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  1. But with none of the formatting? The quotes and angles are not shown? If not, we can explore why that is happening that way.

    If the punctuation is present ("missing missing" <email_address>), then the only thing to solve is the missing data.

    Yes the punctuation is present, I will check the database table, where can I locate this?


  2. The easiest way to do this is via phpMyAdmin which can be accessed via your hosting control panel (cPanel for example)


    Hi Ian,


    I just had a look, that is way out of my league to be honest....


    Is there a reason why it is not possible through admin? the facility is there, but how to make it work??

  3. Hi everyone, thanks for your attention :)

    I am attempting to export my rather long mailing list but no matter what I do I only get the email addresses in the .csv file. For some reason no first names or last names are coming through at all.

    I need the following format,

    [email protected];first name 1;last name 1

    I have tried using the following which was suggested in another thread..


    but still only get the email address.


  4. Another customer just emailed me after a failed payment attempt.  This is what she said;


    "Every time I try to purchase through the PayPal credit card it returns me to the 2nd phase of the order process as described on your website. I do not know if it has, or has not, processed my order and if it did it twice. Please let me know."


    I checked my Paypal account and she did not make a successful payment at all.  In CC admin her history shows as 'pending' and there are no transaction records whatsoever.

  5. Still having this problem, I am using V5, I received the following description from a customer


    "Yes I was logged in when I attempted payment. However, after I clicked on 'checkout' and selected 'PayPal', the system signed me out and I was taken to the checkout page 'Already registered? Please log in.' So I tried to sign in again using my email address and a message popped up something like my email address is 'already in use.' Similarly, when I clicked on 'Checkout with PayPal' and had entered my credit card details through the PayPal site, I was automatically 'signed out.'


    At this point nearly every customer is having these problems.


    I have 'telephone number' set to 'required' in my PayPal settings.

  6. I would like to edit the text in the box on the homepade for newsletter subscriptions.  Currently 'subscribe' is the only option and I would like there to be a 'unsubscribe' option.  I am guessing the button itself is a image and cannot be edited very easily but the text above the button could be edited (?)


    It currently says


    'Enter your e-mail address to receive our newsletter'


    .... where do I go to edit this statement ?



  7. Hello,


    I am customizing the mobile skin (green)


    Just wondering how I can change the header writing which is currently 'cubecart mobile'


    I am also having trouble finding the code for the background color behind the 'login, register' part of the header.....

  8. Allow me to ask that you do another (maybe create a dummy customer and administratively add an order for that customer).

    It will show as a Pending order in the customer's Account, Order History list.

    But this time, click on View Details first to review it. Take note if the list of items purchased is displayed here.

    Go back to the Order History.

    Now click on Complete Payment. Take note if the list of items is displayed here.

    If neither screen, I need to know this. If just one screen, which one.

    Thank you.

    Oh, and please describe the upgrade path you took, such as:


    Hi BSmither


    I just tried this again after my new upgrade and I am experiencing the same issues.

    When I go to order history it says 'no orders have been made'.  

    I cannot access 'complete payment' anywhere from the dummy customer account.


    I upgraded to latest version

  9. Nearly 25% - 50% of the customers that try to order from my store have issues accessing a payment gateway.  It most often seems to be PayPal but occasionally PrintOrderForm does not work either.  Sometimes they try again and it works other times they try multiple times with no effect and have to email me.  It is starting to cause problems and scare customers away.  I am not sure what it could be as when I upgraded my store it was fine and seems to be a problem that is worsening.. (?) which is strange.  Any help appreciated!!! 



  10. Ok it is working now but my header image is gone.

    I did not do the /cashe folder and the /cache/skin/ folder as I am not sure where these are? in admin or cpanel?

    Ok it is working now but my header image is gone.

    I did not do the /cashe folder and the /cache/skin/ folder as I am not sure where these are? in admin or cpanel?

    Its ok, Just had to choose 'silkworm' skin for my logo.......all good now as far as I can see, Thankyou!

  11. For both the folder and a statement in the config.xml within that folder, change the word 'mican' to 'silkworm'. Again, the name of the folder and a statement in the config.xml file having the word mican.


    Then in the admin Store Settings, change the default skin to 'silkworm'.


    I believe that is all that is necessary.


    When the next version of CubeCart overwrites all the other folders, 'silkworm' won't be.

    I just changed the folder and statement in config.xml but could not find 'silkworm' as an option in my admin even after logging out and refreshing. Not sure why this happened?

  12. Hey everyone,


    I just upgraded to the latest version of cubecart 5.2.0

    I also deleted the setup folder as my store was warning me about this constantly.


    Now I am looking at my store and my custom skin styling is gone, its a mess and would like to fix it before customers get a view!


    I can see both the orginal mican skin which I called micanorginal and mican skin in my files so not sure why it has diverted to the standard one...





  13. Could you (or have the moderator) split off the issue you are having with the 'search as you type' in the admin's Add Order capability?

    On the Billing tab, there is the field 'Find Customers'. This field is javascript powered and uses AJAX to send a word to the store, the store queries the customer database against the contents of the columns 'last_name', 'first_name', or 'email'.

    For example, if enter Smither, I get back a floating box that shows all distinct choices.

    Are you saying that for you, the floating box says "No results found"?

    Please verify for us what search word you used and whether or not that word exists as part of the first name, last name, or email.

    The Billing Address is not populated until you choose from the Address drop-down selector.

    Please verify that the above steps, in fact, do not get you a fully populated Billing Address form.

    I have tried it again today and it now seems to be working. A few days ago when it was NOT working I was trying first name, then both first and second name, and then email and getting nothing.

    Today when I go to choose from the address drop down selector there is nothing written in there to select. If I go ahead and select the 'blank' it Does populate the address form! A bit confusing but at least I know now!

    I still need some help on this one.

    need help with the following - When I manually create an order and a customer logs in to pay for it, the details can be viewed but the cart is still coming up as 'cart is empty' and no payment can be initiated.

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