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  1. Hi everyone. We have a couple of problems with our V5 webshop. We've just noticed that the totals and also coupon discounts set on our V5 webshop are not right. We've just sold 7 product lines to the follwing value £87.10 £98.95 £14.28 £10.40 £10.40 £5.30 £13.00 When we add those up manually its £239.43 but the subtotal on the order invoice is showing as £239.40, so its hard to generate a seperate VAT invoice on our accounts packeage without manually amending figures and parts when these figures generated by the shop are all over the place Also the discount code we gave them for this one order is set at 5% on the system but on the same order invoice it shows 6% discount was given. Randomly, on other orders recently we've noticed that 10% discount was given and we again have no 10% set, only 5%. as you can imagine giving 10% discount on one of those orders of £893.00 was a substancial loss when the system is set and should have only given them 5% for it. is anyone else having these total and add up issues? is there something i could have done?? see attached the order witht he incorrect added total and the 6% discount Thanks as always, Nick. prices and discount not right.pdf
  2. Guys, Whilst i was looking at our upgrade to v5.2.2 i noticed that the system error log had 6 pages of errors. I'm not very software technical or have a understaning of code at all so should i be worried having these errors and if so where should i look at fixing them is a shop issue or my host? picture of screen dump attached from recent page. Thanks once again Nick current setup version 5.2.2 php ver 5.3.23 my sql ver 50168
  3. Hi, I've done an upgrade to 5.2.2 directly from the previous version and the webshop admin guys at work has noticed that on the product invetory page the Stock colum has now gone. The boys used that as a quick and easy way to keep a current eye on the stock level per product. They could also click the little breadcrumb triangle thingy and sort by the stock level colum. I found that single page very usefull when keeping an eye on the webshop from my phone as i travel out of the office as that product inventory page told me everything i need to know from one glance - from stock to what the boys had been changing / adding and when. Is this just an upgrade glitch as i think the upgrade took a few attempts to auto update or has it this stock coloum been dropped for some reason does anyone know? i've include a picture of our shop with the stock colum gone after upgrade. On the plus side we really do like the new shop and its paid for its self already in its low costs and ease of use. We upgraded from the free version of V3 and after a few years of running that we find the V5 does everythign we need, version 5.2.2 php ver 5.3.23 my sql ver 50168 thanks Nick.
  4. Brilliant ! Thanks Gents! Bug code changes done and its all sorted on our shop and it's all working fantastically. I'm really glad our company not only chose to stay with Cubecart ( we looked at plenty more ) but also that we upgraded to CC5 , because whilst the previous version was good and seemed to do everything we wanted, having spent a just a week with the new one, it's ticking all the boxes we need from a cart and it's making all our admin of the cart soooooo much less time consuming and offers a better overall buying experience for our customers. I have to say its been well worth it's money and whilst we have had a little issue with this shipping function, knowing we have the top backing from Al and the team at CC and the fantastic forum experts here, makes the full package priceless. Keep up the great work everyone and thank you for your help and support. Nick.
  5. Thanks guys, here's hoping for a solution as we've already lost 2 orders its only been on line this week) as people have gone to my competetors ( and emailed us to tell us afterwards )
  6. Bsmither, Your help greatly recieved and thanks for the clear laymens instructions on the signiture and tech info locations. My Signiture is now done albeit its a bit big and long but i'll go back and work on moving items in a moment but now i'm glad it there so people can see and help me out. Nick ps no mods all standard
  7. hi, thanks Dirty butter for the add signiture info but i have a few questions Firstly you say - PLEASE ADD A SIGNATURE TO YOUR PROFILE with pertinent version information (Edit your Profile and you will see the Signature choice on the Left) When i go to edit ' My Profile ' profile there is no signiture section on the left? also when i figure out where the signiture bit is, where do i find the other info you need? we've just had the Cubecart team do the install/ upgrade for us so i'm not sure what the info bits you want are and where they are listed on the V5 cubecart. Let know above and i'll get it sorted right away. thanks, Nick
  8. Hi, I'm new to the V5 having just upgraded from V3 and whilst i've managed to set up the shipping method by weight ok i can;t seem to get the free shipping to work. what i need to do is allow all sales over £150.00 to be free but when i set the free shipping up with that value ( with or with the £ symbol ) and activate it, the shopping basket shows it as the cheapest option but everytime anyone tries to check out it just flashes the screen quickly and then returns back to the same basket page as before. if i select the by weigfht option of postage that will allow me to transfer direct to the payment section fine. its just the free shipping thats not allowing the basket to move on. Like i said i'm new to this and not very high tech so any help would be great. Thanks, Nick.
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