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  1. What is the difference between a shared ssl and a dedicated one ?
  2. I also bought a FeedBuilder 7-in-1 Automated Product Feed Generator http://chainsawcarvedbear.com/digital-goods/feedbuilder-7-in-1-automated-product-feed-generator/prod_31.html I have 2 websites, so i bought paid for this item twice the developer installed it, the issue im encountering is the same feed is pulling for both of my stores, each feed should be seperate, i try to reach out to the developer with no luck. willing hire someone to fix these issues.
  3. I Hired http://www.evolution-websites.co.uk to develop a website for me they did but they installed cc3 even thou i paid for cc4 now I am having issues installing a shared SSL looking for someone to install this for me, can anyone help ?
  4. got a mod from chainsaw carvings is up and running now
  5. i try to feed my info to google and i got a category error is there a fix for this? or a mod
  6. any insight on my question?
  7. I'd suggest looking at SEO forums for more focused advice. As a guide; -Watch out for keyword stuffing (ie repeating the same keywords again and again). You'll probably have it in your product name and description. -The SEO description will be seen by humans, so make sure it clearly says what is on the page. Keep it fairly short -The SEO page title should also contains alternate spellings/names of the product Make sure the product description (ie in the product set-up, not SEO) actually describes the product. If you were to read this text to someone over the phone (or post in a forum) without them knowing what you're selling... could the work out what the product is, and what it does? Google etc won't understand what the picture is showing, so you have to help it with a good meaningful description. Also, its worth adding a link to your CubeCart site on this forum (in your signature). Non-cubecart sites are removed (so don't add anything other that your website). I hope this is helps, Jason So what is the browser title and the browser SEO URL these are the ones that confuse me the most i figure the other stuff out for? what is the purpose? sinautoscan.com/store Meta Description? how long should it be A: a brief detail description of the item Keywords? How many keywords? caps or lower? A: keywords people will be searching
  8. i am new to cubecart and i need help filling in the blanks for meta data. what should go in customs seo url? what should go in in browser title? all caps? Meta Description? how long should it be Keywords? How many keywords? caps or lower?
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