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  1. Hi Bsmither thanks for responding, Ok I think that answers my question. No movie files then. I just want to add structural HTML i.e. Divs, Images and links and was wondering what the pros and cons were if any between implementing code directly via the text editor and implementing code directly into a skin file. I realize once the page has rendered fully in the browser the end result is the same in both of these instances but would adding code via the text editor have any adverse effect on loading time for instance? Many thanks
  2. Hello fellow Cubecarters, I am currently designing my second cubecart website. I have extensive experience working with HTML and CSS and I am wondering how much of it I can sensibly drop into the source code tabs via my dashboard? At the moment I'm specifically looking at dropping a fair bit of code into the content areas of the document pages. I.e images, links possibly a bit of jquery. I know this probably sounds like a short cut to some of you coding folk out there but is there a good reason why NOT to populate the source facility from within the dashboard as opposed to hard coding the template skin files? Anyone? Many thanks.
  3. Thanks guys, Indeed I agree this is very much tied into the shipping system you are working with. We use one carrier so it's quite straight forward using the All in one Shipping option. Here in the UK its pretty uncomplicated as Royal Mail distances are zoned and zones and weight are predefined in the All in One Module. Within the UK internal shipping distances don't matter only weight and parcel size. This would probably not be the case if I were using a commercial carrier as Bsmither points out without providing the shipping details first. Where does that leave us?
  4. Thanks Al I appreciate that and look forward to any improvements you and the team can come up with. In the event that you come up with a something soonish, It would be ideal if there were a way of posting a fix here before implementation into the next upgrade so that we could benefit from it as soon as possible? Thanks again.
  5. Hi Bsmither, Thanks for responding. This does resolve the problem of having the shipping checked twice but one of the aspects of Cubecart that I particularly think is useful is the fact that a customer can check the cost of shipment at any stage of their visit without going through and completing all of their details. Not all shopping carts offer this and it's a good thing! Shipping costs are a major factor when deciding whether or not to proceed with a purchase. Or at least in our case we are a clothing retailer and shipping costs can be competitive. So if I am understanding the thread correctly with this fix I essentially loose the ability to check my shipping costs without filling out my full details?
  6. Hi Al, Thanks for responding. I not sure how this applies to my cart? I see the sense in reevaluating a shipping cost which happens automatically based on the variations to the contents of a basket. But I'm not sure 'in my case' that reevaluating the shipping method from one page to the next is ideal. This is how I see it: The option to define a shipping method exists on the basket page. The customer then proceeds to the checkout page, fills in his/her details and is presented for the second time with a drop down clearly highlighting the preferred shipping method as you would expect. Fine. They then click 'checkout' and get a big red warning banner asking them to check the shipping method. This is the point when a customer then thinks well i've checked this twice already what am I doing wrong? Maybe you are referring to another scenario that I haven't quite understood wherby having this rechecking is essential, but for the straight forward checkout process I am describing above I think it only adds confusion? Many thanks
  7. Hi fellow Cubecarters, I still find that during checkout Cubecart insists on asking the next question twice: 'Please check that the defined shipping method is suitable' It's probably been said before, but I am still looking for a resolve to this as customers generally think they have missed somthing and just dont get it. Frankly nor do I - it causes confusion and ultimatley shakes confidence. In my opnion it probably results in a loss of sales. Not good. I'm running 5.2.2 has this been resolved in the upgrade? Anyone? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, Yes I see all 8 gets under the Net tab. Also: In the file, includeslibrecaptcharecaptchalib.php, line 74, set skiplog to false for the next few tests. Also. make sure lines 38-40 look like (they have been this since 2011): I have reinstated the original line of code. Thanks for clarifying.
  9. Hi, Thanks again. I have now reached a resolve. Changing the common HTML paths to the HTTPS protocol removed the security issue with IE and Captcha is working as expected. I've run another debug in firebug and there aren't any reported errors on the page. Plus, not loading the jQuery-UI should not hamper GETting the recaptcha files as discussed above. Do you see the GET requests for the reCaptcha? I hadn't seen a get request or at least I hadn't noticed one, debugging coding is not something I really understand or do well. Do you concur that you must do something about the external images -- such as using the HTTPS protocol? I have some small endorsements on my site which are served by the issuer of the endorsements if that makes sense, so in fact I have been given a line of code which loads an image from a third party site. The paths to these endorsements are HTTP and not HTTPS so essentially I don't have any control over the protocol that they are served by. Or do I? In any event these are clearly not the issue as Captcha is back and functioning. Thanks once again for your patience and perseverance.
