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  1. Hello fellow cubecarters, I upgraded to the latest version V5 5.2.9 this afternoon. After upgrading I have no front end or back end just blank screens. I've FTP'd a fresh V5 5.2.9 folder up to my server overwriting the existing files expecting to run setup and resolve the issue but I am still faced with blank screens. My sites been down for about 5 hours so far and I need a quick resolve. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance
  2. You're welcome, I'm only too pleased to contribute! Thanks again.
  3. Hi Bsmither, Thanks for the clarity. I should have mentioned that I am working with Crosshatch on this occasion. Anyhow Paypal express does appear to be the ultimate 'Checkout Lite' solution but yes you're right I do need a little more. I've had a look content.checkout.confirm.php and I note that the variable {$DELIVERY_CHECKED} is where it should be only spelt in lower case as follows {$delivery_checked}. I changed to your uppercase variable and it now checks the box as you would expect collapsing the delivery address block below by default. Much better, I think I can live with this now thank you. Before we close the thread it's probably worth mentioning that I went over to the cubecart.com demo and loaded Crosshatch. It appears that the delivery-checked variable is not effective across the board? Might need a tweak? Thanks again!
  4. Hi Bsmither, Thanks for your response. I want to allow delivery to an address other than the billing address should the customer require, so disabling the form completely in the stock tab is not ideal. What I'm looking for here is a way to keep all the current input forms and functionality but create a kind of 'Checkout Lite' experience or 'Minified' checkout; just the bare bones. If the customer needs to input more information i.e. a separate delivery address then I want those fields to be hidden until they are required rather than display every possible field available from the outset. Most of my customer’s don’t need to fill out all the available fields and I think they can be a bit daunting in those instances. I want to keep the checkout as simple as possible conducive to 'passing trade' rather than registered users. Thanks again
  5. Hello fellow Cubecarters, I am finalising my second cubecart store and would like to modify the following: I believe that forms are a huge turn off for customers and the less they have to deal with them the better. It's an opinion and not based on any research. I appreciate that collecting customer details is critical to a sale but I think that the quicker I get my customers through checkout the better. At checkout, currently customers are faced with two address options: 1. Billing Address 2. Delivery address There is a check box right after the Billing Address that confirms... 'My delivery address is the same as my billing address'. Once checked the Delivery address goes away. Perfect. My question is can this question be reversed? In other words can the customer be faced initially with ONLY the Billing address form and two (REQUIRED) checkboxes to confirm either... A. My delivery address is DIFFERENT from my billing address (if checked the second delivery address form expands to be completed) or B. My delivery address is the SAME as my billing address (if checked nothing happens they continue to checkout) It's picky I know, but a very small percentage of my customers actually have separate billing and delivery addresses. And I think the initial smack in the face of form fields that you get when you hit checkout would be greatly reduced doing it this way. This may help with abandoned carts? Anyone? Thanks in advance.
  6. It's a vast improvement! Would be perfect to have a flag represent the set currency but I can live without it for now. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks Bsmither, I'll contact the author about additional groups. I don't need the entries to snake or spill over from one column to another necessarily. Having created a 'site doc' I would need to allocate it to one of the 4 box's/groups via the dashboard. Essentially I need to add up to 4 separate groups of unique site doc URL'S. Many thanks
  8. Fabulous that works fine. Just one issue, the set currency does not show it's FlagGraphic. In other words: (FlagGraphic) $ USD - Flag not shown (FlagGraphic) $ CAD - Flag shown (FlagGraphic) £ GBP - Flag shown (FlagGraphic) € EUR - Flag shown Here is the modified block of code: <div class="select"> <select name="set_currency" class="auto_submit"> {foreach from=$CURRENCIES item=currency} <option value="{$currency.code}" {$currency.selected} style='background-image:url({$STORE_URL}/language/flags/{$currency.code}.png); background-repeat:no-repeat; padding-left:30px;' title="{$currency.name}">{$currency.symbol_left} {$currency.code} {$currency.symbol_right}</option> {/foreach} </select> Many thanks
  9. Thanks Bsmither, This is a great mod the header, footer positioning is fine but it doesnt appear to provide more than 2 box's/columns of unique content? I need more scope i.e. 4 box's minimum. Each with unique 'site doc' URL's.
