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  1. Thanks Robsta, That worked!! I had this problem last night and logged out of the computer shut it down for the night, thinking that might reset everything, but nope same problem this morning, Just like you said, clearing the cache(and I did the cookies too) it's back to normal. You made my day
  2. HI all, I just tried to add new products to my store , but when clicking on add a product and view products , all of the admin choices are faded out, and when you click on either of these you get the message " do not have permission to access these files" And then you aren't able to choose any of the other choices. You have to logout and log back in, everything else works but those two. It has always worked before. Any ideas about what might be happening?? Thanks for any advice.. Mer...... http://www.mermaidsseajewels.com
  3. Thanks Bsmither, headed over there now, that is if i can find it again. Cubecart forums confuse me.
  4. This is very interesting because I just had the same problem. I had an item that wouldn't add to the cart, and it had no product options either. I had just added an option and didn't bother testing- thinking that wouldn't make a difference. Then I read your email and went back and tried. Sure enough, by adding a product option choice, it worked. !! I have nooooo idea why, but I'm happy and maybe some one else will be helped by this too.
  5. I had posted this somewhere else on the forum but just deleted and added here.. hopefully someone can help me I just had my first customer try to add a sterling silver medical charm to her cart, but it didn't show up. I verified it happens on my end too. For all of the other charms under that tab, you can add products to the cart. It must be some misplaced comma or such, but I have no clue where that information is held? Estelle installed the text input fields for me and I have an email in to her, but wondering if it is something I can correct myself. Very discouraging my first customer and she just so happens to order the one item that isn't working. Bummer Thanks in advance oh http://www.mermaidsseajewels.com AH HA!! i read back in time and found out another person had a somewhat similar problem, but theres was if there was no product options. LIght bulb, I had just added an option to the one that wasn't working. Sure enough, it is now okay. If anyone else has a similar problem you might want to check that. and if anyone knows WHY that could be an issue, it would be great to know.!!!
  6. Hi, You will find the lang.inc.php file (if you are using Cubecart V3) in languages/yourLang/lang.inc.php. the confirmation email text is located around line 2292 I have no idea where it is in other versions - most of my clients are cheakskates who don't want to cough up any money for anything! Alt Thanks Alt, I'm using cubecart v3 too, and in my version it's on line 2257, so close enough. Robsta, thanks for the link. There is so much to learn. I made the changes now how I didn't mess anything else up. LOL
  7. Hi, I have to say this has been an incredible learning experience for a total newbie with no real experience cubecart has made it much easier and the forum and the answers from you all are wonderful.. that said.. how can I make changes in the wording of the email that gets sent to the customer upon placing an order. I think mine says.. "Thank you for your order no: 100717-090317-9049 placed on Jul 17 2010, 09:03 AM The transaction was successful and we will ship your goods at the first possible opportunity (if applicable)." I'd like to change that but have no idea where it is located, spent quite some time on the forums/documentation/downloads and am confused. and what is the most recent remake of the thank you for emailing us etc??? I've found several out there, but now sure which one has the most current info, I know several of the gurus were working on it and I'm having trouble finding out which one is the final rehash. Thanks so much
  8. Hi, I'm wondering how we can get the config on the usps shipping to add small flat rate box as the options? IS that something to do with cube cart or with the USPS?? I'm shipping all of my shipments via the flat rate small box which is $4.95. The only option now is med and large. I've searched the forum and saw that Mysty made a suggestion to change to the flat rate envelope which makes the shipping just a tad less than the box, .05 to be exact. But I'm wondering if this will cause a problem with that actual shipping ?? Not sure if I'm making sense here, but if the order goes through paypal , will the correct shipping label print out so I'm not getting boxes returned for inadequate shipping??? Thanks in advance. I had planned to say I was opening Monday but now I guess I'm back on hold until I get this fixed. I was trying to test it with .01 transaction and saw something else that is messed up. Petite Medical Tag/Plate ∞ $0.01 Subtotal: $0.01 Tax: $0.00 Shipping: n/a (shows n/a for shipping) but when you continue you do get the shipping cost.. any ideas on correcting that too?? Basket Total: $0.01
  9. Thanks Mysty, sorry I missed your post. Right now I'm trying to find out what cost are involved in using authorize.net. I know some people won't use paypal so I would love to find another way to take credit cards without a huge setup fee, well $100 is more than I want to spend to set it up front. . And the possibility of being able to take credit cards over the phone sounds very useful. I'm wondering if cubecart has some relationship with the various payment gateways so the cost are lower than what we can get just going by ourselves. Just thinking outlound, unless anyone knows the answers. LOL Thanks again Mysty for the help
  10. Thanks Mysty, sounds like a great idea. I need to do something to keep track of which one is the original.. Bsmith, interesting. Estelle was a doll and got rid on my stupid comments. Now I'm almost ready to open up shop http://www.mermaidsseajewels.com
  11. Don't ask me HOW I did it, but I think i'm okay now. I've made so many changes and uploads they all run together. I'm afraid I would NEVER make a computer person.. But i'm back working... If anyone has read this, well there is one comical thing is all of this. I thought "comments" were lines you wrote for yourself and didn't appear on the web.. well, i was wrong. Luckily i only wrote "mayberight" but it's there for all the world to see.. ROFL. Guess I'll have to change that tomorrow. Thanks for listening to me vent And onward tomorrow to seeing about the images.. though I am going to be very gun shy.
