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  1. Hi. Accidentally pressed the copyright removal key in backup and rebuild and now the "powered by CC" has returned and will not accept the key I have already used :-( Any thoughts anyone?

  2. Hi genecap. Thank you, eaxctly what I was looking for Regards Stephen.
  3. Hi Ian. The hosts say that removing "Tell a Friend" is the best way to go and I must admit, if it wasn`t there, we wouldn`t have this problem. I`ll look through the thead and hopefully, it`ll be nice and simple for a simpleton like me Thanks. Stephen.
  4. Hi. Yes those freakin spammers have got in and I would like to completely remove "Tell a Friend" from version 4.3. Can someone guide me through this? As I need all the help I can get I have enabled spam flooding (after my host "suspended my account", then told me, thank you), but the password request also comes up when a customer places their order and its just another pain in the rear for them when all they want to do is spend money! Thanks and regards. Stephen.
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