  10. Hello fellow cubecarters, Working with crosshatch 5.2.8. I really need to modify the standard 'select currency' menu to display flag graphics. For example please consider the following menu: (FlagGraphic) $ USD (FlagGraphic) $ CAD (FlagGraphic) £ GBP (FlagGraphic) € EUR There are a few old useful posts out there relating to the subject but I cant quite get it to work. Would appreciate a fresh, up to date approach if anyone can offer one? Many thanks in advance.
  11. Hi Bsmither, Thanks for responding, a mod is a good plan. I've gone through the available mods over on cubecartforums.org to no avail. Any other suggestions out there? Thanks again
  12. Hello fellow Cubecarters, I am currently customising my second store and am looking for a way to arrange my site docs in 4 separate vertical columns or boxes within the footer. I don't want to duplicate the same site docs at the top and bottom of the page but rather spread my site docs in columns of 4 from left to right of the page. So if you could imagine the following scenario on a page. But with different content for each of the 4 {$SITE_DOCS} each editable from the dashboard. {$SITE_DOCS} {$SITE_DOCS} {$SITE_DOCS} {$SITE_DOCS} Can this be achieved relatively easily? Many thanks in advance. Footnote: I am working with crosshatch 5.2.8.
  13. Hi bsmither, Thanks for responding. On closer inspection I have noticed a few typo errors within my coding. Curly braces and directory were all good, I just wasn't calling up the style correctly. Resolved, thanks for the help focusing.
  14. Hello fellow Cubecarters, I am developing a new skin based on Crosshatch 5.2.5 and have the following adjustment to make: For Login and Register I would like to assign an icon (graphic) for each. Once logged in... For Logout and Your Account I would like to assign an icon (graphic) for each. So 4 different graphics for each of the 4 above actions. I have box.session.php flagged up as the likely file to implement the changes, I have my icons ready and waiting on the server. I have assigned a .class to my CSS which goes something like this: .btnLogin background: url("../images/login.png") no-repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); But I haven't been able to successfully implement the modification. Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance.
  15. Hi bsmither, Thanks for taking the time to look into this. I've implemented the change and all is working perfectly. Exactly what I needed thank you!
  16. Hi bsmither, Thanks for responding. Images are as follows: I have a main category (Kids) and two subcategories (Boys Clothing > Trousers and Jeans) under this. I've shown screen shots of the two subcategories for the purpose of illustrating the task at hand. So... The red screen: '> This is the result of clicking on a 'subcategory' of (Kids) in this case (Boys Clothing). As you would expect we see a large 'category image' and smaller 'thumbnail images' representing subcategories. Everything on this page is fine and I want to keep it exactly as is. The green screen: '> This is the result of clicking on a 'subcategory' of (Boys Clothing) in this case (Trousers and Jeans). We are now in the product listing page for this subcategory. As you would expect we see a large 'category image' and smaller 'thumbnail images' representing products. Everything on this page is fine with the exception of the large 'category image' which I have named 'Category Image Jeans'. I want to remove this image on the product listing pages only. I could use the display: none; attribute to hide the image but as it shares the same ID as all other large 'category images' they all disappear. I need to single this image out on the product listing pages only. Many thanks in advance.
  17. Hello fellow cubecarters, I am developing a new skin based on Crosshatch 5.2.5 and have the following issue to resolve: I'm looking for a way to to keep a sub category image (Thumbnail) visible on a subcategory page while removing its larger 'category image' version from the corresponding product listing page when clicked through. I like the idea of clicking on an image to access a sub category but find that the larger version of the same image which displays on the corresponding product listing page really obtrusive. I'm able to hide the category image with CSS on the product listing pages but this removes all larger versions found on all other subcategory pages. Reason being that the larger category image rendered on product listing pages and category pages all share the same ID. I need a unique marker to target it with so that i cant deal with it separately over the array of different category levels. Can anyone offer a fix? Many thanks in advance.