  10. Hi Bsmither, So I see from Firebug the following errors when I load the page Blocked loading mixed active content "http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1/jquery-ui.min.js" I looked up 'mixed active content' if I understand correctly this refers to a mix of both HTTP and HTTPS content being served. Al has already commented that Cubecart uses mixed content so this appears to be normal. Would this not be resolved if the blocked URL were a HTTPS and not a HTTP? Is there a secure URL version for the js being requested and blocked? Many thanks
  11. Hi Bsmither, Thanks for looking at this. I follow you to an extent and I have done what you suggest - I think! I get some debugging results back from our contact us page, the results of which are a series of the following line some referring to jquery as shown and others referring to various images. The images are endorsements that feature on my site and don't reside my server. SEC7111: HTTPS security is compromised by http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1/themes/redmond/jquery-ui.css contact-us.html Does this give you anything to go on? Many thanks
  12. Thanks Al, I cant overwrite everything as there are changes here and there to skin files but none that effect the pages that use the Captcha facility. Can you narrow down possible culprits that may be worth overwriting? Many thanks
  13. I'd prefer to overwrite just the files that could possibly be effecting this issue specifically. Can you help in targeting these files? Thanks Ian.
  14. Thanks Ian, Al, Is it worth me re-installing the Cubecart pages that control Captcha just to rule out any possible file corruption issues and such like. Can you guys point me in the right direction on this? Many thanks, appreciate all your input so far.
  15. Hi Ian, Using Cpanel and the certificates appear to be above or outside of Public_Html in a separate SSL folder as you have said. Yes ignore the URL its just a fictitious example. Now I am confused. Are you and AL saying the same thing and I am just misinterpreting the message here? Thanks for your help again.
  16. Hi Al, The response from my hosting company is where exactly do I want the SSL folder to reside. I'm a little out of my depth here so forgive my overall lack of understanding. Correct me if I am wrong but I think you are saying the SSL folder needs to be reconfigured to reside within the Public_html folder which essentially means it needs to be with all the other Cubecart files? Can I drop the file in manually via my FTP program or is that a too simplistic approach and more is required. Thanks for your patience.
  17. Thanks I'll contact them again and post a follow up.
  18. Thanks for clarifying. So in fact I should be looking at the SSL tab in my admin panel? This is what I have set up: Enable SSL : YES Force SSL mode on all pages: NO SSL root path: / SSL Store URL: https://www.jgduywffwdfdufblabla.co.uk Standard Store URL: http://www.jgduywffwdfdufblabla.co.uk When I FTP into my root folder I see the SSL folder. Hosting guys say the SSL is up and running as it should be. Does the above look correct? Is there somewhere else I should be looking? Thanks guys.
  19. Thanks Ian, I've had my hosting company check out my SSL config they are happy with all the settings. So now I'm stuck! It's working fine on every browser except Explorer which I really cant ignore as most of my visitors use IE. Any more ideas out there? Thanks again.
  20. Hi Al thanks for your response, I've checked the demo it's running fine. I guess this is a bad SSL config. I have replicated the problem on all of my sites pages that run captcha i.e. Register, Checkout and Contact. Would a bad SSL config not also cause a problem in other browsers? All but IE 10 and 9 browsers function normally. Many thanks
  21. Hi Ian, This has worked before atleast I have never had any complaints before. No changes to the underlying code on this page just a few minor CSS modifications thats it and these were done a while back so no apparent connection. IE throws up a notice sayng it will on show secure parts of the page which is essentially everything but the captcha which makes me think this it is HHPS related. Thanks for responding.
  22. Hi I have had customers unable to complete checkout due to Captcha not loading. I have replicated the issue in both Explorer 10 and Explorer 9. I only see the title 'Verify you're Human' but no text field or image to verify. All working fine in Firefox, Safari and Chrome. My checkout is HTTPS. I have searched the problem online and I think it may be connected to having a secure page but thats as far as I have got. Loosing sales as customers using explorer cant get past Captcha. Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance
  23. Hi I want my menu's top level navigation item or parent item to trigger the flyout menu only and not link to any other page if it were clicked on. I'm not even sure where the code for the menu lives but i'm thinking perhaps this is a pretty easy tweak? Anyone? Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi fellow Cubecarters, I'd like to pick up this thread again. Has anyone got any further with the Options Matrix? I have found it to be completely without purpose in my version of V5 2.2. There is absolutely no relationship between the stock levels defined in the options matrix and what is available to the customer at the front end of the store. I have tried every combination I can think of between 'General' 'use stock level' and the 'Options Matrix' 'use stock level' no combination gives the desired results. If I have the stock number set to 1 in the 'use stock level' of the 'options matrix' you can still go ahead and order as many as you like at the front end. If I set the 'use stock level' to 0 it wont be out of stock and you can still order as many as you like. The only thing that controls actual stock levels on my version is the 'use stock level' field under 'general' which is no help at all when you have different stock levels for different variations of the same product. So essentially I am in exactly the same place I was before the matrix became available. Am I missing something? Why is it there? Anyone? Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi again sorry to re-open this thread but this problem persists so I'd like to pick the issue again if possible. I have had this same issue appear on multiple systems so it appears that its not a local issue. It appears to come and go and I have been told by my domain host that this may be configuration files or database related. Any help much appreciated.
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