  12. Can someone PLEASE help me. I followed the pinned topic on getting the popups to display larger. I THOUGHT i did everything right , but NOOOOOO. , the data that shows up is below , Ok, no one has responded yet and I have something new to add in case anyone sees this. I have an email into Estelle because it seems I've obliterated her code that she put in this weekend for my text input fields. so not sure what I can do before I hear from her. If anyone has any ideas, I'd like to just get back to the basic viewProd.tpl in the Killer skins.. I did a back up a couple weeks ago but frankly I don't know enough to follow the instructions on how to retrieve one file out of it.. (if it can be done) And the famous assumption, I assumed Estelle would have backed mine up (she probably did) Admitting total stupidity that I didn't even think I was messing with the files that had just been changed for my text field update. Now that i've been looking for any crumbs.. i am reading the files i should have BEFORE I did thi I changed the viewProd and the popup.css and then changed the numbers in the store config.. And now see this Here's my site now http://www.mermaidsseajewels.com [XTemplate] * parse: blockname [view_prod.prod_true.buy_btn] does not exist * parse: blockname [view_prod.prod_true.prod_opts.repeat_options.repeat_values] does not exist * parse: blockname [view_prod.prod_true.prod_opts.repeat_options.repeat_values] does not exist * parse: blockname [view_prod.prod_true.prod_opts.repeat_options.repeat_values] does not exist * parse: blockname [view_prod.prod_true.prod_opts.repeat_options.repeat_values] does not exist * parse: blockname [view_prod.prod_true.prod_opts.repeat_options.repeat_values] does not exist * parse: blockname [view_prod.prod_true.prod_opts.repeat_options.repeat_values] does not exist * parse: blockname [view_prod.prod_true.prod_opts.repeat_options] does not exist * parse: blockname [view_prod.prod_true.prod_opts.repeat_options.repeat_values.repeat_price] does not exist * parse: blockname [view_prod.prod_true.prod_opts.repeat_options.repeat_values] does not exist
  13. Hello, I'm a newbie here and so glad I was able to get paypal ipn up and working with the help of you all. I apologize if this is the wrong place, someone point me in the right direction Now that is done, i know some people who will not use paypal and wonder if I can set up multiple payment gateways? Thinking of propal but open to suggestions.. and on the same problem, I acted like a customer and when i was given the option to pay by paypal or postal order? I chose postal. But that has all kinds of info that means gobblygook to me and probably to my customers. Is there some where I can modify the "postal order" As before with paypai, I've been searching all of the various cubecart forums and not finding an answer to either of these issues. Thanks so much in advance , I so wanted to get my site up and running this week, but i keep running into problems.. trying to tackle the shipping options next.. Well, i just answered my own question on postal order, apparently it is called "print order form" in the cube cart admin gateway, even though it is called "postal order" for the customer.. just a tad confusing, but at least i can see where all that info comes from. and I think I know you can have multiple payment gateways but i guess my question is how to do it? do I go through admin?? thanks again, going over to admin right now to fix the gobbly gook
  14. Jason, Ok, I got it working!!! I tried searching again on paypal and failed messages and came up with a fix from Renaissance. Here's the thread. http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?showt...mp;#entry174439 It appears to be a simple fix, with no code changing. I wasn't quite clear on the instructions but he and Estelle figured out that we need to make sure that our PAYPAL primary ID is the same as our Cubecart. So, it was as simple as going into my PAYPAL profile, and making sure primary id was changed to the same email as my cubecart. I did that, and went back into the store and made a purchase, and this time, got a message saying congratulations your order went through.. or something like that. It WORKED. Thanks Jason for all of the help. Now one to customizing the store and adding products. And so far, I haven't made a single change to code, which is great, since I would probably have brought down all of cubecart
  15. Not sure if this helps but I was experiencing the same issue a few weeks ago and figured out (with Estelle from Estelle's Mods) the problem was with my e-mail. The e-mail that I had as my default Paypal e-mail address was different than the e-mail I had on my Cubecart cart. Even though I had the e-mail listed as one of my e-mails in Paypal, I had to change it to the default e-mail so it would match up when the shopping cart links up to Paypal. It's a really small thing but as soon as I changed this my orders stopped getting the "failed payment" message after customers paid via Paypal. Hope this helps somebody out there . THANKS so much!!!! I've been fighting this for the past week and just found your post. I went into PAYPAY and changed my primary email to the same email as my cubecart email And just tried to place an order again, and it WORKED!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I'm going to post on the thread i started that Jason was helping me with. You've made my day, maybe my month. Now I can get on to the customizing Did I say thanks again? :sourcerer:
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