  18. Hello bsmither, Apologies for the delayed response, I haven't had the opportunity to implement this until today. Thank you so much for putting this code snippet together! It has been a complete success and exactly what I was looking for. Very very pleased indeed. This makes the program so much more powerful and future versions would benefit from an option like this becoming available as standard in my opinion. Many thanks!
  19. Hello apologies for not responding sooner. I have implemented the above code changes which has resolved the error. Thanks guys.
  20. Hello I have the following system error logged. Can anyone help resolve? File: [database.class.php] Line: [576] "SELECT COUNT(*) AS Count FROM ``CubeCart_inventory` AS `I` LEFT JOIN `CubeCart_option_matrix` AS `M` on `I`.`product_id` = `M`.`product_id`` WHERE use_stock_level = 1 AND (((I.stock_warning > 0 AND M.stock_level <= I.stock_warning) OR (I.stock_warning <= 0 AND M.stock_level <= 2)) OR ((I.stock_warning > 0 AND I.stock_level <= I.stock_warning) OR (I.stock_warning <= 0 AND I.stock_level <= 2)));" - Incorrect table name '' Many thanks in advance.
  21. Hello fellow Cubecarters. I am developing my second store now and would like to have a homepage that displays rows of images that represent my individual categories. So for instance instead of the standard Latest Product images on the home page that click through to products I would like the following: For category A: Big Red Apples An image of a big red apple on the home page which when clicked loads the category listing page for big red apples. For category B: Big Green Apples An image of a big green apple on the home page which when clicked loads the category listing page for big green apples and so forth. So essentially I want to represent an entire category with an image on the homepage and not an individual product as is standard with the Latest Products feature. Can anyone help? Categories can already be allocated an image can they not? Is there a way to shift this rationale to the home page? Thanks in advance
  22. Hello, I am optimising my checkout process in an effort to cut down on abandoned carts. Having gone through my sites checkout process myself I have noticed that Email and Telephone data which is entered as part of the cubecart checkout process does not transfer to the corresponding 'Paypal Gateway' Email and Telephone fields. I am using the standard Gateway and not Pro. This essentially means that customers have to input the same information twice which is not good. Probably unrelated but also a problem I have noticed that once in Paypal Gateway page if I decide to cancel and return to my site via the link on the Gateway page I get sent back to the previous 'Transferring' page again and immediately get redirected back to the Gateway page in a kind of loop. The only way to get back into the site is to quit out of the page and reload my site again. Can anyone help with this? Many thanks in advance.
  23. Hi, so I am now instead looking at creating a 1 column layout for my home page and a 3 column layout for all other pages. Having researched a little on the forum I have found the following code: {if isset($LATEST_PRODUCTS)} {include scope=parent file="skins/$SKIN_FOLDER/templates/main.normal.php"} {else} {include scope=parent file="skins/$SKIN_FOLDER/templates/main.alternate.php"} {/if} I've put this code into my main.php file. This is the only code that exists in that file at the moment as I have stripped all other code out. I also created an additional two main pages - main.normal and main.alternate which retain all the usual code. What I want to do is get CC to call up main.normal.php (1 column layout) for the home page and main.alternate.php (3 column layout) for all other pages. I know that the latest products feature is only called on the homepage so in theory main.normal.php should load when the home page is called? And once i click out of the home page i should load the main.alternate.php taking its place and giving me the 3 column layout? It was a bit of a long shot and it's not working. Can anyone help? Many thanks.
  24. Hmmm ok I think I may need to reconsider taking the long way round and not the text editor shortcut I envisaged. It's useful to know what is possible with the RTE thanks for the overview.
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