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  1. Thanks for the reply, I am running V5.1.1. I cant rationalize the order as its not a display by option description or category. I simply want to be able to have what I would consider my best stock feature on the front page purely for overall impact. Sounds like I am going to have to go into the SQL and solve this manually. Are you able to give any advise on how best to achieve this? Many thanks
  2. Hi, Is there a way of controlling the order in which the latest products are displayed on the homepage via admin, I cant find anything? I am reluctant to mess with the SQL database and looking for an easy way out. Anybody have any suggestions? Many thanks
  3. Hi thanks for your reply, Yes I did FTP and empty the cache. I then accessed the config.xml file and redefined the "116" value to "218" and overwrite the previous xml file. However when I then checked the code generated on the page for the featured image thumbnail, I note that it is still defined with an img width="116". I double checked the config file just for the avoidance of any doubt and the "116" value is definitely not in there. If I now FTP back into the cache folder to view the files generated (I am using admin - I am not generating images manually) I note that a "218" image is successfully being created. To summarize the featured image thumbnails are now generated at the correct size, but the code that is displaying the featured images is not reflecting the change. Ok as I am writing this I realize what the issue is... I will continue for the benefit of other members. The "116" value is hard coded into the box.featured.php file so I am going to have to redefine that value accordingly. Thanks again
  4. Hi, I am working with V5.1.1 and want to increase the size of the featured image thumbnail currently displaying at a default width of 116. I edited the config.xml file (line 35, vanilla) which is now configured as follows: <image reference="small" maximum="218" quality="80" default="noimage_thumbnail.png" /> I emptied my cache and am importing my images through admin but still getting a 116 default size image displaying in the code? I guess I am missing something here? I overwrote the default image size using a CSS descendant selector for img on the containing div #featured_product which works as expected. I am however a little concerned that this may not be the best way to achieve the results that I'm looking for and am open to any suggestions anyone may have? Many thanks in advance
  5. Hi, I am getting the following error when I login to dashboard. Can anyone advise? Open Flash Chart IO ERROR Loading test data Error #2032 This is the URL that I tried to open:../../data-files/y-axis-auto-steps.txt Many thanks.
  6. Thanks again. Sorry I am not great with cookies. How do I do an audit? I havent set up a google analytics account for my site yet as im not quite there yet. Are you saying that once I enable analytics under admin panel features the cookie compliance thing should kick in? Apologies I meant closing bracket on the opening p tag on line 96. Many thanks
  7. Hi again, I am UK based so should be ok? I have picked up a syntax error in main.php line 96 (currently looking at the default vanilla skin). The html is missing a closing > for the p tag. Thanks
  8. Hi, I have V5.1.1 installed and am finalising before going live. I need some help with the cookie compliance function. Essentially I want to alert my customers that the site uses cookies as this is now a standard compliance. I have checked the option for Enable EU Cookie Compliance in my admin panel but when I browse my site I am not seeing any kind of notification or option to accept or decline cookies. I thought I had enabled this by checking the feature Enable EU Cookie Compliance . Can anyone throw some light on this subject? Much appreciated in advance.
  9. Thanks again. I edited the config file but still not seeing the skin. Checked spellings, uppercase, lowercase and all looks good. I must be missing something? Thanks Ok I switched from offline mode to store open mode and the skin loaded fine. I guess that was the issue. I am up and running. Appreciate all your input
  10. Thanks for the response very helpful. My cart is in the root directory and all my CSS paths are ../images so I dont think I need make any changes to there. I have gone into the config.xml and I see vanilla appearing in three places. 1. <uid>[email protected]</uid> 2.<name><![CDATA[vanilla]]></name> 3. <display><![CDATA[Vanilla]]></display> Would I be ok with the following? 1. <uid>[email protected]</uid> 2.<name><![CDATA[newName]]></name> 3. <display><![CDATA[newName]]></display> Thanks again
  11. Hi I am working with V5.1 .1 and have created a bespoke skin for my store. I realise this is not best development practise... I built my skin over the default 'vanilla' skin which comes packaged with V5 but havent changed the name of the folder/skin. So essentially I now have the vanilla skin looking completly different and I want to give it a unique name to suit so that I can load it via the skin settings in the admin panel and I dont have to worry about having it overwritten in the future when I upgrade. I have now changed the name of the skin/folder and I see the name change in my FTP client but for some reason Cubecart doesnt recognise the skin/folder as it doesnt appear as one of the skin options under the skin settings drop down menu in admin. I know the new skin works because its all working very well under the default name of vanilla. I tried downloading the skin folder and renaming it and then uploading it again to the skins directory but still not recognised. I have all the default skin options available but not my bespoke skin. I am probably missing something fundamental here. Can anyone throw some light on this for me please? I should mention that I am currently working with the free version as I wanted to try before I buy. This may have some bearing on the specific issue I am experiencing? Many thanks
  12. Hi Bsmither thanks for your reply. I am indeed using CC511. Thanks for the clear and concise support. You were absolutly spot on! I reviewed my products from the admin panel and found that I had an option without a value given to it as you suggested. The issue was solvable at the admin panel level so it wasnt necessary to go into the php files to correct in this instance. Very much appreciated.
  13. Hi I get the following system error when I login to my admin. Can anyone help resolve this? File: [catalogue.class.php] Line: [538] "SELECT * FROM `CubeCart_option_value` WHERE CubeCart_option_value.option_id = '1' AND `value_id` IN () ORDER BY `value_name` ASC ;" - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ') ORDER BY `value_name` ASC' at line 1 Thanks in advance
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