light on this for me please?. CC V : 5.2.4 Happy New Year to all and thank you for all your assistance provided. regards Geoff
  21. My CC store is showing one of my parked domains as the URL for the store. My store is piccolinaonlinestore.com but it's showing as jacquelinedimicco.com which is a parked domain on my hosting account. I spoke to my hosting service and they claim it's an issue with my CC store. Can anyone shed some light on this for me please?. CC V : 5.2.4 Happy New Year to all and thank you for all your assistance provided. regards Geoff
  22. Thanks Brian for your prompt reply.. There are some reasons for me to "updating stock at pending" however it's not life threatening. I'll change it to "update at processing" to correct this issue. I've upgraded from V4 to V5....so it's only just come to light. Thanks again for your help. Geoff
  23. Hey all, I've just upgraded to 5.2.4 On testing I found that if a customer makes an order, received by admin as pending, then logs out.......on returning to pay for their order the check out won't finalise the payment with the error message "the following errors were detected: Sorry, you can't buy more than we have. We have automatically reduced your quantity to the maximum available. Which in this case is zero. The said order has consumed available stock already as I have the "reduce stock levels" at pending If I enable "allow out of stock purchases in General Stock Settings it works fine. But I don't want to allow out of stock purchases. I use the Product Option and the Options Matrix. If this has been covered already I can't find it ...sorry. regards Geoff
  24. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/
  25. ...if it's not too late , or even relevant, I too am testing with a view to upgrade and currently use Estelle's product options mod.in CC V4.3.8 Whilist I'm using demo store, and through a series of clicking, I have been able to generate the matrix to enable adding (entering) stock buy eg: size. But cannot document as I'm not sure how I did it. However, when the I'm looking at the live store front, the option to immediately purchase a certain size is not available. Its not until you click "add to basket" that you are prompted with the error message" The following errors were detected: Please select required options before adding to your basket." and ONLY then does the drop down list show offering the size options.... which is not very clean or professional looking imho
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